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Last Updated: Friday, 30 May, 2003, 16:30 GMT 17:30 UK
Crossroads 'was all a dream'
TV soap Crossroads ended on Friday, with the twist that the entire series had been a figment of a character's imagination..

The show, which was reinstated in 2001 after a 13-year hiatus, is being cancelled because of poor ratings.

The final episode saw the Crossroads hotel boss Angel (Jane Asher) realise her job had all been a dream - as she returned to her real-life job as a supermarket checkout assistant in Birmingham called Angela.

"I've just woken up from an amazing dream and dreamt that I owned a hotel called Crossroads," she told a co-worker.

We hope to give our viewers a smile on their faces as the show finishes
Crossroads spokesman

Shortly afterwards the supermarket's staff were told the store was closing, and the lights went out on the show, with the final words being: "Oh, fudge."

The dream ending echoes the end of one series of US drama Dallas, where Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) stepped out of a shower months after he was supposed to have been dead. His death turned out to be a dream.

A Crossroads spokesman said before the show went out: "The final episode will tie up all the loose ends from all the outstanding storylines.

"Then as a special twist at the end, the scene cuts to Angel checking through a floret of broccoli and chatting to the person on the next till. We hope to give our viewers a smile on their faces as the show finishes."

Wobbly sets

Characters from the hotel turned out to be customers at the supermarket, including Angel's husband Max (Graham McGrath).

The soap returned to British screens in 2001 with hopes it would become ITV1's flagship daytime soap.

The original Crossroads, which ran from 1964 to 1988, was seen as a TV institution, although wobbly sets were also part of the experience.

But from a high of 3.2 million viewers when it first returned, ratings have continued to decline. Critics were unimpressed.

The show underwent a recent revamp, designed to get rid of unpopular characters and give the soap a new direction.

But the Crossroads hotel announced it was to close for good earlier this year.

Another second daytime soap commissioned at the same time, Night and Day, limps on a late-night slot after also being axed.

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