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Dawson's Creek: Your views
Dawson's Creek
Teenage traumas made the show a ratings hit
Teen drama Dawson's Creek comes to a close this week with its final two-hour episode airing in the US on Wednesday.

The popular series has been running for six seasons, following the trials and tribulations of a group of friends growing up in the fictional town of Capeside.

The complex love lives of Dawson, Joey, Jen and Pacey have been at the heart of the show's success.

But what do you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

I went through high-school with these characters, went through break-ups, virginity, and tragedy and it was always a show that tried to cover all the real things teens deal with. Now that I am in college and they are off the air - a part of me has ended, the youthful innoncent part. It's very sad, and bittersweet. I may go buy the first season - watching it will bring back so many memories in my own life!
Linds, Canada

Talk about cliché after cliché. I think the director Williamson got the most from this as a childhood exorcism. Biggest cliché was Dawson and Joey watching a small boy climb through a small girl's window, all things repeating themselves in time...ahhhh...how cute! Still, liked the show and enjoyed even though it was cheesy and even the shows characters recognised this so hats off!
Patrick, Canada

I watched D.C. faithfully for the first few seasons, but lost track of it over the last couple of years. When I heard it was ending, I decided to make a point of tuning in and seeing how it ended up. I think the series finale was wonderful! I laughed, I cried - it was the perfect ending. Joey made the right choice.
Kelly, Canada

I laughed, I cried. The last episode was the best. I have been hooked since it started. Everything turned out the right way. The cast in the last episode did an outstanding job. I have a child of my own and I could never imagine having to say goodbye the way Jen did. I am very sad to see the show go, but it was time. Thank you for the years of memories!!
Jamie Grobarchik, United States

I've loved this show from the start and I am so sad that it's ending, I will really miss it. Hope they release the DVDs soon!
Anna, UK

I'm a mid-30s businesswoman who loves this show. If only the teenagers I grew up with, and the men that I date now, spoke like Pacey and Dawson
Patricia, UK
I could go on forever about DC and what it has meant to me. I've watched since the pilot and loved each character dearly. I've grown up with these kids and the end is very upsetting and depressing. Kevin did such an amazing job writing the finale and I'm so thankful that we fans got the closure we needed. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for doing it right. I'm so thankful to have a part of this experience.
Sarah Boring, USA

I was a religious viewer of this show for about two and a half years. Once more characters beyond the McFees joined, it got to be a little too much. However, this show has been a big part of my teenage life and I've loved it for six years watching it only occasionally after the third season got going. I did watch the last few episodes up until the last show and I was not disappointed. The show's creators know how to pull in an audience. This show defined a generation. I'd also like to add that my favourite Creek moment was the season 1 finale episode when Dawson and Joey finally kissed. Another moment that is stuck in my mind forever is the "Detention" episode when Dawson and Joey shared their first kiss in a game of truth or dare (the dare from Abby). I will miss this show and all its awesome moments.
Adrienne, USA

I think the show had an excellent finale. They correlated what was going on in Dawson's show The Creek very well with what was going on in real life. A lot of the comments that were made were very real and truthful. Overall, I give it a good review, even though I will miss it. How about a 10 year reunion?
Heather, USA

It wasn't until the second season that I became hooked on Dawson's Creek. It was a teen drama that wasn't sticking to clichés and wasn't afraid to discuss the fears and vulnerability of youth. The script was intelligent, humorous and touching. Young people suffer as much as adults in a very uncertain world, and this series highlighted that not everything is sweet at 16. Love, Death, drugs, drink, homosexuality, sex, friendship and family are just a few of the areas tackled. I continued to watch the series and enjoyed seeing the characters evolve.

