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The Matrix Reloaded: Your views
Carrie-Anne Moss, Randall Duk Kim, Laurence Fishburne, Monica Bellucci
The actors have spent the last two years filming in Australia
The Matrix Reloaded, the follow-up to the 1999 hit The Matrix, is one of the most eagerly-awaited films of 2003.

It is the first of two sequels, with the third film due to be unveiled in November.

Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss play a trio of freedom fighters who travel into a digital world to battle machines that have enslaved the Earth.

The film is released in the UK on Friday.

What do you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see a selection of your comments below - they may contain some spoilers).

As a huge fan of the original I was bitterly disappointed
Daren, England
Tedious to the extreme. I was so bored I almost left before the end. As a huge fan of the original I was bitterly disappointed; by the action sequences that were not a patch on anything in the original; by the stupid plot holes; by the attempt at philosophically "deep" speeches which were just stupid and achieved the opposite - people actually giggled in the theatre I saw it in. Dreadful.
Daren, England

Brilliant just ace film! Enjoyed it lots and you will too.
Alex, UK

I just wasted 2 hours of my life. Boring? I've never seen so many people go to the toilet during a film!
Michael, UK

I really liked the film, and I just wanted to say to all the people who didn't. When was the last time you made a blockbuster action film as good as this? If the answer is 'never', then I don't think you're in a position to judge.
Amy, UK

If you liked the original you'll love the Matrix Reloaded. Come on, it's got the coolest slo-mo fights you'll ever see!!!
Hutton, UK

Don't take it too seriously and you won't be disappointed
Keith Millar, Scotland
Extremely entertaining nonsense. Don't take it too seriously and you won't be disappointed. Well worth a watch. Only one really horrendous line in the whole movie and Agent Smith is a laugh.
Keith Millar, Scotland

OK...the brothers can cut short the orgy scene....but for anyone watched it once and say they know it all , go watch again , maybe you'll appriciate it more by finding the deep story within. As for me I'm going to go for a third time now.
Hatoshi, England/Pakistan

Ignore the critics, this movie does exactly what it was set out to do, and does it so well. The action is brilliant, the plot is even more mind blowing and Keanu looks as cool as ever.
Charlie, UK

Utter tidium, bilge, full of long dull dialogue, some of fight scenes are good but let down by patchy editing between actors and computer generated animation. Keanu's coat is cool.
L Howson, UK

Don't believe the hype! The Matrix Reloaded is turgidly awful. The nonsensical script is not helped by the fact that the plot hasn't developed since the original and even the great special effects, action-packed fight scenes and elaborate car chase can't save it. "Neo is the one" who will save Zion from the Machines with the help of the Oracle, the Keymaker and the Architect. Spare me.
Geoff, UK
I loved the first film but found that I was bored a few times during this sequel
Emma, Wales

The Matrix is humbly based on a vast, subtly referenced, array of past sci-fi material. To best understand its genius, I suggest those unable to grasp it watch The Thirteenth Floor or read its original story in Simulacron 3 written by Daniel Galouye in 1964. Be warned, this comparison is a spoiler for the end of Reloaded. Original, well... "on the shoulder's of giants" as Newton said.
Xenozen, UK

Great movie... no doubt! Go see it! Can one compare The Matrix with The Matrix: Reloaded? Of course not, they are one story told in three parts. Never will the effect of the first one be repeated and with this in mind, one cannot use it for comparison. The fact that The Matrix: Reloaded included a lot more of the real world and showed Zion, elements lacking in the first film, made it all the more interesting. I give the film ******.
Nicolas, UK

Remember that there was very little original content in The Matrix to begin with - most of the scenes were inspired by Hong Kong movies (with one fight scene identical to one found in "Fist of Legend"), comic books and manga. This is still the case with The Matrix Reloaded.

What differs is the exploration of philosophy. In the first Matrix film the underlying theme was that of the manipulation of the masses. The synthetic reality of the Matrix itself represented the world as it is presented to us by our governments and the corporate media. Reloaded looks at the concepts of cause and effect and free will/determinism.
Owen Duffy, Scotland

I loved the first film but found that I was bored a few times during this sequel (Dancing/sex scene far too long in my opinion). The fight scenes were excellent but did they have to be that drawn out? They didn't add to the plot. Overall the film got better as it went on - go see it but don't expect it to be a life changing experience!!
Emma, Wales, UK

Brilliant roller-coaster ride of a film, but very confusing plot! Great for pub conversations though. If the pub really exists.....
Tim, UK

I saw the film last night and was really disappointed. The fight sequences were excellent, but some of the music was definitely not right for the film and the makers really appear to have sold out to Hollywood. A sex scene between Trinity and Neo interspersed with the most bizarre dance section a film has ever was tagged on to give a bit of heat, but was just unnecessary and bland.

