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Last Updated: Monday, 7 July, 2003, 15:23 GMT 16:23 UK
Roskilde rocks with raw metal

By Stephen Fottrell
BBC News Online in Roskilde, Denmark

The Roskilde festival has got to be one of the best places east of Glastonbury to get lost for the weekend. It's one very long weekend too, with four days of music spread out over six stages.

The range of bands was fairly decent, but the organisers may be somewhat over-accommodating to the older members of the rock community, the pensioners of metal, Iron Maiden and Metallica.

Queens of the Stone Age
The weekend belonged to Queens of the Stone Age
But if you're into sweatbands and wrinkly rock, there was nowhere better to be than among 75,000 of your fellow headbangers.

Metallica, to be fair, can really make the ground shake with their raw metal sound and the crowd loved them.

They did not disappoint their loyal Scandinavian fans on Thursday, belting out classic metal tunes such as Master of Puppets, Battery and Seek and Destroy.

While most of Roskilde was going ballistic over Metallica, Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan was showing the crowd his backside a lot in the Arena tent. He also showed that he's one of the best frontmen in pop today.

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Picking from his band's huge back catalogue, and with a solid new band behind him, he had the second biggest tent jumping to Mode classics including Personal Jesus and Never Let Me Down.

Metallica shook the ground with their heavy metal
British bands were well represented on Friday with The Streets' Mike Skinner giving his Original Pirate Material album a good airing, the Doves pounding away and talking about how nervous they were, and Coldplay, who it must be said, are not really festival fare.

Chris Martin's gang practically sent the festival to sleep and it took Darren Emerson, formerly of Underworld, to pick it back up again.

Saturday saw a cracking main stage performance from Californian skate punks Fu Manchu. They hold the prize for the most comical tune of the weekend - Weird Beard.

Later on Blur wheeled out their new dapper look and a fine set ranging from upbeat stompers such as Song 2 and current single Crazy Beat to the softer tunes like Tender.

The Cardigans played local heroes for a night, as did Bjork, who was looking radiant in, er, what looked like a beertent sellotaped to her back.

Bjork performed on the final day of the four-day festival
The weekend though belonged to the Queens of the Stone Age, who are the standard bearers of the rock scene at the moment.

Singer Josh Homme has one of the best voices in rock and Roskilde was his for the taking.

The award for best opportunists of the weekend must go to former Creation Records boss Alan McGee and his sidekick, Irish rocker BP Fallon, who played records drunkenly under the name DeathDisco to a half-full tent of delirious fellow drunks late on Sunday night when the party was all but over.

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What did you think of Roskilde? Did Metallica and Bjork make it memorable - and what did you think of Coldplay's performance? Have your say on the form below.

Iron Maiden in no way deserve the constant drubbing they receive from the BBC. Here is a British band who continue to sell albums by the million, and are headlining several of the most prestigious festivals across Europe this summer.

Maiden have at least 100,000 fans across the UK (based on the sales of their last studio album from 2000). All we ask for is a little respect.
Samir Puri, UK

Anyone who thinks Iron Maiden have "had their day" cannot of seen them play Roskilde this year. They were brilliant and had the crowd in the palm of their hands more than any other act at the festival.

Other highlights included Tomahawk, The Datsuns, Massive Attack and Electric Six. None of those acts matched Maiden though. Blur and Coldplay were very disappointing as "headliners" and I must question their ability to play to so many people.
Ben Morgan, Wales, UK

The sound that really blew my mind was DJ Dolores, from Brazil.
Rikko Lutvilas, Lietuva

Blur.............best band right now...what a performance they did on Roskilde. Super.
Ronnie, Denmark

I think your comments about Coldplay were completely unfair. Having got to the front to watch them, I thought they were excellent and so it seems did the crowd. Iron Maiden have had their day and Metallica rocked. Great festival, can't wait till next year.
Jason, England

The most electric performance of the festival was Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man who played a perfect set of material from their outstanding Out Of Season album. The audience in the Odeon tent were hanging on every note with bated breath. Beth apologised for playing miserable songs on such a sunny day but she needn't have. We were all grateful to have been there.
Jonah, England

The atmosphere was amazing as usual, plus we were lucky with the weather. I stuck to mostly the smaller tents and it was the sweaty and hilariously energetic performance from Gogol Bordello, the Ukrainian/American gypsy punk cabaret band that rocked the most for me.
Andrew, England

Its easily the best festival in Europe in terms of friendly atmosphere and cleanliness... no debris of bottles/cans/cups due to their recycling policy. Dirty Vegas ROCKED the dance tent at 4 in the afternoon, whilst Bjork was pure magical. Thought Coldplay carried it off really well.. not sure which concert you were watching?!?
Phil, UK

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