Once the move was made to university, I felt that it lost some of its direction and began to cover old ground. I soon stopped watching it as often. I will be sad to see the show end, as it's a landmark in televison. I know I shall watch the final season when it finally airs here in the UK, and will no doubt shed a tear when the final credits roll. Congratulations to the actors and production team for breaking the mould.
Matt, UK

I'm a mid-30s businesswoman who loves this show. If only the teenagers I grew up with, and the men that I date now, spoke like Pacey and Dawson. What I'd give to find such intelligent conversation, some sensitive analysis and their wonderful complex love of life in a man nowadays. Boys/men - watch Dawson's Creek and learn.
Patricia, UK

Well I was going to miss it till we got the rubbish ending of a lifetime
Kimberly Reddick, USA
I really identify with Dawson. I also have a larger than average forehead and I think a lot about relationships and stuff like that so it was cool to see someone like me on the TV. I only wish I had Joey as well! I'll miss Dawson like a brother. Thank you James Van de Beek for giving me the Creek: you'll never understand exactly what it's meant to me.
Olav Henricsson-Bell, Cambridge

My fave Dawson moments of late were Jack's relationships. Though I don't think the writers delved enough into he fact that Jack was a gay young man, I found that storyline to be interesting.

Dawson's Creek has always proved shockingly bad, maintaining popularity only by Eastenders-style shock-twists and tearfully dull romances. Few people I know will be sad to see the back of it, which is odd as at 19 I've always been a member of the target audience.
Sebastian, Bolivia

The best scene of all time was when Pacey went to Dawson's home to tell him that he and Joey were together. The reaction of Dawson was some really good TV. I don't know what to do with my Wednesday nights now!
Chip, US

It's a tragedy. The only possible way to make this all better, is for there to be a Pacey's Creek spin off ASAP (let's face it, this should really have been the title of the show all along - Dawson - pah!)
Kelly, UK

Well I was going to miss it till we got the rubbish ending of a lifetime. Now I am like, good riddence.
Kimberly Reddick, USA

I was quite disappointed in the finale. I thought the ending was typical Joey, she still didn't really choose between the two.
Lisa, USA

I'm really pleased it's finally finished. I tried watching it a couple of times, but found the characters so intense and unrealistic I couldn't be entertained by it
Beth, UK

If only women in real life could be as brutally honest and free as Jen! It would stop us men folk from straying!
Phil, Wales

I am a male fan of the show in the USA and I must say the last show was written greatly. Although I wish the show would still be on, "all good things must come to an end."
AJay Brice, USA

It's so sad to read comments from males here that they think the characters were neurotic and full of psycho-babble. I've loved the show since I was a teenager and would treasure a man who could speak like they do. There's no horrible macho bravado, no cocky front that so many British guys have, they're confident men who understand their vulnerabilities, sensitive and place importance on how they treat others. Bliss. Dawson and Pacey will always beat any guy in a bar boasting about his life.
Eleanor, UK

I agree with Richard (UK). I only watch the first three seasons of the show but in the second season when Jack arrived I was going through a difficult time dealing with my own sexuality. To see someone (who was meant to be my age!) coming out and talking about his feelings and even have a boyfriend helped me no end! In a small way it probably gave me the courage to come out myself. Cheers Jack!
David, South London, UK

I loved Dawson's Creek. My wife and I will deeply miss the show. I have to say we were very very disappointed in the ending of the last episode. Sorry guys, you made the last show good instead of great!
Toby Smith, United States

I'm really pleased it's finally finished. I tried watching it a couple of times, but found the characters so intense and unrealistic I couldn't be entertained by it. Thank god there won't be any more Dawson Creek marathons taking up C4's schedules for hours on end. And don't even get me started on that theme tune...
Beth, UK

I must say I truly appreciated this show! The ages of the characters coincided with mine and so this show provided a sort of glimpse into the life of someone with whom I could relate on a week-by-week sort of basis. I really saw a part of myself in each of the characters and felt I could empathise with their "trials and tribulations." Sure, the characters in this show lived some unlikely lives (especially in the last two seasons), but they were down-to-earth enough so that an average person could relate to them. I particularly loved the fact that they had Jack come out. I had to deal with coming out in high school, and it really made a difference in how I preceived my situation. I'll miss it.
Young, USA

It has truely left an indelible mark upon my heart. Thank you
Nicole, USA
It is hard to explain my connection with this show. I also am an over 30 viewer who got hooked into the show by a younger relative at the very start. I have related so much to the show and perhaps have even lived vicariously through it. I feel like the fivesome from Capeside have been my friends and I will miss them dearly. I run a Inc. 500 Company in NY, and the only programme I have watched during our growth was Dawson's...........hard to explain I realise, and I will so miss my Wednesday night routine.

