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Ali G in da USA: Your views
Bruno the Austrian
Bruno the "trendy" Austrian makes an appearance
Spoof rapper Ali G returns to Channel 4 on Friday in a series filmed in America.

Ali G in da USA received mixed reviews across the pond when it was shown there last year.

"Yes, he is a one trick pony, but the new setting and audience gave it a fresh perspective," wrote BBC News Online's Leigh Mytton.

But what did you think?

Is he as funny as before? Or has the Staines massive run its course? BBC News Online users gave their views.

Absolutely brilliant, I was constantly laughing. Ali G was superb, especially watching the gags rise above the American heads which made it even better. Bruno was a great new character, and from the off was a hit for myself. Borat by far the funniest of all the characters - brilliant.
Simon Spencer, England

Ali used to be original but like most things, you need to continually evolve, otherwise it becomes tired. Overall I think less Ali more Borat would have helped.
Dave, UK

Quite simply it was dreadful. I'd never seen the old series of Ali G as I wasn't here when it became big, but the hype suggested something amazing and that was pathetic.
Ben Christie, London, UK

Unfortunately he is not as funny as before because Ali G relies too much on references to hardcore porn which not only alienate many viewers but also are not that funny in any case. The spoof interviews used to be the best bit but now they are just embarrassing because of his talking about porn to old people which is not funny but actually quite offensive.
Adele Rada, UK

The majority of the stuff isn't that funny anymore, it's too obvious. Borat is the exception, he is great
Matt Browne, Guernsey
I have been told that I am slow....but I had to watch it a number of times before I got the jokes.
G Kembo, South Wales

GOOD JOB by Sacha Baron Cohen, when I start to find the programme boring I'll switch off. Maybe all the moaning Brits and Americans should do the same instead of putting him down.
Sarah, UK

To say he isn't funny either shows a real lack of understanding about the concept of Ali, or a lack of sense of humour. To say he is racist is just plain idiocy - he is making a joke of young white Brits who dress and act like black gangsters to the point where they are almost convinced they are black gangsters themselves. To have to explain this really is disappointing - get a life.
Andy, UK

Shawn from the US is right. Britain and the US should have a TV amnesty. We won't foist Ali G on them and in return could they please take back Friends, Will & Grace and all teen comedies.
Alex B, UK

I used to like Ali G a lot when he first came out, it was fresh and funny. Then I saw Ali at the weekend and I must admit I was disappointed, he has lost it. The majority of the stuff isn't that funny anymore, it's too obvious. Borat is the exception, he is great. I think Ali G needs to maybe kill himself off a bit like Dennis Pennis did a few years back, he was getting too popular and people knew him and knew what to expect.
Matt Browne, Guernsey, Channel Islands

I think Ali G is completely hilarious. But a show in the US will not work. His style of humour is simply too sexist, odd and...sadly British for the American masses. American audiences will not understand Ali's "junglist" shtick and the show will probably do fairly badly.
Mike, Canada

I'm 19-years-old and I believe that Ali G is currently the best thing on TV right now!
Simon Lee, Wales
Okay so Ali G, can still make me laugh, I'm not denying that. But when something is over it's over. Ali's jokes are funny but all too predictable. I use the term "funny" for Ali and Borat. Maybe it's just me but I don't actually GET the new character Bruno, to be honest if I didn't know it was part of the Ali G show I would have assumed it was some sort of fashion show from Living TV. Give it up Ali, watching Ali churn out the same jokes is like watching my dad trying to dance the macarena. Painful.
Dan, UK

Show was okay but it is not surprising it didn't take off in the rubbish time slot. 12 o'clock on a friday night!! I don't think it was as hard hitting as the UK version but still funny.
Paul, USA-UK

Buzz Lightyear.......that one gag was worth the half hour alone!
Ol, UK

I definitely agree that the Ali G character is running out of steam, since simply making fun of people who don't understand him becomes very predictable and boring. Borat and Bruno, however, are hilarious. Anybody who has watched German MTV will know where Sacha B-C got some of his inspiration from. He does need to play around with the format of the programme and consider using other actors to spice it up.
Patrick, London, UK