The film just doesn't hang together and the audience were certainly not on a high when we came out. Matrix Reloaded will undoubtedly have one of the biggest opening weekends in British cinema history, but I think Matrix 3 will be well down when it opens.
Stevo Padaro, NYC

Ignore the critics, the film is brilliant - great new characters and clever references. Intelligent sci-fi!
Louise, UK

I was looking forward to this for years. I thought I was going to be let down, but no, it was truly amazing. I think it will be like the first in that the more you watch it, the more you will understand and enjoy. Comparing this to the first is like comparing Alien and Aliens! Cool!
John, Dublin, Ireland

Save your money and go watch Antowne Fisher. The 1st film really was something special but the sequel is a complete joke. Has to be a candidate for turkey of the year.
Gulen, UK

Reloaded got better the 2nd/ 3rd time we watched it. It is much better when you enjoy finding hidden meanings. If you don't, don't see it. Also, be aware there are underlying spiritual themes, if that kind of thing doesn't interest you, don't see it.
Bren D, New Zealand

Making a sequel to a cult film has never worked, and it still hasn't. I thought xXx was bad but the sheer awfulness of the one liners in this film make it unwatchable, unless you treat it as a parody of the first.
Toby D, UK

Those who doubt this film do not look deep enough into the ideology of the story. Yes the special effects are good, yes it is a roller coaster of a ride. But it also tries to push ideas onto the masses. It may be Philosophy for the beginner, but it is a start, and for me it does what it aims to do, brilliantly.
Steve Crow, uk

The build up to the 2nd film was immense, and expectancy was high. I am glad to say that it paid off. The fight scenes are long, but that was what I expected and they are the best I have seen in a Hollywood movie. I feel the BBC reviewer has not really watched and understood the first film, for this is a superb continuation of the saga and really shows Lucas how to create a trilogy in this day and age. I for one cannot wait till November, and I know that I aM NOT ALONE. tHE mATRIX HAS mE fOR noW...
Stephen Crow, UK

This film lacks a decent story line and seems to me to borrow all the good effects from the first film and over do them so they no longer have the same impact. I was a fan of the first film but this one has really put me off going to the next instalment. There are also to many cringeworthy Hollywood moments for me.
Will, Netherlands

All I know is I hope the evil dread-locked twins are back in the next film. They were my favourite in Reloaded!!!!
Mike Barnette, US

Yes, I do understand the plot. Yes, I understand the point of the orgy scene. Yes, I did keep looking at my watch. When the outcome of every fight scene is obvious, it can get boring. When that happens while the scenes are stretched out with slo-mo for no reason, it becomes laughable.
Amanda, USA

Quite simply, Matrix Rehashed!
Sam Fisher, UK

It's eye candy people - if you're expecting more, don't bother
Dan, USA

I saw the Matrix whilst on my travels and the movie was perfect. Finally a Hollywood movie with real action sequences. For those who only watch English speaking movies the action was probably too long or too fast. Those of us who have appreciated Yuen Woo Ping's work for years it's a must-see film.

It makes me laugh that some people actually thought the first film had a deep philosophical meaning. It's a comic book script in the true tradition of any super hero comic book. As with all comic books worth the paper their printed on, there should be plenty of action. A great film and very deserving of an Oscar!
Christian Haynes, England

I thought the story was continued superbly. Like the first one, this one left you thinking and guessing about certain particulars. The scene with oracle and the old guy (at the end) were great. There was also definitely the same feeling of "revelation" in this one, just not as obvious as the first one. The action sequences & kung-fu exceeded the first film. For those who critiqued the sex scene, I say what's wrong with uncalled-for sex in a movie.. though they could've shown more of Trinity.
Joe Ibn Mama, USA/Pakistan

Ignore the critics and naysayers...see this movie! Oh and to those who don't understand what is going on, you just are too dumb.
Sean, US

Special Effects: A Plotline: C+ Acting: C+ Lived up to Expectations: B+ Better than the first? - no. New Characters: B (love the twins).

Overall - a solid flick with a ground-breaking car-chase sequence. It's eye candy people - if you're expecting more, don't bother.
Dan, USA

Wow! The special effects are amazing, but the story line is a little weak. All together though - it is a fantastic movie.
Helen Britton, United Kingdom

The movie was great. It actually went beyond my expectations in the fact that it blew my mind. After you thought you knew what the Matrix is and how it works, you are given another layer of information that alters your perception of this world.
Adrian, USA

It was the biggest let-down of the year for me
Anna, Bulgaria
The Matrix Reloaded was a great movie. However I don't think it could have been better than the first no matter what. Simply because the first one comprised many elements that were unexpected. Visually and mentally. That being said, it is definitely going to be one of the greatest movies this year.
Jake Barnard, USA

Wonderful. A thinking persons sci-fi film.
Jonathan Smith, UK

This is the best movie ever. The special effects were awesome, amazing and fantastic. Can't wait till the third edition. I had to wait through all the credits to see previews of the third edition - looks just as good.
Carlos , Canada

What is it with some people? If you wanted corny long-winded dialogue, two-for-a-bit special effects, hazy plots and ineffectual villains then go watch re-runs of Spiderman. If not, then Reloaded is for you.
Andrew Enderwick, NZ

This movie was a huge disappointment for me. After being a big fan of the first one, I was left with an empty feeling of disgust with this one. In short it relied far too much on special effects, which got boring and looked like a video game at times, the dialogue was mind numbing, the story was full of scenes that added nothing but confusion and the acting was robotic by most.

This movie goes to show that the directors thought that they could do no wrong and that people would buy into their Matrix as a philosophy.
Philip Graham, USA

It was the biggest let-down of the year for me...It was a soap opera dressed up in high-tech outfit, weak story line, cliches, no trace of the deep provocative meaning of the first Matrix. Unfortunately, it became simply the next Hollywood movie for the average intellectually unchallenged American. Big disappointment!
Anna, Bulgaria

Forces Hollywood to raise the bar when it comes to the term blockbuster. Star Wars for the next generation and previous generations
Tommy V, USA
After being blown away by the first movie, the Wachowski brothers seemed almost superhuman in their creativity and imagination. Now, after Reloaded, I realise that they are "...only human". Star Wars, Episode I anyone?
Justin Royan, USA

How disappointing. I found myself looking at my watch during the numerous fight scenes. Between these elaborate and pointless fight scenes was a dull and seemingly directionless story. The special effects were fantastic but excuse me for needing a story to accompany them!