The finale was the best I've ever seen of any show ever created. I've never cried so hard in my life...it was wonderful. A great ending to six seasons. Way to go!! I'll really miss this show! :(
Jen, USA

I will miss this show so much! I was very happy with the series finale, I only wish the show could keep going... I feel like I've lost a good friend. I will definitely purchase all the DVDs as they are released!
Jen, USA, Ohio

I used to love the show, in its seriousness it was reminiscent of Party of Five. I would desperately want those in love to get together but then gradually I began to find the constant analysis dreary and unrealistic. I stopped caring a couple of years ago and won't miss it when it's gone. Bring back Party of Five and My So Called Life (now that was amazing!)
Mandy, UK

Thank god!!! None of the characters could ever live past 30 anyway, with that much angst they'd all be in therapy or dead.
Amanda B, UK

How could this rubbish have stayed on for so long when a great show like My So Called Life was axed so quickly?! Dawson's Creek was utter pap.
Jo, UK

Endless psycho-babble! It's about time they put a bullet to one of the most frustratingly boring programmes ever
Dex, Belgium
I think my most fond memory of the Creek was when, Jack arrived. Growing up gay isn't easy and any character which echoes aspects of your life makes it easier some how, as you know that you aren't the only one out there.
Richard, United Kingdom

I WAS a fan a few years ago but like so many US sitcom-dramas they go on too long and I lost interest in the neverending twists and turns. My wife's interest lasted longer than mine but even she gave up watching about a year ago. However, I confess we would both be interested to know who Dawson finally decides he wants.
Kevin, UK

The show was good at the time, a bit too much angst for my liking though. Unfortunately the style of the show (eg tinkly minor key piano to emphasise emotional moments was copied for a lot of subsequent shows). Smallville - DC with a super hero. Roswell High - DC with aliens. etc.
Mike, UK

My best memory is sitting around with my mates trying to talk like the cast of Dawson's Creek and realising we have no clue what they are talking about. Also every bit of the music featured in DC was amazing, especially the score. Plus my girlfriend accidently called me Pacey once, which says it all really.
James, UK

I remember when the show first began. It had to be sometime when I was in the 5th grade. I'm gonna be a junior this year, and I've always followed the show. I cried when I heard the WB was taking Dawson's Creek off the air. I cried even more on the last show. I mean I spent a good portion of my life dedicated to the show.

I don't want this to sound like I'm old-school or nothing...but iIactually grew up on this show. From kid, to pre-teen, to fully fledged teen/woman. This is something that I can look back on forever and say,"This show was a classic and can never be replaced in my heart". I'm gonna miss the Creek....thank you WB for giving us six years of fantastic entertainment. It has truely left an indelible mark upon my heart. Thank you.
Nicole, USA

Thank my lucky stars this tripe is off the airwaves. A bunch of 16/35-year-old neurotic kids banging on about how they are feeling. Who cares, you're young, just get out and get on with it. I dread to think how deep the conversations are going to get when they grow up, get jobs, have kids and actually experience life. Mind you, they will probably all be in therapy by then anyway.
Phil Martin, UK

Dawson's Creek is one of the best hangover cures, there is nothing better than staying in bed on a sunday and watching Dawson's Creek.
Erin, UK

Ok, so it's coming to an end - people will get over it and move on to the next programme just like it - Dawson was just the next Party of Five and something else will replace Dawson soon enough... as for me, I say, hoorah! Never liked the show.
Dan, UK

This must have been the most annoying programme since My So-Called Life. Everyone just seems to sit about and ponder about what love should be like and say things like "the misconceptions of the conception is that the abstractions of fiction are indeed reality." WHAT??? Take a leaf out of the British As If and stop talking about what it might be like to "be" with whoever and just DO IT!!!
Steve Gardner, England

