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I'm A Celebrity...: Your views
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!
The contestants have to fend for themselves
The first series of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! was a ratings hit for ITV last year and won a Bafta award for best entertainment programme.

Phil Tufnell won the prize in the second series, which featured moments of controversy such as Danniella Westbrook leaving the camp voluntarily and confrontations between contestants and producers over food rations.

So what did you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

Absolutely loved the show. Phil was hilarious from start to finish and was a well deserved winner. I think the producers should research the next contestants a bit more thoroughly as some of these ones were so dull. Roll on the 3rd edition.
Derek P, Scotland

Light entertainment with no substance and certainly nothing thought provoking. Opium for the masses. The public gets what the public wants.
Nick , UK

Ant and Dec the new Morecambe and Wise? They're not even the new Cannon and Ball. But nice to see cricket winning over football for once.
Edward, UK

Not better but different from first series. Not as much aggro between celebs but much more bonding and more fun. It is compulsive viewing - even though I am not a fan of reality shows like Big Brother etc. Ant & Dec are excellent I haven't decided on the ITV2 presenters yet though as they were a bit too childish. I hope they continue and do another series as soon as possible. Phil Tufnell was a worthy winner keeping us amused for the fortnight and just being himself. I was torn between Linda, Fash and Tuffers - all worthy to win.
Jules, England

To those who claim to hate the programme but seem incredibly well informed: that little red button at the top of your remote control switches the television OFF as well as ON, you know.
Helen, UK

I don't like reality shows and I've never really enjoyed watching Ant & Dec. However this show was brilliant. Two weeks and an hour a night is the perfect format - not so long you get bored rigid (are you listening BB) and long enough for the real characters to come out. As for Ant & Dec - the new Morecambe & Wise.
Don, United Kingdom

Hooray! Another reality TV series has been and gone, and I didn't watch a single episode!! So it's 10 days to Big Brother 4 is it? Excellent - I won't be watching that either. Don't people have anything better to do?
Kate, England

I enjoyed the show but I do think that the producers could make sure there was enough food - morale can and did get very low on the meagre rations they had to survive on. Perhaps they could hide supplies which were easier to access in emergencies (not having to answer stupid questions and guess A or B) - sort of like a treasure hunt but for food and not gold. This would also help with the boredom problem - you cannot expect usually very busy people to sit on their backsides 24 hours a day and do nothing.
Marilyn Perry, England

My wife and I watched every episode avidly. Out of all the "reality" shows from recent years I think this has been the most compelling. Ant and Dec literally had us in tears of laughter. Bring on I┐m a Celebrity 2004. As Phil became King of the Jungle, shouldn┐t Fash be named Prince of the Jungle for enduring all those terrible trials?
Matt, England

Loved the show but I thought it was terrible that Fash had so little attention last night given the great entertainment he gave. My favourite to win was Phil, although I did not have a number to vote but I thought Fash was superb doing his challenges. Please let him know I really enjoyed watching him. I'll really miss the show now that it is over. Well done.
Anne Webb, Ireland

Well done Tuffers! It's good to see that people can shine through by just being themselves. Congratulations also to Linda, for giving it such a good go, and Fash - you're an absolute gent, your final speech about charity being the winner made me feel that my votes counted for more. You've all been put through the mangle by the producers (for our benefit!), and should feel proud.
Nick Smith, England

I'm glad it has given so many people so much to talk about. It seems the art of meaningful conversation is now officially dead. Let's sit glued to our TVs night after night watching "reality TV". Roll on Big Brother 4.
James Vardy

I thought this programme worked on many levels...great entertainment and a fantastic experiement in social science and psychology. As for all those disapproving voices out there: "All work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy."
Rob Wilkins, England

I am amazed by the sheer number of bigots that belittle this light entertainment show. Have you got nothing better to do with your lives than watch something you don't like, and then tell the rest of us how much you don't like it? Next series, I suggest you change the channel.
Dave Crewe, England

It was totally underwhelming! A former cricketer beat a former footballer from a group of former has-beens.
Ian Tyson, England

Brilliant show, how can Tessa Jowell say we're watching too many reality TV series - there are only two I can think of. Obviously this woman has no sense of humour or adventure..
Philippa Akester, england