This film just didn't have the excitement of the first. It was desperately trying to be another Empire Strikes Back type sequel, which it wasn't. The amusing thing is I will still go and see the final film of the trilogy, but they've got a lot of work to do to rescue the story. Sorry action flick fans, this one's a dud!
David, New Zealand

The special effects are fantastic and the fight scenes are beautifully choreographed. Unfortunately this doesn't entirely make up for the overly transparent plot and all around cold performances by the majority of the cast with the possible exception of Hugo Weaving.

The screenplay felt as though it had been written by an enthusiastic 14-year-old. Overall the film's impact is physiologically and philosophically far less great than the original, but it does offer some of the most amazing and imaginative sequences in special effects history.
Seth Mowshowitz, USA

Just as good as the original and with more effect and just wild thought-provoking concepts and literally kick ass fighting scenes, unusual sexual visuals. It offers something for everyone. First rate car chase scene that will now set the standard for chase scenes. Meets and beats all expectations. Forces Hollywood to raise the bar when it comes to the term blockbuster. Star Wars for the next generation and previous generations.
Tommy V, USA

I enjoyed the Matrix Reloaded, but it was not as good as the first one. Although it was a good film, it was more of a buffer for what's to come in the third and final film. I think it served its purpose to taunt you with what the Matrix is all about and just when you think you may get some answers, you are left to wait for the final chapter.
Moni, U.S.A.

I was very worried that it would be a let down from the first one, but there were no worries there. It was sensational
Amanda, France
Matrix Reloaded was exactly the movie I wanted to see. The Matrix is all about martial arts, guns, philosophy, and religion set in a science fiction setting. The first film was bringing out the setting and introducing Neo and his role in the Matrix itself. In Reloaded, it's time for Neo to make some choices and follow his destiny, and follow it he is. Fantastic movie for all fans of the Matrix.
Anthony, USA

This movie in no way measured up to first movie. The fight scene with the innumerable Agent Smiths' was pathetic. It didn't have any of the slickness of the original movie. And why muck up a science fiction movie with so many love scenes? Don't these guys know how much more subtlety can achieve. And the African dance number .. let's not go there.

Nothing is ever perfect, but this movie is great! I can't believe all the complaining about the dance/orgy scene. When has sex in a movie ever been a bad thing??? What is this world coming to? Seriously, Agent Smith steals the movie but over all this blows away even Star Wars for me. Deep, stylish, thought provoking, and I imagine the people who will complain about it the most are the ones who just didn't understand it all. Worth watching again and again.
Dave, Florida, USA

I guess I liked it. There were great special effects, fight scenes, all that crap, but they tried to be way too philosophical. I had no idea what was going on and didn't really want to. The whole Matrix saga seems to me to be overrated, and most people seem to like it just because their friends do. I preferred X2.
Michael Powell, Mexico

I was very worried that it would be a let down from the first one, but there were no worries there. It was sensational. I was on the edge of my seat for the entire film. The only shame was the cliff hanger ending. Can't wait for the next one.
Amanda, France

I think The Matrix Reloaded is really a great movie. You can see many impossible things happen in this movie. Such as the fighting scene, it's really amazing. Anyway, it's really great to enjoy this movie in the cinema. I love it so much.
Raymond Wang, Taiwan

Ponderous, self-important, acting wooden as a clog, special effects that, whilst impressive, just got BORING after the nth repetition and added nothing to a poor, poor script. Summer blockbuster material then.
Paul, Netherlands

I thought it was a good movie, but nowhere near as good as the first
Jakki Hill, UK/Australia

I knew the movie would be as great as I expected. The special effects are great; the fighting scenes are outstanding. The bad part in this movie was after the conversation with the architect, it stops there. Why did they have to conclude it since they can still make a third movie?
Jun Ang, Philippines

The special effects were nothing short of outstanding. However after the second or third kung-fu multi-fight, it almost becomes a little TOO much, and it loses its appeal. Couple this with a frankly weak story, and little or no character development, and you have, in my opinion, an entertaining but ultimately unfulfilling piece of cinema....
Chris Wright, The Netherlands

I felt Matrix Reloaded wasn't as great as the Matrix but was still worth watching (big screen a must). Yeah, some of the acting wasn't so hot and the philosophical pondering could have been deeper (African dance scene can be cut), yet I liked the new characters added in and I appreciate the new concepts that come to play. I was never hot on the use of humans as an energy source (why not use the earth? Plus it's entropically impossible). In Matrix Reloaded there's a possibility this could be cleared up. So I liked it and am going to see it again and of course no. 3 will be great.
Michael, Australia

I thought that the movie was amazing. The special effects were brilliant. The plot and acting were adequate yet entertaining. The only part I disliked was the dancing orgy after Morpheus speech. I'll gladly go back and see the movie again.
Mike, USA

I thought it was a good movie, but nowhere near as good as the first. I have to agree with the views about the bongo/lovemaking scene, totally pointless. The action scenes are brilliant, if a little too long for my liking. I also feel like they were just filling in time really. You get to see Keanu in his birthday suit though, which makes it a pretty good film to me. Recommend waiting until it comes out on rental or until the crowds die down.
Jakki Hill, UK/Aus

