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Last Updated: Sunday, 20 April, 2003, 11:27 GMT 12:27 UK
Crichton agrees $31m divorce
Michael Crichton
Crichton created hospital drama ER

Best-selling author Michael Crichton has agreed to pay his fourth wife $31m (19.7m) as part of their divorce settlement.

The Jurassic Park creator split from wife Anne Marie after 13 years.

Crichton is one of the world's richest authors following the success of his 12 novels, many of which have been turned into Hollywood blockbusters.

The 60-year-old penned the books Congo, Twister and the popular Jurassic Park trilogy.

He also created the long-running US hospital drama ER and has also turned his hand to directing.

Court papers reveal that ex-wife Anne Marie will get the couple's 19-room house in New York as well as their collection of fine art.

They will share custody of their 15-year-old daughter Taylor.

Crichton will retain the rights to his books and films and their home in Hawaii.

The court papers show that Crichton received $3.5m (2.2m) for the film rights to his latest book Prey, and has a two-book deal worth $30m (19m) with publishers Harper Collins.

Last year, Crichton and his daughter were the victims of a robbery at gunpoint after two masked raiders broke into their Californian home.

Crichton was tied up during the incident but was able to free himself once the robbers has finished ransacking the house.

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