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Last Updated: Sunday, 15 June, 2003, 11:34 GMT 12:34 UK
Missing Oscar found in Florida
Oscar statuettes
Most of the statuettes were found by a dustbin
An Oscar statuette, which was stolen from a loading dock in Los Angeles, has been found in Miami.

The statuette is one of 55 stolen in March 2000, just days before the Academy Awards ceremony was due to take place.

It was found by FBI agents who were on a drugs investigation in Broward County. The agents would not go into detail about the find because the case is ongoing.

Two of the stolen Oscars are still missing.

The academy confirmed the newly recovered Oscar was one of the 55 stolen on 10 March 2000 while they were being transported from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Fifty-two of the Oscars were found next to a dustbin nine days after the theft.

They were discovered by dustman Willie Fulgear, who was rewarded with tickets to the Oscars ceremony and $50,000 (30,000)

The recently recovered Oscar will eventually be shipped back to the academy.

Until then, it will be kept at the FBI's Miami headquarters.


Three California men pleaded no contest to charges in connection to the theft of the statuettes in 2000.

An American dock worker Anthony Hart was put on three years probation after pleading no contest to a charge of receiving stolen property.

He was also ordered to pay $200 (119) to his former employer Roadway Express.

The money was to help compensate Ohio-based Roadway Express for the reward money it paid to Willie Fulgear.

Truck driver Lawrence Laden, 39, and Los Angeles resident John Willie Harris, 55, had already been sentenced in connection with the theft.

Laden was sentenced to six months in prison and five years probation.

He was also ordered to pay $50,000 (30,000) to Roadway Express - also his former employer - which is the company contracted to ship the Oscars from Chicago every year.

He also had to pay the academy $1,050 (628) to compensate it for the three statuettes which were still missing.

Harris, who is Fulgear's step-brother - was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to pay $200.

He also had to pay $921 (551) towards the value of the missing Oscars.

The gold-plated statuettes were worth about $18,000 (10,762) in total.

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