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Last Updated: Friday, 4 July, 2003, 10:13 GMT 11:13 UK
Bruce lacks divine inspiration
By Mike Burnett
BBC News Online

Jim Carrey
Carrey sticks to the tried-and-tested formula

Jim Carrey is once again up to his old manic tricks but this time he has some help from upstairs in his latest comedy Bruce Almighty.

The rubber-faced comedian gets the chance we have all dreamt of when he is fills in for God - played by Morgan Freeman - with predictably chaotic results.

Already a US box office hit, Bruce Almighty provides plenty of laughs for fans of Carrey's slapstick brand of humour, and also stars Jennifer Aniston of Friends fame.

But be warned - despite the subject material, do not expect to discover anything particularly profound or original in this light-hearted caper.

In fact, light-hearted is an understatement and anyone who finds Carrey's manic style grating certainly will not be converted by this effort.

In the film, Carrey plays local TV news reporter Bruce Nolan, a man nearing 40 and on the verge of a mid-life crisis.

Jennifer Aniston and Jim Carrey
It is hard to warm to Bruce Almighty's character
Despite the support of his loving girlfriend (Aniston), Bruce is discontented with almost everything in his life and finally flips when he learns he has been passed over for promotion.

But, after raging against God for his rotten luck, he receives quite a shock when the Lord challenges him to take on the big job and see if he can do any better.

Mayhem ensues as Bruce uses his new infinite powers to settle old scores before realising that being omnipotent comes at a price.

It is no surprise that director and producer Tom Shadyac has worked with Carrey before, on Ace Ventura and Liar Liar.

And, once again, Carrey's manic energy is relied upon to keep the film going but, unlike before, the Canadian star is strangely subdued at times.

The story struggles to set the scene and Bruce's whingeing character does not help to get the audience on his side.

Of course, the film has its moments - most notably when Bruce first discovers his powers to the musical strains of I've Got The Power by Snap.

And seeing acting heavyweight Morgan Freeman as God is a pleasure.

But by the time the movie plods to its preachy and predictable conclusion, it is easy to feel syrupped out.

Although Bruce Almighty is amiable enough with Carrey in familiar form, nothing short of divine intervention would be needed to make this memorable.

Bruce Almighty is out in the UK now.

So what did you think of the film?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Enjoyable film. If you want an Oscar winning performance then go and see some black & white film about a mute and deaf pianist and come out of it reflecting on man's plight against the injustices of life.

But if you want heaps of cheap laughs and entertainment then this is a good film for you. The newsreader gibberish moment is a cinematic classic which earned a huge roar of laughter throughout the cinema and left my tear-stained cheeks aching.
Andrew, UK

Rubbish, utter rubbish!
Gary, UK

I went and saw this movie last Friday night, I found it fun, not all of the comedy scenes were to my taste, but that is because not everyone has the same sense of humour. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a light-hearted movie but still points out the moral story. The clap from God at the end was amazing, clap on! Did this happen at everyone else's cinemas?
Angela, UK

Another winner from Carrey. This is certainly one of the best films. As ever, he puts in a great performance but what is better is that he is less over the top as he sometimes can be in some of his movies. With some great comic set pieces and great support performances from Jennifer Aniston and Morgan Freeman, this looks set to be one of the hits of the summer.
Tom Meakin, UK

I watched it and I thought it was a good funny film, not Jim Carrey's best but it was good. Jennifer Aniston I thought was good in her role as the girlfriend. Morgan Freeman was excellent as God!!!!!
Mikey, Northern Ireland

If you've got time to waste, go see it, if not wait for the video, better still just give it a miss.
Philip Dagnan, UK

I thought the film was really good, no one acts in the style that Carey does. Although nothing beats his performance in Dumb and Dumber!
Justin D, Devon UK

B-E-A-Utiful! Carrey is almost back to his best here. The newsreading scene had me crying with laughter, Morgan Freeman's "Alrighty Then" was inspired, and the butt monkey line was pure Ace Ventura (and wasn't that the same monkey?!) Let down by the ending, but then aren't all American comedies these days? Stop preaching, try making us laugh - it's a comedy !
Marty, UK

As a non-Carrey fan, I did find this film surprisingly amusing. Although somewhat predictable, and I did feel Aniston's character lacked substance, the scene on the boat at Niagra falls was absoloutely hilarious! Funniest thing I have seen for a long, long time, delivered perfectly by Carrey. Not taxing, a film to watch after a long hard day, and will leave you smiling.
Rebecca, UK

This film was just hilarious! I can't recall going to the cinema before and hearing people clapping at jokes in the film! As for the scene with the newsreader in the middle (you'll know the one if you've seen it...), the whole auditorium was laughing for quite some time after it had finished, I was mopping tears from my face by the end of it as it was THAT funny. Perfect casting too with Morgan Freeman as God - a touch of class!
Chris, Cambridge, UK

Why oh why did they have to ruin it by including the tacky cliched morals at the end. I am not a fan of Carrey but he is quite good in it. Aniston was average (but what do you expect for someone who is paid to act as a 25-year-old when she is mid 30s?) It was an ok film and if you want a cheap simple straightforward laugh then go see it, but leave before it gets overly soppy.
Richard, England

I found the movie a lot of fun. I had tears streaming down my face during the scene where he makes the newsreader speak gibberish - one of the funniest moments in any movie I've saw (the other was in Austin Powers, which also had me in tears). 90 minutes of escapism - good light hearted fun with a few sensitive moments - 9 out of 10.
John, UK

