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Aniston tops celebrity power list
Jennifer Aniston
Aniston was number one but husband Brad Pitt did not feature in the top 100
Friends actress Jennifer Aniston has been named as the world's most powerful celebrity by the influential US magazine Forbes.

The star, who is married to Brad Pitt, has risen from 28th last year to the top spot after earning $35m (20.8m) in 2002 and appearing on more magazine covers than anyone else.

But it is has been a bad year for Britney Spears' standing who, after topping the Forbes Global Celebrity 100 last year, has disappeared completely from the list.

Second in the survey is the pairing of Eminem and Dr Dre, who after securing their own fame have gone on to champion artists such as 50 Cent.

Top 10
1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Eminem and Dr Dre
3. Tiger Woods
4. Steven Spielberg
5. Jennifer Lopez
6. Sir Paul McCartney
7. Ben Affleck
8. Oprah Winfrey
9. Tom Hanks
10. Rolling Stones
Source: Forbes

The Forbes list is ranked according to a number of factors including celebrities' earnings, magazine covers, press clippings and popularity on the internet.

And Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have emerged as Hollywood's golden couple.

Singer and actress Lopez is at number five while fiance Affleck is close behind at seven, with combined earnings of $65m (38.6m) last year.

Potter power

The highest placed UK celebrity is former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney, following his sell-out US tour.

Sir Paul's wealth has been estimated at 760m, making him Britain's richest showbiz star.

The Rolling Stones revival has seen the band listed at 10, while Ozzy Osbourne and family have come in at number 12.

Author JK Rowling, who releases her latest Harry Potter book on Saturday, makes it to number 15 thanks to the worldwide publishing phenomenon of her children's novels.

Britney Spears
It was not a great year for Britney
The chart also includes sporting stars with golfer Tiger Woods slipping one place to number three.

Footballer David Beckham has debuted in the chart at number 56, but Forbes compilers predict his placing will rise as his US profile increases.

Bad press

In a similar vein, Robbie Williams (37) has been billed as a "Brit pop star with fans worldwide - except in the US".

Forbes editor Peter Kafka said Aniston's top placing was a surprise but the continued popularity of Friends and her performances in films such as the Good Girl had boosted her credentials.

"Aniston's marriage may have helped to propel her to 13 covers, but she is still one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood," he said.

Mr Kafka explained Spears' woeful tumble was not helped by bad press and the critical panning her movie Crossroads received.

"Good press or bad press, all press is equal in our eyes," said Mr Kafka.

"By dollar value, Britney did not have a big album or a big tour, the proponents that usually land celebrities on the list."

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