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Last Updated: Sunday, 13 April, 2003, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
Police investigate Osbourne 'fight'
Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne
The Osbournes are global stars

Los Angeles police are investigating an alleged fight between reality-TV star Sharon Osbourne and a Hollywood agent.

Mrs Osbourne, her husband Ozzy Osbourne and their son, Jack, were dining at a restaurant when the alleged fracas occurred, Sergeant John Pasquariello said.

The other woman allegedly involved was Renee Tab, of talent agency ICM.

Sharon Osbourne "started calling her names," said Tab's solicitor, Nejila K. Brent.

Mrs Osbourne's spokeswoman Lisa Vega issued a statement saying her client had been "viciously assaulted" and was treated at a hospital for injuries.

If any charges are filed, they will be "on the low end of the misdemeanour scale," Pasquariello said.

Tab and Osbourne are reported to have been at odds since January.

MTV's reality sitcom The Osbournes has made the family worldwide stars, but ratings tumbled in its recent second season.

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