Just a sad (but very clever) man trying to penetrate the American market in the hopes that they fall for his "humour". I am embarrassed at how he managed to last so long in the UK without getting on everybody's nerves!!!
Robert, UK

The show was cringingly embarrassing and certainly NOT representative of British humour
David, UK
I'm 19-years-old and I believe that Ali G is currently the best thing on TV right now! It's a breath of fresh air from the usual comedy that floods our screen. Keep it coming I say..Big Up Ali G..Aiiii
Simon Lee, Wales UK

Please keep him home. This is not an import we need or want in the US. We have enough humourless comedians.
Eleissia, USA

Humour is subjective.... but try telling that to Shawn....

"He's neither smart nor funny..... When you come up with something good, send it over here. Until then, keep you trash on your shore."

Just because you don't think it's funny, doesn't mean it isn't smart comedy that might appeal to someone else's sense of humour....
Moondog, UK

I'm British living in the US and had never seen Ali G before it arrived on HBO.

Funniest TV show I've seen since I came to the States. It made me realise how American my sense of humour was turning.

Thanks Ali, you're a lifesaver!!!!
Me Julie, USA

I notice the lack of American views in this topic. Maybe this shows that, 1. no Americans watched it and 2. no Americans could care less about Ali G. This is probably for the best as the show was cringingly embarrassing and certainly NOT representative of British humour.
David, UK

I and all of my friends think Ali G is absolutely hilarious. The show just proves once again that British humour far outstrips American humour in both intelligence and originality. All we can come up with at the moment is the pathetic spate of reality show.
Leslie, United States

Some people say Ali G should be taken with a pinch of salt and its all a bit of fun. Well I used to run a youth club and after an Ali G debate with a friend I asked a group of 11 - 13 year old kids at the club with no prompting who Ali G was trying to be like and most said he was trying to be black. That's the reason I hate him as young white kids are growing up thinking this is what blacks are like. If a group of London children in a multi-racial city can think this what are young white kids all over the UK thinking.
Amaechi Oduah, UK

Anything which pokes fun at Americans is good in my book!
Russ, Wales

Reading the comments from most of the people in the US, they don't find it funny. I wonder if it is because they just don't get it? Well, apart from Shawn from Washington DC, of course!
Dave, UK

He is a COMPLETE embarrassment. Bad enough on British TV, worse on American. Someone should fly him home - and dump him in the pond half-way over.
Kathleen Cameron, UK

I'm an American living in the UK, and I've loved Ali G from the minute I saw it. I especially enjoyed Bruno and hope to see more of this character. I was nearly crying with laughter when he joined in the catwalk show. It's about time someone did this!
Susan, UK

Aiii, Ali. Me see de show at the weekend and it was wicked. Your Julie don't know how to work computers, so she asked me to ask you when u is coming back to tha hood. Westside, yer mate Dave.
Dave, Staines, UK

It was very funny in my opinion. Sacha Baron Cohen deserves a lot of credit for the character of Ali G. I especially loved the part when Ali G was training to be a cop. Absolute classic. Long live Ali G. Aiii!
Krish, United Kingdom

The only funny thing about Ali G is that the British think he represents humour too sophisticated for Americans. Sorry, people. He's neither smart nor funny. If that's the best of British humour, then it's just embarrassing for your country. When you come up with something good, send it over here. Until then, keep you trash on your shores.
Shawn, Washington, DC, USA

The man is a genius. But Ali G is starting to annoy. He should do more with Borat!
Graeme Sutherland, Scotland

Unsure about new character and comment about 7/11. Same gags different place.
Lucie, UK

Some of it did make me squirm in embarrassment, but on the whole it was classic Ali G!
Mark R, UK

