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My Music: Tricky
Tricky has covered songs by The Cure and XTC on his new album

Genre-defying musician Tricky, who helped define modern urban music, releases his seventh studio album, Vulnerable, on Monday.

He told BBC News Online about his album, his favourite artists - and Christina Aguilera.

What are you trying to do with this album?
I've always wanted to change music - I've always had that urge. I want to make something that hasn't been heard before. Even if this album sells nothing and everybody hates it, if there's one song on here that can touch someone's soul, then I'll be happy.

Why have you chosen to cover The Cure's Love Cats and XTC's Dear God?
Love Cats is a wicked, wicked love song - modern day Shakespeare. Robert Smith is a genius. I love the Cure and I've loved them for a long, long time.

Dear God is a real clever song. It's a kid writing a letter to God going "what's happening? I've been told to believe in you, but how can there be so much pain and suffering out there?" I like to concept of the kid writing the letter.

Do you ever read your own reviews?
Only the English ones because that's where a couple of people hate me. I've read seven reviews and four were good and three were totally negative. I've got a lot of enemies. But I've got time on my side and I will bump into these people.

Which is the best city to make music in - Bristol, London, New York or LA?
Anywhere that's got a good set-up and the right people around you. I don't like working in commercial studios. I made this one in LA because of the weather. It's sunny 90% of the time and for a kid from England, that's rather nice.

Do you keep in touch with any of the Bristol musicians you started out with?
No, I don't keep in touch with anybody. I don't even bump into them on tour if I'm touring Europe and they might be two days behind us or I'm two days behind them. It's not a deliberate thing from me. I don't know if it's deliberate from them.

What has been your most creatively rewarding collaboration?
Elvis Costello. He wanted me to do a remix of one of his songs and I said 'I don't want any money but you do a remix of one of my songs in exchange.' He took my track Christiansands and produced it, and that was the best collaboration I've ever had.

Who would you like to work with in the future?
I'd like to approach Elvis Costello or Lee Scratch Perry as producers.

What was the first record you ever bought?
The Specials - Too Much Too Young.

Which song or album changed your life?
The Specials' first album completely changed my life. It changed everything. I grew up in a white ghetto, then I moved to a black ghetto and both kids couldn't understand who I was. Then I saw The Specials on TV and I thought "Ah, it all makes sense. Black and white kids together."

How big is your record collection?
Huge. But it's all over the place so it doesn't really exist.

Which current song do you think is likely to become a classic?
I don't really like the girl, I hate her. But someone wrote a song for her - Christina Aguilera, Beautiful. There was no way that girl wrote that song. But it is a classic song, whether you like her or not. I don't like her. Plus anything off Coldplay's new album and anything off Blur's new album.

Who should be locked up for crimes against music?
That guy who started off Pop Idol. Simon Fuller. I think he should get about 20 years. That is the devil, that man. I'd like to smack him around.

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