What was Fash thinking? Sorry to say the ego trip lasted to the very end. Should have been Linda and Phil. Wayne was a complete star and I don't think they would have lasted the first week without him. Congrats to Phil on the win. Total entertainment from start to finish. Hope they put Ant & Dec in there next year.
Dave, England

From the start Fash was my least favourite. But as the days have gone by I find people I have enjoyed watching over the years have shown a different side to them. I used to like Linda Barker but not any more and won't watch her on TV again after tonight. Wayne Sleep was wonderful, Phil Tufnell is a bigmouth as is anthony. I really hope Fash wins, he's has proved hes a real player and deserves to win.
Sharren, Scotland

God love you Wayne - an absolute doll. Let's hope good old Linda wins now.
Sue Vlissidis, UK

What is the appeal of the dull Phil Tufnell? Fashanu has had to get through some really nasty challenges and he deserves it.
Mark, UK

I seriously think this programme should be investigated for cruelty to animals. What the hell happened to the goldfish tonight when they suddenly pulled the bottom out of the eel helmet? They fell on the floor - no water, long drop to a hard floor. They must have all died. I am absolutely sickened to the depths of my stomach over it and cannot believe they can get away with the cruelty and the deaths of animals used as mere toys for entertainment. They must be investigated and prosecuted if necessary.
Paul, UK

I have been watching every day, and I think it is brilliant. But I do feel sorry for them having to do the horrible tasks. I think they are doing very well having to cope without having hardly any food. I was upset to see Toyah go as she was a good character and never complained what she had to do. I hope that they will put on another show next year. I would like to see Ann Robinson be put in the jungle!!!
Angela Rulton, England

Love it, Phil to win. Look forward to my little piece of escapism every night.
Miriam, Scotland

I think people who dismiss the show as rubbish need to watch it for a longer time span. It is very interesting to see a group of upbeat, reasonably fit people put into a situation of deprivation and then watch them gradually deteriorate.We then start to see their true personalities emerge. It's a lesson in survival for us all!
Mike Paget, England

Absolutely great, I never watched it first time round. Phil has to win. Linda Barker has to go tonight as I don't trust her at all and that task she did last night was pants!!!
Anne Wilson, Scotland

It isn't as good as the last series, but I'm enjoying seeing the bush tucker tasks and some of the antics! It is much better than trying to find something on the TV you haven't seen endless times before or films/programmes full of blood and guts flying round the room. Especially when you live in an area where you can't get Freeview and can't afford satellite TV (like me). No, give me reality TV anyday, at least it is REAL.
Barbara, UK

I have watched part of two episodes of I'm A Celebrity....(one from each series) and I have been absolutely appalled by what I have seen. In both animals were traumatised in the name of so-called entertainment. I think that any celebrity taking part in these disgraceful programmes should be ashamed of themselves.
Anita Last, UK

It's not as entertaining as the first series, but it's getting a bit funnier as the jungle bunnies get more weary, i.e. a bit of their true natures emerge. Catalina seems very insincere and lacks personality, so thank goodness we don't have to see her pouting anymore. I hope Phil or Wayne win.
Lesley Byrne, Ireland

Absolute tosh! I accidentally tuned it to the programme and could only watch for a few seconds before I was trying to put my foot through the TV! I'm with Tessa Jowell on this one.
Tom Oulton, England

Loving it! Complete lightweight nonsense but very entertaining. I'm definitely watching it to see all the "celebs" bicker behind each others backs.

Hope Fash goes completely jungle crazy in an Apocolypse Now style.

Tuffers to win I hope and wasn't Sian Lloyd just the dullest person ever?
Ruby, UK

The whole thing is a farce, it is boring and Ant and Dec are awful. Get them out of there and end the show now.
M Alexander, Scotland

Did not watch the first series but if it half as good as this one it would have been good. Tuffers to win. Ant and Dec are brilliant. Roll on series three.
Caroline Churchill, UK

It's the biggest load of rubbish ever to come on the TV screen
Lynn Shaw, UK
I used to hate reality TV, I've managed to avoid Big Brother 100%, but I love this! More tantrums please guys!
Natalie, UK

The best bit of entertainment on the box in a long time. Cat is hillarious, she has me crying with laughter, is she for real? Wayne is a lovely, sincere guy, full of character, but I do think that Phil will go all the way to win, he is a really funny guy.