The first episode was a mixed bag. I think Ali G has run his course, with Borat by far the funniest of Cohen's creations. More Borat please!
Matt, UK

The cop scene was sad. The American police were nice, polite, and completely tolerant of the way he was (mis)behaving. So the humour relied on taking someone's kindness and laughing at it. What's funny about that?
Justin, UK

Pure genius. The interview with the former US Attorney General was a classic. The poor fellow really didn't have a clue he was having the mickey taken, and when Ali G asked him what was legal and then went on to discuss an adult film Barely Legal 3, it was hilarious.
Dave B, UK

Unmitigated tripe.
Graham Tubbs, UK

Still funny but would love to see more Borat! Absolutely classic!
Susan, Ireland

Bruno, his new character, has a lot of potential. This is new and quite entertaining. Unfortunately, Ali G kept the "main frame" of his original show and I think this is fading a bit and not really funny any more. He should have taken the opportunity to create new jokes and be different.
Steven, Bedfordshire, UK

Stale and well past its sell-by-date. The characters have to be killed off, and replaced. Not very funny having interviews with "stars", I watched a small part expecting fresh new ideas, and switched off after finding none.
Colin B, UK

Borat and Bruno were just unfunny
David, UK
I thought it was absolutely hilarious - with the "Borat from Kazakstan" character proving to be the highlight once again for me. The Yanks don't like Ali G? Maybe they should lighten up.
John C, Northern Ireland

I think he is hilarious. His body language when changing from character to character is brilliant.
Emil, England

Same thing, different place, just not funny anymore. PLEASE SOMEONE STOP HIM!!!
Adam Hutson, UK

Absolute genius. I don't know how Sacha Baron Cohen could even keep a straight face on screen.
Ciaran Smith, N. Ireland

Although I don't care much for Cohen's other creations, Borat and Bruno, Ali G will always raise a giggle. USA was no exception, with his "main man Buzz Lightyear". I thought the show was as good as ever.
Andy, UK

Ali G's character appears to have changed in the on-location segment, and changed for the worse. Borat and Bruno were just unfunny.
David, UK

Ali G learning to be a cop was hysterical; Borat was funny; Bruno rather more cringeworthy. But the reviews in the US media when the new series first aired over there reveal that there is another gulf between the US and UK - that of a sense of humour.
Hugh, UK

I thought the last Channel 4 shows along with the film were a bit on the weak side but this show seems to be much more like the original slots on the 11'o'clock show and were superb. I think there is life in these characters yet.
David Grover, UK

I am a huge fan of Ali G, but the USA programmes just made me cringe. It seems as though he is now having to caricature himself for laughs. I hope future episodes settle down to the old subtle style we love.
Richard, Worcester, UK

I think that the show has still got something there and hasn't finished running its course yet
Chris Owens, UK
Ali G is pretty funny. I only recently downloaded some of his stuff. But no one here has ever heard of the guy. His stuff is pretty repetitive and seems to get old pretty quickly.

I think Ali G is great, but I was recently in the US and saw some of the show. The fact that it had to repeat sketches from the UK version must indicate that there cannot be much more life left in the character. A lot of new viewers I talked to over there really liked it though, so good luck to it.
Mike Clarke, UK

The first episode of the new seris was the best Ali G I've seen, and speaking to my friends they all agree. We were roaring with laughter throughout. Sacha Baron Cohen's abilty to take the mick out of his own character and those around him seems endless and yet at the same time very subtle (very few of them seem to realise what is going on), his style seemed to suit mockery of the Americans especially, no wonder his humour was poorly received on the other side of the Atlantic.

We all loved how Ali G quietly but persistently kept bringing out his training gun and pointing it needlessly into the faces of suspects. It was hilarious.
Mikey B, UK

There are some funny bits, there's some annoying bits. But Borat definitely steals the show in this series.
Rob T, UK

I think Ali G is purely British comedy and American audiences will not understand him or the humour of the show. When he was on Jerry Springer people were confused as to whether he was actually like that or just a character.

