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Posh confesses new nickname
Victoria Beckham
Beckham has also spoken about the couple's spending
Victoria Beckham, known to millions as Posh, has revealed her second nickname - Beaujolais.

Friends have given her the name because she is believed to be the inspiration for the character Chardonnay Lane in ITV1's Footballers' Wives.

Chardonnay, played by Susie Amy, is the glamorous but dim wife of a star footballer in the popular drama series.

In an interview for forthcoming BBC One programme Tabloid Tales, Beckham says: "My hairdresser calls me Beaujolais."

Susie Amy
Actress Susie Amy plays footballer's wife Chardonnay Lane
The 28-year-old singer is also seen being interviewed by Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan about reports that she and husband David had bought an island off the coast of Essex.

Beckham replies: "There isn't a coast in Essex, is there?"

Then, realising her mistake, she adds: "I said the most stupid thing just now, didn't I? I'm not going to say it again, I know there is a coast in Essex."

She also uses the interview to deny some of the stories about the Beckhams' spending habits.

They were reported to have spent 20,000 on a nursery for son Brooklyn at "Beckingham Palace", their mansion in Sawbridgeworth, Herts.

Twenty grand on a kid's room, ten grand on a birthday party - behave yourself
Victoria Beckham
But Beckham says they had spent just 250 on the room.

She tells the programme: "I'll tell you how much that room cost, OK - that was the only room that didn't need redecorating because it already had all the nice paintings round the wall.

"So I probably paid about 100 for the carpet and about 150 for a kid's bed.

"Twenty thousand pounds doing a kid's room, don't be bloody stupid. Twenty grand on a kid's room, ten grand on a birthday party - behave yourself."

'Completely natural'

She also denies having had breast enhancement or collagen injections in her lips.

She says she is "completely natural" except for her nails and hair extensions.

Her mother, Jackie Adams, also reveals on the programme that son-in-law David has a phobia of birds.

Reports that he had taken up falcon training could not be true, she said, because "he's terrified of birds. Terrified. Sorry, David".

  • Tabloid Tales, a six-part documentary, begins on BBC One on 29 April.

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