The action sequences feel like they've been squeezed in as a countermeasure for the very long and frequently windy philosophising that has been unwisely expanded from the first film
Martin Anderson, Italy
This movie was utterly brilliant, of course, you have to see it more than once to truly appreciate the plot that is interwoven between the Matrix and it's sequels. It is a clearly superior movie to The Matrix. It has richer character development, more intricate and better choreographed action sequences, plot twists galore - especially about "the prophecy", just more of everything. I again stand in amazement of the Brothers who created such a masterpiece and redefined a genre after only ONE movie (Bound). Like The Matrix, I intend to see this movie a few more times to get it all in and will do again for Revolutions.
Bryon Rickey, USA

I thought it was OK! Not nearly as good as the first one though. You can tell that this was put together because someone knew it would make money. Acting, bad...special effects, been there...orgy scene, don't even go there!!
Nick Atyia, USA

Anyone who thinks this movie was a bust needs to wake up. Even if this movie had a rubbish plot, and a horrible teleplay, it still would have been worth it for the action sequences -but it doesn't. The only people who will not love this movie are the people who can't follow it intellectually, because it is not disappointing in anyway whatsoever. But it could have done without the sex.
Gareth, Canada

Someone commented this film isn't Oscar material. Why not? In these days when Oscars can go to musicals and hyped up stars, why not give The Matrix deserved acknowledgement for what it is - a great and satisfying experience of a good story, very stylistically and very accessibly told.
Andrew Bunyan, NZ

It's very slow to start and lacks the pace of the first film. The action sequences feel like they've been squeezed in as a countermeasure for the very long and frequently windy philosophising that has been unwisely expanded from the first film. That said, the much criticised Neo/Architect meeting towards the end does reveal a mind-twisting turn in the Matrix narrative, which - by the time it comes, after much repetition from the first film - you won't necessarily be expecting. Still an order of magnitude more intelligent and ambitious than most of Hollywood's output.
Martin Anderson, Italy

Wonderful movie indeed. Very HOT in the beginning for those who know what I am talking about. I predict that this movie will be a huge box office hit.
Stephen, United States

Way to ruin a movie. The directors spent so much time working on the special effects, that they forgot to develop any semblance of a plot
Sekmet, USA
Stunning fight scenes, great camera work, effects that equal that of the original, I left feeling enthralled, with it raising more questions than answers, I can't wait for the conclusion in six months time.
Craig Fredrickson, New Zealand

I have to say that most people who enjoyed the philosophy and story line behind the first film will be sadly disappointed. If action is what you seek then this is the film for you. With more bullet time scenes than you can count the effects team must have been working at it for some time. The storyline was a lot weaker in this film than in the last.

However if you recall the moment when you were sitting in that theatre being blown away by Neo doing his superman thing then you will realise that it certainly was an entertaining film. Yes, some scenes should have been cut like the peculiar habits of Zion. But all films have there strengths and weaknesses. Try not to look at the overall picture - capture the moment when you were in the theatre!
Alistair Hill, Belgium

I think they (the Wachowskis) needed someone to keep them focused on telling a good story. They could've cut 1/2 an hour out of this movie by shortening some of the inane dialogue (eg. the "French" guy in the restaurant); the kiss from his woman to Neo, and they could've cut some time out of the sex scene. Overall it felt like it suffered from Lucas syndrome, where after some success they were given too much control and made a deeply flawed movie because there was no-one to point out that such and such doesn't work etc. Even the fight scenes went on for too long I thought. 6/10
Adam Simpson, New Zealand

I found it a complete disappointment, especially after the first one. Sure, plenty of never-ending special effects, none of them new or original, however the film has none of the philosophical freshness and depth of the first one. Lots of senseless platitudes, people with grave faces expressing quite trivial ideas. Lots of loose ends. I was quite enervated and annoyed by the end.
Areg Danagoulian, USA

Started a little slowly, was there really any need for the sex/dance scene? Overall it was awesome... liked the ending. Is there a Matrix outside the Matrix? Can't wait for November.
Matt T, UK

Awesome movie! The brothers have done an awesome job. The first movie, the Animatrix and Enter the Matrix; they all connect with the story for Reloaded. A lot of questions I had from the first were answered and have made their philosophies better understood. I believe that after Revolutions we all would feel that the second movie was much better than we claim it to be right now. Loved every minute of it!!!!
Samir Diwan, USA

Reloaded was a great movie! It had a complicated and very well written plot. It's too bad that there are many people out there who don't have the intellect to be able to comprehend or appreciate this movie
Jeremy, USA
Way to ruin a movie. The directors spent so much time working on the special effects, that they forgot to develop any semblance of a plot. And even then, the fight scenes are all similar, with Neo's "Superman" move getting really old really fast. A major disappointment to a Matrix fan.
Sekmet7, Canada

I saw the first Matrix about 50-100 times and every time I saw it I got deeper into it. The new one is good, real good, I'm going to see it again today and after a few more times I'll see if it was as good as the other one. But maybe part 1-3 need to be seen as one good story and not three separate ones.
Neo, Zion

So many people give this movie a bad review because they don't understand it. Let's recap.

The bongo scene. Quite a serious point about humanity, free choice and the difference to machines. It's important, get over it.

Somebody said "nothing new here", were we watching the same movie? Obviously you don't get the implications of the last half hour.