I think that the show has still got something there and hasn't finished running its course yet. However, I don't think Ali G is a very good ambassador for the UK. Stay in Britain Ali, "me main man".
Chris Owens, Cambs, UK

Yes the jokes are the same, yes the characters are getting old and yes Bruno's accent is terrible. But hey, it's still funny!
David, UK
Is it just me or has the novelty of having him on telly worn off? Same jokes and some of them were horrid, get rid of it before I get rid of my TV!
Zak, Leicester, UK

Just not funny!
Nathan Foley, America

Saw it in the States a couple weeks ago and it has to be one of the funniest programmes of the last few years. Bruno and Borat are hilarious when mixing with (mostly unsuspecting) Americans!
Paul, UK

Very good - for Brits laughing at Americans. Not so good for Americans laughing at Americans. Not his best material, but good nonetheless.

I still can't believe Baron-Cohen has the sheer nerve to do stuff like this (especially Bruno), but I'm glad he does.
John Kearney, UK

Me thinks that Ali G is da main man. Clearly he is taking the US by storm. He is well funny. Respect.
Mr G, UK

It was painful and embarrassing to watch. A dreadful chapter in what started off as rather good a couple of years ago. No, it's not even remotely funny now.
Joe, UK

Yes the jokes are the same, yes the characters are getting old and yes Bruno's accent is terrible. But hey, it's still funny! The American subjects of his interviews breath a bit of life into the same old format and is it just me or has the humour got a bit more rude? But please retire the whole set of characters after this outing!
David, UK

I think he is unfunny and racist and I don't understand why anyone thinks anything else
Norma Bain, Scotland
I have to say that I was extremely excited when I heard that Ali G would be coming back. However, I feel let down in that it did not really take off as well as I thought. Things had not changed apart from the fact he was in the USA and I do not think it worked as well with the American public as they have an entirely different sense of humour. Marks out of ten, I'll give it four for now until next week, which I hope will be better. AAiiiii!!
Nicola Horner, Putney, UK

Ali G is amazing - he just gets better all the time.
Anna Krol, Wales

I didn't hold out much hope because the movie didn't rate highly in my book. Thankfully I was proven wrong and thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. By the last scene on the catwalk I was at maximum cringe and I had to watch the break dancing on the floor through my fingers. There were enough laugh out loud moments to make me want to tune in next week.
E Davis, UK

I thought it was hilarious. Bruno was just great, I was laughing my pants off every time he got the fashion bloke to say "Ich don't think so".
Sam, England

The new Ali G is as funny if not funnier than the first series as the Americans are not used to his "stupidity" which makes for some interesting scenarios.
Simon, UK

Dreadful. Ali G was very good when it first started, but he's lost it now. You can even see it in his eyes - there is trepidation that shows he knows in himself that what he's doing isn't the quality it should be. It's just become annoying and actually looks old-fashioned now.
James, UK

I just don't get it! I think he is unfunny and racist and I don't understand why anyone thinks anything else. Maybe they're too scared of not being seen to be cool and happening?
Norma Bain, Scotland

I think the absence of a studio audience did not give it the same touch as the UK version
Ciaran Tannam, UK
Extremely good. Fantastic to see a whole country not getting the joke. More please.
Colin Taylor, Scotland

I laughed like a loon. Even during the adverts. Wikid!
Paul Angel, Ingland, innit

What a great comeback! I loved the new show, particularly Borat trying his hand at speed dating. It was also painfully funny watching Buzz Aldrin explaining to Ali how jokes worked. Talk about comedy of the absurd!
Dave, Wales

Having seen the original Ali G show when I still lived in England, I really looked forward to the new show. What a disappointment! What worked so well in the UK for some reason falls flat in the USA and simply isn't funny. I'm not sure whether the show is simply bad or whether the problem is that Ali G isn't funny anymore. I leave for others to decide.
Nick D Millyard, Brit now based in Denver USA