I liked this film! It became a bit cheesy and predictable near the end, but overall the acting was great, and I laughed a lot! Alrighty then! That's all I've got to say!
Niraj, UK

I want the 90 minutes of my life back, an utter waste of time. As the other said, if you seen the trailers.......
Scoob, UK

Very good, but a little tame by Carrey standards. He - as usual - is mint. Morgan Freeman - more, more, more. Jennifer Aniston - lovely! The ending was very syrupy! The film could have had a great ending - but gave it the Hollywood one. Then again - it's harmless fun....enjoy!
Martin, England

I am considering suing the film company that made this almighty blunder for robbing me of half an hour of my life. That's right - I lacked the stamina to make it through to the end.
Sophia, UK

One of Carrey's best, extremely funny film which is definitely worth the watch. On a side note, Freeman is class as God.
Imran, England

What a terrible waste of time. Jim Carrey is his usual rubbish and Jennifer can do a lot better. Give this one a miss...
Marcia, , Cornwall

If you love Jim Carrey (I do) you will like this movie. The story has a lot of potential but as much as I hate to admit it, it wasn't reached to its full. There are some very funny scenes but as in Liar Liar, there are also some rather heart tugging scenes, which can catch you off guard. I think the poignant moments brought you down so the next time something funny happened you didn't laugh as much as you might have. Morgan Freeman was good, he does comedy very well, so nice to see him play a part outside of the White House. Giving Freeman the "Alrighty Then" line was a stroke of genius. Any Carrey fan will love this movie although its' not as good as Liar Liar, just more of the same. Can't help loving Jim...
Ellie, UK

I saw this film on the weekend and thought it was really funny. Some really funny moments in it and I really enjoyed it. Jim Carrey is a great comic actor and I thought Jennifer Anniston wasn't bad either. A great film which I'd recommend to all to watch who are out for a good laugh.
Llinos, Wales

Carrey is back to his best, Up there with the likes of Liar Liar, Ace Ventura and the Mask. Haven't laughed some much since I last looked at myself in the mirror.
Keith, UK

Saw Bruce Almighty with high expectations - however, if you've seen the trailer, well, basically you've seen the best bits. Like too many US comedies, it degenerated into a schmaltzy pile of rubbish by the end! Very disappointing. Jim Carrey is a talented guy, but this script was very weak.
Cathy, UK

Forgive them, they knew not - Hey, wait! They knew perfectly well what they were doing when they made this turkey. One-way ticket to Brimstone City, I say.
Robert del Valle, USA

Very similar to the Truman Show, in that it is a fantastic idea, well acted, funny in parts, but ultimately leaves you feeling it could have been so much better.
Col, Scotland

This movie was a lot of fun. I'm a fan of Carrey, and prefer his more outrageous roles like Ace Ventura; Bruce Almighty was exactly what I was looking for.
Brandon, USA

I watched Bruce Almighty last night. I think it's a funny film b/c some kids next to me laughed quite a bit. I didn't have much success in the laughter area. If Morgan Freeman had not been God, I probably would have walked out, but then again, I really didn't have anything better to do.
Patrice Elonge, UK

I saw this at the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It had heaps of laughs whilst at the same time a more serious side (which had me fighting back the tears at time). Another classic for My Carrey.
Mel, Scotland

Carrey OK, Freeman good but take Aniston off the big screen - she doesn't have the gravitas to pull it off.
Paul, UK

Having seen some of its production and sets while in LA, I had high hopes. Unfortunately, it was standard American moralistic fayre, trying (unsuccessfully) to preach goodwill to all mankind. Carrey as always was loud and humorous, but the film is ultimately flat. Best bit, the news room scene with the new anchor.
Simon, UK

Not the best film I have seen but still good and I do like Jim Carrey. Also it is good that Jennifer Aniston is doing something else and she seems to be doing ok.
Jane Love, England

A pretty funny film, but if you've watched the trailer you've seen 80% of the funny parts, not his best film by far and it could have been a lot better but an entertaining watch never the less.
Justin, UK

Seen one Jim Carrey film.......seen 'em all!
Paul, UK

I wouldn't see this film again, but as I am not a Carrey fan, I wasn't disappointed. Quite a few of the scenes were very funny especially when Carrey's arch rival loses all forms of coherent speech. I definitely got the moral message behind the comedy. Not a bad film.
Vikki, Devon

I saw this film at the weekend but I think I did most of my laughing when watching the endlessly broadcast trailers!!! Why do most comedies have to show you almost EVERYTHING that is funny in their films in their trailers?? Jim Carrey alone would be enough to pull in a big box office!! Still, it was entertaining and the "new Jim Carrey" news reporter had me in stitches in his speech loss scenes!!
Lee U, UK

I disagree with the majority of comments and think this is one of Carrey's best films. Being back with Shadrac has helped enormously, since he does understand the way that Carrey works and uses him to the best of his ability. It is madcap, but is also fun. Aniston fills her role perfectly and innocently as the loving girlfriend and Freeman was simply uplifting as God. Don't try and expect too much from Carrey, just enjoy the movie.
David, UK

Probably laughed twice at the most.
David Bowyer, UK

Although I am definitely not a Jim Carrey fan, I enjoyed this film as a light-hearted, enjoyable piece of entertainment. I much prefer a performance like this where he is a little more toned down and it is possible to actually appreciate some of the intelligence behind the madness. Jennifer Aniston was her usual disappointing self, but on the whole the film was a pleasant diversion and Morgan Freeman made it worth the entrance money.
Joanne, UK

Calls for God upset phone-owner
28 May 03  |  Americas


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