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Last Updated: Tuesday, 24 June, 2003, 09:46 GMT 10:46 UK
Newborn baby taken to rock concert
Angus Young of AC/DC
The band are known for their energetic performances

Police in Germany are investigating allegations of child neglect after a couple took their nine-day-old baby to a rock concert.

The unnamed couple took their baby to hear rock band AC/DC supporting the Rolling Stones in concert because they could not bear to miss the heavy metal band's performance.

The Australian band is well known for its loud and powerful rock sound.

Police were alerted by worried fans who had seen the 41-year-old mother holding the baby in the spectator seats at Germany's Hockenheim Formula One motor-racing circuit on Sunday.

Official inquiry

The pair only agreed to leave after a doctor at the gig warned them of the danger of exposing a young baby to such high noise levels.

Police have now opened an official inquiry into child neglect.

AC/DC have been touring Germany this month, headlining some gigs and supporting the Rolling Stones alongside The Cranberries and the Pretenders at others.

The band formed in 1973 in Sydney and still have a loyal fanbase.

The veteran rockers currently occupy the number two slot in Australia's annual list of top earners in showbusiness.

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