Phill to win - he is SO funny without even trying!! Ant and Dec have me crying with laughter, again funny double without trying too hard. Why does Cat keep pouting for goodness sake?! Danniella did good. I never liked her before I saw her in this, she has changed my opinion of her. She is one tough cookie, been through a lot and has come through with a wonderful husband and family. Don't blame her for leaving, she has to put her health and sanity first. Who knows how we would react if we got stuck in the middle of this! Roll on BB4 - even better and more addictive!!
Claire, UK

It's the biggest load of rubbish ever to come on the TV screen. I only watched a bit of the first series and vowed never to watch it again. Have you nothing better to do with yourselves than to produce such utter drivel?
Lynn Shaw, UK

I love Ant & Dec, they are the best thing on TV and make this programme even more entertaining. Phil to win and as for Cat, she should just go home now.
Sally Gibson, UK

I think it is very interesting but I only hope that at the end John Fashanu wins 'cos he has been very, very good. Bless him.
Doris Irozuru, UK

I hope Phil wins as I think he's the one that hasn't lost his sense of humour throughout the whole thing
Suddey, Ireland
Who on earth is Catalina? Before this show I'd never heard of her. The sooner she's out the better!
Louise, UK

I am at a complete loss to understand where "survival" or even the merest drop of pressure, actually comes into any if this.

So a group of people have to spend time together. So what? Don't the rest of us do this every day? We are sent on training courses in a hotel where we have to work with people. We go to college where we have to get on with strangers for three years. We join sports clubs where we have to handle other people. I simply don't get where the hardship or "hurt" is.

And I'm afraid if Danniella Westbrook cannot even handle a few days away from her husband, or the "world of hurt" that she thinks she lives in, and can't keep to her contract, then I'm afraid she simply cannot live in the real world. As much as I liked her frank attitude and openness, she is deluding herself if she thinks she has recovered from anything, because a normal, sane human being would be able to handle all of this with a pinch of leech-free salt.
Tobias, UK

I hope Phil wins as I think he's the one that hasn't lost his sense of humour throughout the whole thing. I also feel sorry for Danniella.
Suddey, Ireland

What's with all the pouting Cat - does not do you any favours, and as for copying Danniella, one minute "Get me out of here I hate it", then "I want to stay, I love it". What's that all about?!

Much applause goes to Toyah for going into that stinking bog and seeing Ant and Dec trying their hardest not to throw up.

Roll on more reality TV shows.
Claire, UK

This is great, I think the funniest bit so far has to be Wayne covered in the waffles!! I hope Phil wins - he is the only one who isn't putting on a front.
Sarah, London

Every time Catalina knows there is a camera on her she does the most pathetic "look at me" pout!! She looks ridiculous.
Jemma Gor, UK

Cat is spoilt, boring and fake with nothing interesting about her personality at all. Just goes to show how much make-up and the correct lighting goes into making someone look good!
Nancy, England

Huge fun! Poor old Fash taking the brunt of the bush tucker trials, Danniella bitchin' and weepin' all over the place and Wozza's great sausage revolt - brilliant!!!!
Jane, UK

Compulsive viewing. My favourite is Wayne Sleep - what a wonderful, zany man, his throw away humour and exuberance is worth watching. Please crown him King of the Jungle.
Annette, Lowestoft, England

Now that's more like it, keep crying Danniella, it's making things interesting!
Leah, UK

Wayne Sleep has been a hugh surprise, he has kept the smiles on their faces, he is so funny.
Hazel Begg, England

Watched the first show and although I normally dislike reality TV loved it, this series is even better. Glad there's no arguments. Note to self - must get a life......Phil to win.
Christine, England

Can't believe that Danniella is getting so upset already, she knew what she was letting herself in for. Never knew who Phil Tufnell was before he was in this, he's pretty funny, and as for Wayne - I think they will burn his tap shoes. Don't think Fash is coming over too well either...
Stewart Ford, Essex, UK

Great Fun! I am amazed that some viewers haven't located the off switch on their remotes yet - if you don't like it - don't watch it. Good harmless entertainment - I hope Tuffers wins!
Jane, England