I have had a crush on Dawson for over five years! Sundays won't be the same.
Neil Lihgo, London, UK

I can't believe any American teenager would use the kind of language that they used in Dawson's Creek. It was so over the top!
Ani, UK

Endless psycho-babble! It's about time they put a bullet to one of the most frustratingly boring programmes ever.
Dex, Belgium

I think that it's about the programme came to an end. In my opinion it has gone on far too long. The characters are irritating and dated.
Katherine, UK

If there is a man that is as sensitive and caring as Dawson, give him my number! Like any show - great in the beginning, but should have quit while on an up.
Alison, Essex

One of my favourite memories, when Joey and Pacey share their first kiss. I would have loved to have been Joey! Pacey is "hot stuff".
Lisa-Maria Thomas , UK

I'm 21 and have been watching it for the past five years and I feel like I've grown up with them. I will really miss this show!!!

I remember when it first aired it was quite risque as it talked about sex a lot more than most teen dramas do, and it had a storyline where a teacher at the school had a relationship with one of her pupils so that was quite controversial. It was just something different at the time and also quite an intelligent look at the lives of young teenagers growing up together. Although the pyscho-babble talk did get on my nerves a bit, they talked like they had just been in therapy!
Emma, Cambridge, UK

It was funnier than Saved by the Bell.
Andy Locke, UK

I think the best thing about Dawson's Creek was the fantastic English producer guy that featured in the last two series! What a cool new actor. The rest of the series was ok too!
Flossie, UK

I love Dawson's Creek! I am 29 years old...too old to like it as much as I do.... I have only missed one show and that is when I was having my baby. I will be so so so sad to see it end... I have told my friends that I may be depressed on Thursday and can't make it to work.. I will miss it very much...
Candi, Louisiana

One of my favourite moments was when Joey and Pacey had their first kiss. I am looking forward too seeing the final series and I'll definitely miss watching Dawson's Creek.
Michelle Victor, UK

I actually remember seeing James on the Rosie show in 1998 talking about this show starting and thinking that the show wouldn't make it, that he couldn't actually lead the show. I tuned in into it and wound up loving it! I related a lot to Dawson at that time so I was hooked. At first, I didn't like Joey when I first started watching, but I eventually fell in love with her, and I understood what Dawson felt for her, and even longed for them to be together (isn't that the point?).It was weird that a show could have affected me that much.

Joey, Dawson, Jenn, and Pacey were all on the front of TV Guides back in 98 and I bought all four magazines! I tuned in every week with excitement, taped the show as I watched it, and then watched it again after the show was over. I was hooked, to say the least! It will always be a good memory. It will be interesting to see how it all ends tonight. I've moved on and grown up, so I'm glad to see the show ending as it has moved on and grown up as well.
Tommy Stigall, USA

I Love Dawson's Creek. My favourite was when Joey and Dawson finally got together. James Van Der Beek is definitely my kind of man. I feel very sad that it's ended but I would like to see Dawson and Joey married off. They both love each other but neither one's going to admit it. I will really miss the show.
Kirstin Lynch, Greece

Never been a fan of this show. Dawson was 16 going on 30. The guys "think" too much. Ergh, drives me crazy! Just do it Dawson!!
James, UK

I remember when I saw the first episode on that Saturday evening on Channel 4, having been rung by a friend who told me to switch over quick, the anti-90210 had just appeared on TV.

Great start and first few years but it has waned and lost its appeal of late. But the idea of seeing teenagers on TV who weren't perfect and weren't afraid to show their intelligence was remarkable. Can't wait to see the final episode - will they be as verbose as adults as they were at 15? Bye DC, the partner in growing up.
Nic, Ireland

Dawson and Joey deserve to be together. They will be together. Nothing can stop them from sharing the love they were born to share, including that miserable Pacey. They will always be together...Always!
Wendall Cochran, USA

I have been watching DC since the very beginning. I have many favourite episodes and memories, the ulimate one being the Pacey/Joey true love storyline. They belong together.
Keli, USA

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