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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 May, 2003, 16:54 GMT 17:54 UK
Euro winners attack pop contest
Katrina Leskanich
Katrina and the Waves won in 1997
Former Eurovision winner Katrina Leskanich has described the popular TV pop contest as full of crap.

At a gathering of past UK winners of the pan-European music contest, several former winners attacked the event.

Katrina Leskanich, who had the biggest hit of her career after winning in 1997, compared the contest with a dog relieving itself in a living room.

She said: "At first it's really offensive and then you don't smell it anymore and it loses its offensiveness and that's what those songs are like."

The 1976 winners Brotherhood Of Man also criticised the competition, which this year takes place in Latvia on 24 May.

Singer Martin Lee said: "It's become very boring. It's become mundane.

'Brought up to date'

"It was going that way back in 1976, then they moved it to the Royal Albert Hall and it came alive.

"It needs to be brought up to date. It should be something like I'm A Eurovision Entry... Get Me A Hit."

Leskanich said she had no idea what the song contest was before she got involved and only took part because "it went with the territory of finding a record deal"

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