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Last Updated: Friday, 30 May, 2003, 21:30 GMT 22:30 UK
Big Brother makes first eviction
Anouska Golebiewski is greeted by her family
Anouska Golebiewski was greeted by her family
Anouska has become the first person to be evicted from the fourth series of Channel 4's Big Brother reality TV show.

The 12 housemates have been under the gaze of cameras for one week, and four were up for eviction on Friday's show.

Jon Tickle, a 29-year-old data strategy manager from Staines, Surrey, had been odds-on favourite to be the first to go after being branded boring.

But it was 20-year-old Mancunian Anouska Golebiewski who was given an hour's notice to pack her bags and leave the show, which she did at 2207 BST.

On hearing the news Anouska immediately said: "Don't worry it's fine." Her fellow contestants seemed surprised and gathered round to commiserate.

As Anouska prepared for her departure, she said: "I wouldn't lie and say I'm not shocked because I am shocked."

Presenter Davina McCall and Anouska Golebiewski
Anouska seemed shocked to be leaving
After leaving the house, she said she had hoped not to be the first to go.

The evictee had been nominated by a dozen of her housemates and received 46% of the public vote.

Audience ratings for the new series have fluctuated between 3.2 million for the nightly updates, and seven million who watched last Friday's launch show.

An average of 4.56 million have tuned in during the first week - almost 200,000 down on the average for last year's first week.

Jon had been 1-5 favourite to be evicted by a public vote with bookmaker William Hill.

Series four - 4.56 million
Series three - 4.75m
Series two - 3.65m
Series one - 2.35m

Federico Martone, 23, from Glasgow, and 27-year-old Liverpudlian Scott Turner were the other nominees.

But Federico is not the most popular among his fellow housemates after causing them to lose their weekly task and 50% of their food budget with it.

They had to keep pedalling a pedalo for 72 hours but Federico, a waiter before he joined the show, broke the rules when he stepped out to fetch some chewing gum.

He had been the initial favourite to win the 70,000 prize.

Big Brother's Nush Nowak
Ray - 3-1
Nush (above) - 7-2
Scott - 5-1
Cameron - 6-1
Federico 8-1
Source: William Hill

The new favourites to win are Ray Shah, a 25-year-old IT systems administrator from London, and Nush Nowak, 23, a student from Malvern, Worcestershire.

The contestants will spend up to nine weeks locked away from the outside world with their every movement tracked by cameras and microphones.

They are living in a specially-constructed house at Elstree studios, Hertfordshire.

At Channel 4, an executive credited with making Big Brother a multi-media success, Peter Grimsdale, has announced his departure.

Mr Grimsdale was head of cross-platform development and helped make Big Brother one of the first shows to successfully incorporate technology like text messages and the internet.

He said the show had become "a truly cross-platform phenomenon" that "laid down a blueprint that the rest of the industry is trying to emulate".

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