These special effects have not been seen before. In some places they're so good you probably don't know you're watching them. These actors spent months of training to perform stunts and wirework, to call it regular is silly.

Personally I loved the slow-mo stuff because it flows in and out in a single take. I can't imagine watching it all in high speed, it would be a blur. Overall this was a stunning movie, or rather half of one. Wait for the next one to clear things up before you look too closely at the plot.
Robert, USA, ex-UK

The second movie is great in case of special effects. But too many fights is disturbing. First one is excellent because they catch the attention and there is a family movie.
Maqsood Ahmad, Pakistan

I slept through the fist half of the movie; the second half was what I had expected to see in the Matrix; and the upcoming sequel? I will wait til it is on HBO; nothing is as good as the original.
Giao, usa

It was excellent. This was a candy-coated puzzle. Two movies in one. Action for the action junkies, which had theatre (Time Square) I viewed it in cheering for Neo. The second an interesting puzzle which raised many questions of what the Matrix is. This of course refers to the architect scene. This scene I believe was a very important key and it was mind bending, and totally puts a new spin that looks like it will be resolved in the new movie.

Think in layers. I once knew someone that said to me that there's three ways to look at a glass window, one you look at it, two you look at your reflection in it, and three you look into it. Which brings me to the last point - if Neo is in the real world how did the spoon the child bent in the first movie get delivered to him? Is he still in the Matrix?
Miguel, USA

What is with the tribal theme and orgy-like dance scene in the first thirty minutes of the movie? No amount of special effects could hold my attention after that
Disappointed, USA
This movie was given so much hype and was such a let down for so many movies. The first one was brilliant because it was different from the rest. Part two is horrible due to the fact that the script is too hard to comprehend and it just was a blur to me, and I think the graphics were good and all but it was a bit too unrealistic for Neo to be the way he was. Anyway I was much more impressed with X2 for a sequel because it developed a new adventure and related to culture today. Matrix 2 I give a 6.5/10.
Big Drea, Toronto, Canada

Reloaded is very good, maybe even better than the original. The action was stepped up a notch and those who complain about the story did not see the same movie I did. It again ponders the questions of how we define existence and the eternal question of free-will or pre-destination in a sci-fi setting. The whole movie oozes with symbolism down to the characters' names.

The detail that went into this movie is incredible down to using real hacking techniques onscreen when Trinity hacks a computer. Even the maligned cave rave has its purpose as it starkly contrasts unbridled humanity to the cold calculating machines. While I agree that a few scenes could have been cut shorted, Reloaded is a sexy and intelligent action flick that will deservedly make obscene amounts of money.
Andrew Skaggs, USA

I've been waiting for a long time for Reloaded. I've had high expectations for this movie, and my biggest worry was that Reloaded might be a let-down. Well I saw the movie on Friday, and it busted straight through all my expectations! Reloaded was a great movie! It had a complicated and very well written plot. It's too bad that there are many people out there who don't have the intellect to be able to comprehend or appreciate this movie.

The movie was fast-paced and never had a dull moment. In a movie like this, you must pay attention to all of the details. Every detail is important in some way to the story on a whole. And yes, the action scenes rocked! There are very few movies which will have sequels that you can't predict how the sequel will turn out. I have many predictions about the final movie, but I figure that the Wachowski brothers will throw me a story that I wasn't even expecting. It's going to be a long six months till Revolutions.
Jeremy, USA

Reloaded is not nearly as good as the first Matrix. While the special effects are stunning, they begin to take on a repetitive flavour; how many times do we need to see kung-fu fighting and slow motion? The plot is plodding, and in places, bewildering.

And did I see the noted Professor Cornel West, formerly of Harvard University in the movie as a councilman in the underground city of Zion? What was that? In summary, too muddled, too confusing, too many new characters with little or no development.
Preston Jordan, USA

I think what the directors did was to first think up some visually stunning and inventive fight/action scenes, then after two years of perfecting there ideas they then realised they needed something else, oh yes, a story line to link our set pieces..... I know, I know, what a shame huh?
Larry, Thailand

What is with the tribal theme and orgy-like dance scene in the first thirty minutes of the movie? No amount of special effects could hold my attention after that. The directors blew a really cool story! I am still a fan of the original movie.
Disappointed, USA

When I saw the first Matrix I named it the best movie I had ever seen. But now I have a new champion. The Matrix Reloaded has action sequences and stunts that I had never seen before. It was like a crazy ride that kept me guessing as to what would happen next. The movie kept me and my friends up all night talking about it. Every time I blinked I was watching a new movie Although some complain about the special effects being over used and some scenes lasting too long but I say I doubt the movie could get any better. More is explained. More questions are raised. It was the Matrix at a whole different level. I can't wait until the next one.
Justin, USA

I thought that the movie was great and I cannot help but feel that the next will be even better
Jake, USA
I'm still having thoughts about whether I enjoyed it or not. It was highly exhilarating, yet disappointing. Too many CG scenes, at times it reminded me of Star Wars more than a Matrix sequel.
Unplugged Hybrid, USA

The movie is built around a stupid story line which they probably came up with after the success of the first and couldn't even handle it.
Umayr, Pakistan

When I first saw Matrix at the cinema I didn't really understand what was going on, plus the fact that I had to watch the French dubbed version of the film. I only really began to fully appreciate it after having watched the DVD (thank heavens for DVDs).

