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Last Updated: Friday, 6 June, 2003, 06:54 GMT 07:54 UK
Rap lyrics confound judge
The Heartless Crew
The Heartless Crew hail from North London
A High Court judge has had to do his own research to learn the meaning of rap lyrics such as "shizzle my nizzle" so he could rule in a copyright case.

Judge Lewison was presiding over a case in the High Court brought by UK garage composer Andrew Alcee who accused a rap outfit of "derogatory treatment" of his work.

Mr Alcee believed the Heartless Crew had taken his number one single Burning, recorded under the name the Ant 'ill Mob, and used it on their album adding violence and drug connotations.

But in dismissing Mr Alcee's case, Judge Lewison said the Heartless Crew's lyrics were not necessarily offensive but might just as well have been "a foreign language".

The judge researched the bizarre-sounding terms in an urban dictionary on the internet.

"This led to the faintly surreal experience of three gentlemen in horsehair wigs examining the meaning of such phrases as 'mish mish man' and 'shizzle my nizzle'," the judge said.

Urban slang - and what it means
Sala - an idiot
Waffy - warm and fluffy
Scampi - a very attractive man
Slevered - intoxicated
Iswas - very dislikeable person
Bizzurd - bizarre and absurd

"Some definitions carried sexual connotations. The most popular definitions were definitions of the phrase 'fo' shizzle my nizzle' and indicated that it meant 'for sure'. There were no entries for 'mish mish man'," he added.

The judge said Mr Alcee's complaint that he had suffered prejudice because of the violent tone of the Heartless Crew's lyrics was not valid because he had seen him in the Ant 'ill Mob music video dressed as a gangster.

He also added that a flaw in Mr Alcee's case was there was no evidence in court that his reputation had been damaged.

The case for copyright infringement was also thrown out as the judge said a contract existed that allowed Heartless Crew's label East West to license the track.

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