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Last Updated: Wednesday, 28 May, 2003, 12:55 GMT 13:55 UK
Big Brother ratings rise again
The Tuesday night ratings jumped more than 50%
Unofficial audience ratings for Channel 4's fourth series of reality TV show Big Brother have risen again after a sudden slump.

The viewing figures had plummeted on Monday, after the show posted record audience ratings on its opening night on Friday.

The overnight figures for Tuesday increased by more than 50%, with more than five million viewers - nearly 24% of the audience share.

It was just 400,000 viewers behind the most-watched programme at the time, BBC One's Ten O'Clock News.

On Monday night ratings had dropped to just 3.2m viewers, down from a high on launch night of more than seven million viewers.

Ray hopes he can relax inside the house
The poor viewing figures on Monday were partly blamed on the BBC's screening of the film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which attracted 8.6 million viewers.

The drop in the ratings had led to speculation that the had run its course after three hugely successful series.

In the current series 12 contestants, with an average age of 25, entered the Big Brother house last Friday.

They will spend up to nine weeks locked away from the outside world with their every movement tracked by cameras and microphones.

Post-show success

The viewing public will vote to evict contestants until one person is left, winning 70,000 in prize money and possible fame.

Tuesday's show saw the contestants pedalling a pedalo as one of their house tasks.

The three previous winners on the programme, Craig Phillips, Brian Dowling and Kate Lawler, have all found a measure of success on TV and radio.

Channel 4 will be hoping that interest in the programme rises as numbers in the house dwindle.

Last year, more than nine million viewers turned in to see Lawler, a 22-year-old IT worker from south London, win the contest.

Big Brother, first shown in Holland in 1999, has become a worldwide hit, broadcast in 22 countries.

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