I think to a certain extent the same goes for Matrix Reloaded. To give a real opinion you've got to see it at least three times. True, the originality is no longer there, but that anyone knows before going to see the follow-up. Give it time. I'm sure you'll warm to it.
John Maletka, France

This movie did not stand up to the expectations. The expectations built up over two years after the sequel was slated for release in 2001.... not too many novel special effects nor conclusions....
Dev Chidambaram, USA

Bore-arama, over use of special effects make big fight scenes look like a cheap video game. I enjoyed, storyline reasonable but too much yak and yak about control, choice, and pre-determined destinies.
James, USA

The sequel was not what I expected, but it is still a mind bender. This one had a lot of profound insights on life that can be applied to everyone's life. So many I have to go see it again.
Brandi, USA

It was a great movie and was waiting for the next one but I realised that this one became more fantasy. Anyway, I enjoyed it.
A Shrafullah Khan, UK

Outstanding! Visually stunning. Thought provoking. Stylish. And one of the best nights I've had at the cinema in a VERY long time!
Simian, USA

The special effects are great. The movie is great, although a shallow plot and the overdoneness of special effects may throw off viewers. It doesn't have much content; but what you see is what you get.
Daisy, USA

In response the comment that Reloaded did not have a "coherent plot," what film were you watching? Just because the film does not spoon (pardon the pun) feed you an easy, predictable plot does not mean that one isn't present. Also, in response to the comment that the "orgy" at the beginning could have been omitted, you simply didn't get it. Go watch it again. It was an affirmation of life, in contrast to the world of the machines and the pseudo-life of the Matrix. I thought that the movie was great and I cannot help but feel that the next will be even better.
Jake, USA

The dialogues are just bad and stupid, the story has no point, many things happen without any real cause
Jozef, Slovakia
Way too long boring talking scenes. Deadpan emotionless characters unevolving. Good to great fight scenes use the same super karate redundantly, eventually becoming tiresome. Extremely abrupt ending - insulting. The first film created a world that was palatable and intriguing. This film never involved me or took me away.
John Aldridge, US

Four years is a long time, and while watching the Matrix one is very aware, that what was fresh in the first film now looks almost camp. All that jumping and flying almost looks like a Fred and Ginger dance number. The plot is explained in slow plodding scenes that bring the whole thing to a grinding halt. And the much touted special effects are not so special in the least. This is one forgettable movie from start to finish.
Andrew McAllister, Canada

Matrix Reloaded seems to completely confirm the premise of the first movie - that evil beings are sucking the life force out of the brains of humanity. An illogical plot, bad acting and an overdose of special effects have been assembled for a huge waste of time and energy. However, the glorification of religious and militaristic fanaticism tend to make one ask interesting questions about which society currently dominating the planet is responsible for the geopolitical chaos of the real world.
Gerald, France

If you feel the temptation to compare this movie to the first, don't. Reloaded wasn't made to be like the first but merely a continuation of the story. The screenplay was written for fanfare, not for the masses. And for those of you who had mixed feelings about Reloaded, just wait. Revolutions will answer all your questions about this movie. Final review, with a thickening plot and the most intense special effects ever seen on the big screen, this is the greatest movie of the summer. But it will not likely get the recognition it deserves until the story is concluded. Then will the masses realise the depth of the story telling that has taken place here.
Seth, United States

The special effects in the movie were certainly astonishing. But overall, it lacked the intensity and thrill of the first Matrix movie. I truly hope that the third instalment will make for the lapses in Reloaded.
Santosh Kumar, USA

Actually, Richard and Derek, from Canada, you most certainly haven't "seen it all before". Just as the first Matrix introduced the world to the astounding invention of the "flow mo" method of filming, the makers of Matrix Reloaded have invented something far more impressive and significant for the future of cinema. They have created something called "virtual cinematography", in which literally anything that can be imagined can be put on film. Additionally, perhaps if some people spent a little more time actually watching the movie instead of smugly trying to impress themselves with their own cleverness, they might just realise the film is a bit more complex than they believe.
Tom Hoffman, USA

This is a wonderful movie! I've heard some remarks of disappointment, but I think this is only because there is no new ground to break
Texcube, USA
Amazing ..... Splendid special effects and heart stopping action sequences! Probably one of the best sequels of all time.
Joe Quinto, USA

I liked the first one. This sequel is retarded. The dialogues are just bad and stupid, the story has no point, many things happen without any real cause. During the dancing scene I was only waiting for it to turn into the Pepsi/Coke advertisement. I regret the money I paid for it. All in all it just looked like a video game, many scenes were already basically done.
Jozef, Slovakia

It's a film about a guy sat in a chair playing computer games. $10 and you can all come to my house and watch me play Collin McCrae..and I'll make you a cup of tea as well!!!
John, Australia

The fighting scenes went on for too long, which made the movie seem rather dull in the end. Was quite disappointed with it & just hope that he last one will be a bit more captivating.
Emma Hatton, New Zealand

You can't get this movie in one viewing. The first time, the impressive and unrelenting action sequences and special effects grab all the attention. The next time, you can begin to process the many clues about how the Matrix and humankind are interconnected, their destinies intertwined in ways that challenge the notion of free choice and the possibility of every really "waking up."
James Fredal, USE

The best movie I have ever seen. I cannot recommend it enough - go and see it.
Brett, Australia

For all the people that thought this movie sucked... WAKE UP AND SMELL THE SILICONE!!! The Matrix (soon to be trilogy) IS the most brilliant movie of its time and day. Effects superb and plot deep are merely the beginning. The movie (although only a movie) offers insight into our own lives in this day and time we live in.