Just as good as the first, plus Tony Blackburn isn't there this time! Tuffers is the highlight of the show!
Chris, Essex

They could do challenges that don't involve playing with creatures' lives - this is sick
Rob, UK
Cheap, inane, desperate. When will this rubbish stop clogging up the box?
Paul, London, UK

Ant and Dec are so cocky about how scared the contestants are when they do the tasks - I would like to see them do it. Let's see them put in the jungle next year and somebody else present it - see how they like it!
Maggi, UK

The constant repetition of telephone numbers along with Ant and Dec's endless wittering is annoying enough, but I've been watching the "live" version for the best part of the evening, and despite the fact that it's way past the watershed, the sound is constantly going off. I know this has to be done if the celebs are discussing anything that could potentially cause legal problems, but surely they aren't talking about stuff like that all the time? Please can we have more talking, less silences (and while you're sorting that, less commercial breaks would be nice).

Phil Tufnell is the best of what are so far a very uninspiring bunch. These bush tucker trials need livening up.
Tig, England

I just felt sick when they killed the spider. Stupid, pathetic idiots killing a creature that was simply in its home. Disgusting, stupid and repulsive.
Mac, UK

The very first time they have to make a decision and they all squeal without thinking. The contraband was "worth" a lot more in the long run - to morale, to the taste of food, to personal care etc, than their first night's meal. But none of them thought of this - they just reacted. Very poor level of intelligence in there isn't it?

And anyone who knows about leadership and teamwork knows that "democratic" voting is the last resort of an unsuccessful team who can't properly make decisions. Shame on these people.
Patricia, UK

I'll be watching for Wayne Sleep alone. He's entertaining from top to toe.
Dan Stacey, UK

I simply find what they're doing to the creatures disgraceful. They could do challenges that don't involve playing with creatures' lives - this is sick.
Rob, UK

As much as I enjoy a bunch of egocentric has-beens competing for a another glimpse of fame, I've got to say that it sickened me to see the insects being killed purely for the entertainment of us humans. Are we really so pathetic?
Lynn, UK

Wayne Sleep has to go the distance - he is making it very watchable at the moment. Toyah to win
Sue, UK
Great to have some lighthearted rubbish to enjoy. Everyone who complains should be sent out to the jungle - they'd last two minutes they're all so up themselves. Even if we pretend to be highly intellectual beings as they do, we have to admit that we all love to watch a bit of so called "rubbish" like this. After watching live war coverage for the past few weeks - it makes a very cheerful change.

John Fashanu was an embarrassment to men and humans in general. I think Wayne Sleep would have fared better. Linda is definitely the favourite girl and Phil for the lads. Will be watching regularly and will learn nothing, starve my appetite of culture and just have a damn good laugh.
Jane, UK

Admittedly addicted to first series ┐ anticipated bit of fun and light relief to distract from distressing reality. Not disappointed (yet) - although first episode not particularly exciting - very soon celebrity egos will clash as temperatures rise and boredom kicks in. One very annoying factor ┐ those ever repeated phone numbers┐

Let's just remember that it is for charity and it's no worse than a lot of other programmes that are on TV! Could do without seeing Sian Lloyd on it though.
Claire, UK

I really enjoyed the show last night, Wayne Sleep was so funny. Not sure who I think will win yet - too soon to tell.
Anita Barker, Wales, UK

Marvellous. I did laugh and that's mainly because Ant'n'Dec kept taking the mick! Brilliant and to see the lengths these guys will go to to revive their careers. I'm so glad my profession does not require such cruel and dangerous humiliation. Mind you when you look at the pay checks you realise who the joke is on.
Martin, UK

I thought it was really entertaining. Can't wait for tonight's show. Fash was really frightened and the bugs did bite!!!! Excellent. I love reality TV.
Gemma, Worcester, UK

Very funny - Fashanu did a lot of whimpering for such a "tough guy"! Wayne Sleep has to go the distance - he is making it very watchable at the moment. Toyah to win.
Sue, UK

For anyone that has travelled Australia, this is brilliant stuff! Makes you realise how feeble these celebs really are. Do people at home honestly believe that is really a dangerous environment? It's unpleasant, but not dangerous, believe me! Regardless, this is probably the best reality TV format in ages!
Lorna, UK

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