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Pratchett's Discworld movie hope
Terry Pratchett
Pratchett has long resisted the idea of a Discworld film
Author Terry Pratchett has told the BBC he would only agree to a film of his bestselling Discworld books if the adaptation was written by Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman.

Pratchett, who has long resisted the idea of a film based on his works, told BBC World Service's World Book Club programme that Goldman was "one of the finest screenwriters in Hollywood."

Goldman won Best Screenplay Oscars in 1969 for Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid and in 1976 for All The President's Men.

His latest work was an adaptation of the Steven King book Dreamcatcher.

"There was a marvellous fantasy movie called The Princess Bride, written by William Goldman, one of the finest screenwriters in Hollywood - round about there, yes," Pratchett said.

"Maybe William Goldman could do it.

"But I don't know about anybody else," he added.

'I am already rich'

Goldman adapted The Princess Bride from his own novel, written for his two daughters.

Although it was not a massive hit when released in 1987, it went on to acquire massive cult status.

But Pratchett stressed that he remained overall against the idea of a Discworld film.

Selected William Goldman films
2003 - Dreamcatcher
2001 - Hearts In Atlantis
1999 - The General's Daughter
1997 - Absolute Power
1996 - The Ghost And The Darkness
1994 - Maverick
1993 - Indecent Proposal
1990 - Misery
1987 - The Princess Bride
1977 - A Bridge Too Far
1976 - All The President's Men
1976 - Marathon Man
1975 - The Stepford Wives
1969 - Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid
1968 - No Way To Treat A Lady
"I get lots of approaches, of course, and one or two things may happen - but it's not something I'm seeking," he said.

"The books have brought me a lot of money, and that buys me a certain kind of emotional independence.

"Filmmakers come up to me and in effect they're saying, 'we'd like to make you rich'.

"I have to point out 'I am already rich - can you make me happy?'"

He added that he also would not be keen to see the inevitable spin-off products from any movie crowding shelves.

"The thought of walking past a shop and seeing Granny Weatherwax with a kung-fu grip and rocket launcher in bendable plastic does somehow not actually appeal to me," he said.

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