You have to realise that all of Matrix Reloaded is an expansion of the original, now that you have seen what the Matrix is, you're shown more. And in Revolutions, you're shown how it's going to all end. I think the idea of the Matrix and the movies are all brilliantly thought out. You have to see this movie more times than one to really appreciate (which is what the WB want to hear) and decipher the real and true meaning of the story.
Reggie Lao, USA

This is a wonderful movie! I've heard some remarks of disappointment, but I think this is only because there is no new ground to break with the movie's overall premise (I'm referring to the story and not the stunts). The wheel can't be created again because we already know what the Matrix is. The first film had us saying WHOA every 10 minutes because we were seeing and being told about, something that had never been accomplished before.

This movie also makes you say WHOA, but the only difference this time around is that we have lost our child-like wonderment at what the Wachowski Brothers showed us when they brought the original Matrix to the screen. Try not to see this movie with the idea that you are going to see something (story-wise not stunt-wise) totally groundbreaking like you did four years ago when the original blew us all away. Try to see this movie with one idea in mind ... That this is the continuation of one of the best movies ever made in the history of cinema.
TexCube, USA

Reloaded is a disappointment. Instead of focusing on Neo, as the first part did, the sequel tries to answer too many questions (questions that weren't even asked)and casts its focus much too wide, and, in doing so, becomes really confused. The scenes in Zion are laughable, complete with MTV-video-type dances sequences, and Neo's rebirth as Superman, is just ridiculous. Still, I will go and see Revolutions when it comes out, if only to work out where Reloaded went wrong...
Oscar, The Netherlands

The Matrix Reloaded is nothing but unbelievably amazing, and it lives up to its hype and anticipation magnificently
Graham, Canada
I was so disappointed by the Matrix Reloaded - I wanted my money back. The plot was shallow, the characters were predictable, stereotypes and the dialogue... ugh! I tremble to think of the clichés.
Richard Lafferty, France

I thought that the new Matrix was terrible. The start was rubbish and the fight scenes boring. The only bit I liked were the credits.
Dino Sabnani, England

Seems like the reason people are going to see this movie is 'cos they EXPECT just some new take on special FX??? Special Fx are of course a great addition to any screenplay. But consider: "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" The formula is awesome and it works ... Now try focusing on the underlying powerful content so wonderfully put by Robert del Valle above! It's a modern movie and therefore geared to make "lotsa dosh" - but you can't escape the fact that this is cutting edge sci-fi created by a team that live for sci-fi! Bring it on!
Psynrg, England

Truly amazing film. Scenes of Zion very Blade-runner-esque. Dark, fast and stylish make a very powerful combination. GO AND WATCH IT!
Maz Mazzelino, England

Wonderful. Simply wonderful.
Matt, US

The Matrix Reloaded is nothing but unbelievably amazing, and it lives up to its hype and anticipation magnificently. This is by far the best part 2 I have ever seen. The special effects are every bit as ground breaking as in the first, and they create a type of sheer awe that far surpasses that created in the original film.

Beneath the special effects and the insane amounts of action, there is an excellent plot that brings entirely new thought provoking ideas about the Matrix, and in turn, the reality we live in. Whereas some parts of this plot are quite tricky to follow, this most likely makes multiple viewings necessary, and even more enjoyable. I was a bit sceptical during the first part of the movie, and agree with many others that the bizarre African bongo orgy-esque scene should have been cut, but it came through and impressed me to no end.
Graham, Canada

One thing that no one has noticed is that is a revolution in sci-fi movies, it has started the trend of great actions which everyone will follow in future. The response will be unbelievable in India surely when it is released here. People are mad about it in India.
Rohit, India

Matrix Reloaded was a movie that did try to match the expectations of the audience to some extent. But, not completely though. There were some scenes that were unnecessary like the intimate scene between Neo and Trinity in the first half-hour. And Monica Belucci was just a spice added. Nothing much to her character. On the whole, being a Matrix fan, I thought you should not expect too much as you would feel that whatever you get is not what you want. Still, I think Matrix has been and will be a movie to talk about for years to come. Eagerly waiting for the concluding part.
Kiran Adimatyam, USA

I thought Reloaded was fantastic. The special effects were, of course, spectacular. But the movie also had a lot of the same spiritual messages and symbolism as its prequel. I enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait to see it again. Not to mention Revolutions, in November.
Jaime, USA

This movie is action packed, and great. No question. However, it does not measure up to a lot. The acting is not very good at all. The lines seem forced. The plot is good, but with the movie switching in between action scenes and long philosophical speeches, it gets very tiresome.

The action scenes are drawn out. Just when you think it's time to stop, there is more. The fighting is cool, yet stupid, as the punches are thrown in some sort of rhythm that will never be seen anywhere. The special effects are through the roof, and I was on the edge of my seat at the end, wanting to find out what happens next.

It's worth seeing the movie, but maybe see the matinee. Or wait for the DVD which is sure to have billions of bonus features.
Misha Silin, USA

Very entertaining film, but not as fresh as the first Matrix. I was more impressed with the plot twists then the special effects which have that "been there done that" feel. In the end it feels like a set up for the third film.....which is not a bad thing for geeks like me, but might turn off your average viewer.
Bonner Hagemann, United States

Great movie overall. More mature movie than the first. Has a love story and there are slow scenes to counter the high-paced action scenes.

The movie may seem to have gaps and might be hard to follow for someone who has not seen the first.

Fight scenes are amazing, although at times they seem a bit too choreographed, even though they are done by Yuen Woo-Ping (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). I was expecting a bit more "breakthrough" fighting scenes, but they are still great.

Computer animation is seemless with real-life actors. GREAT computer animation and outstanding special effects

Great action movie, great fight sequences, maintains the level of excitement as the first, although it lacks an in depth story like the first. Great movie overall, highly recommend it.
Gregg, USA

A big disappointment after the first one. Unlike the first edition Reloaded lacks a tight script to go along with the action. Acting by the fringe characters is terrible. The philosophy is a bit too heavy (I'm not sure if it even makes sense). The special effects are great of course and the script has more meat than I thought. A real pity about the outcome.
Sudarshan Setlur, USA

Matrix Reloaded has the lack of suspense, urgency or worry for the heroes. Unlike in the first movie, where our heroes looked genuinely frightened of the Agents while waiting for that all important phone call to get them out of the Matrix, that same urgency does not exist in this movie. In the sequel, at no point do you feel that the heroes' lives are in actual danger.
Anon, Malaysia

The movie delivers in every aspect, plot, effects, and the element of surprise is indeed present.
Karn, Mexico

I think this movie is absolutely brilliant. It has the best special effects I have ever seen in a movie. Not only the special effects, but the story and its questioning of the truth and freedom. It emphasises the unique ability of human beings to choose, which has philosophical implications in relation to the question: "Are we free?" I loved it, and I will definitely see it again. In terms of acting and storyline, other blockbuster movies like Star Wars cannot hold a candle near this movie.
Yalcin Yalaki, United States

Awful, not worth the $9 I just paid. It is an affront to the first Matrix to allow this to be called Matrix Reloaded. Awful acting, CGI that could have come from the 70s and the feel of a very bad Star Wars prequel.
Adrian, Canada

Awful, and too desperate to ingratiate itself with the self-consciously trendy, as is particularly in evidence in the tedious underground rave party - in slow-motion no less - near the beginning.

The fights have no shape to them. Characters don't win because they are better or more committed but because, after a long parade of special effects and stunts, the directors have decided it's time to knock it on the head for now. A lot seems to be happening, but many people I saw it with were looking at their watches a lot. There were even a few walk-outs.

In terms of story it has the feeling of an inconclusive episode of a TV series. And as for Mr Reeves "acting"....words fail. If the whole things had less padding and slow motion the third film wouldn't even be necessary to complete the story.
Gary Pollard, Hong Kong

It's a little hard to judge Matrix Reloaded on its own merits, since the first was such a well-made standalone film, and this instalment is really only the first half of a five hour movie. I did think the editing, or the narrative, or something could have used tightening or restructuring, though I'm not exactly sure how. But after a slow beginning, it did catch its feet and start running. I do believe it deserves a second viewing, as there is a lot of explanation to take in the first time around. What is causality, indeed!
Marc Lepage, Canada

I think the Matrix Reloaded looks top and it will be a big hit, but not as big as bad boys two.
Omer, England

Brilliant! You come out and you can't wait for Matrix Revolutions in November. A must see in a real cinema.
Elisabet & Ragnar, Iceland

90% brilliant. A visual feast, a brain fry, even a couple of intentionally funny moments to remind us not to take it all TOO seriously. But -Zion as Ibiza??? Come on!!
Aidan Watson, New Zealand

Most of the BBC's comments ring true when it comes to the Matrix Reloaded. Yes, the script does plod in a few places, but the key word is few. There are very few places in which you are bored in this film. The action scenes keep the film rolling along nicely, as does the soundtrack, which truly is inspired. As for the action scenes themselves, they really do have to be seen to be believed. You'll most likely find yourself slackjawed when the fight between neo and 100 agent smiths comes up. The car chase at the end of the movie makes it worth seeing the Matrix for that one sequence. All in all, not as good as the first movie (that is nearly impossible!), a fantastic movie nonetheless. But this is a movie you MUST see in the cinema to appreciate the full gravity of visual effects on display.
David Paton, Scotland

Ignore the reviews and go and see a brilliant movie.
Jon, England

Mind blowing. It turns the first from from a superficial piece of cinema ballet into a brilliantly conceived prelude and removes all the Independence Day syndrome worries I had about the first into the bargain. If you're going to watch it, then see the first one beforehand and pay particular attenion to Morpheus' speech to Neo.
Andy W, UK

Wow. Stunning film. Ok, some of the dialogue was a little ropey, and at some points I thought the directors were going all soft on us with the love scenes. But the pace and action, the SFX, and visuals are some of the best ever. The ending was annoying - I can't wait to see what happens next.
Colin, England

Great fight scenes but otherwise rubbish, its pretentious and there's no plot. Philosophy? Oh yeah , very deep.A film for 17 year old anoraks.
George, S.Africa

I was disappointed that Keanu seems to have gained magical powers in the 'Real World' too. That's a step too far and brings the film from the realms of the concievable to the realms of corny nonsense.
Tom, UK

Contrived where the original was clever, the action is indeed superb but at times looks like a computer game. It's a good film, but the intellectual ideas presented in the first film are not explored, and the film can feel confused at times. Worth seeing, but not a masterpiece, and the cliffhanger ending is a letdown.
Gordon, UK

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