I am living in the USA at the moment and watching the US version of da Ali G show is even more hilarious than the UK one. Do the Americans get that he is taking the mick? I don't think so. At one point "Bruno" joins cheerleading in a Southern sports game. He completely camped it up and the whole crowd went crazy - and not in a good way. Quite freaky actually.
M Stewart, USA

I first saw Ali G in Britain, and frankly, didn't get his act. After seeing him here, I still feel the same way. There are comedians and satirists in both our countries that do it so much better! You can keep him. Just give us more Graham Norton.
Susan, USA

The show has lost its charm, all the sequences are becoming too predicted and repetitive.
M Siddiqui, UK

Even though I'm an American, I thought the original Channel 4 stuff was far better. Basically, he tried the same jokes with people of similar occupations. Unfortunately, we are not quite as naturally funny as the British ... it just didn't work.
Alice Radley, Washington D.C. USA

I think the absence of a studio audience did not give it the same touch as the UK version. Then again if he had said that 7/11 comment in front of a US audience the reaction may not have been nice.
Ciaran Tannam, Ireland

This was my first chance to see Ali G and I thought he was hilarious
Gurdip Shergill, USA
It was excellent. The Americans had even less idea that they were having the mick taken out of them. Those poor police guys. He he...
Duncan, England

I have seen his channel 4 show and think it is 10 times better than the American offering!!!
Allen Patel, US

I tried to watch this painful train wreck of a show a couple of times. Only an occasional slightly funny momment, but for the most part he just looked stupid and unfunny. British humour doesn't often translate well here, and vice versa. It's more a matter of cultural differences than anything else.

He's nowhere near as well known in the USA, so the aspect of him trying to get over on unsuspecting interviewees is more insulting than funny. I know the British get upset when we try to stereotype you, and we don't appreciate it when bad British "comedians" try to pull one over on us. Didn't he recently get physically threatened for trying to do that?
Tom, USA

The 6 week series ended two weeks ago.

This was my first chance to see Ali G and I thought he was hilarious. Wish there were more episodes!
Gurdip Shergill, USA

Borat was hilarious - the rest of it was just rubbish
Rob, Scotland
Ali G is still funny but I think Borak is the new Ali G-BO!
Jamieson Bray, UK

Ali G was fresh and original around the time it started on the 11 o'clock show. It gave a fresh new humour to interviews but now it is tired and needs to be given a respectful burial, like Denis Pennis.
Dan, England

I thought that the show was excellent. It had the same format as we had here in the UK, taking it to America gave it a total revamp. Americans take themselves too serious most of the time anyway, at least now they can have a laugh at themselves. I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.
Kathy, Scotland

As an ex-pat, it was great to see the new Ali G show when it was shown here (in the US) on HBO. Americans are prime targets for this sort of humour as "they just don't get it." Hilarious!
Andy Tucker, USA

It is a limited lifespan format - Dennis Pennis proved that - however it does work in the context of its setting - possibly because Brits have a propensity to exploit the US folk and their alleged lack of irony and sarcasm.
Paul Morgan, UK

He's had his time. The jokes were old and tired. It just isn't funny anymore.
Clairen Munro, UK

Borat was hilarious - the rest of it was just rubbish. Or should that be garbage?
Rob, Scotland

I was actually left cringing when he interviewed Buzz Aldrin. Maybe it's cause we saw him do all the same stuff to our political leaders, the novelty has just worn off.
Kevin Robison, Scotland

I think he would have been better to bow out while at the top, like Mrs Merton or Dennis Pennis
Jason Riddell, UK
Yes Ali G is past his best. However funny the interviews are it is still impossible to enjoy as much as when the beast was first unleashed. However with Borat and the new Austrian character (both are astoundingly funny) the show is still the best thing on TV. (Bar new episodes of Simpsons).
Phil Sobell, UK

Unfortunately unfunny!
Mike Suddaby, UK

Ali G was a very tired one joke act long ago. This series is dismally poor so far and isn't likely to improve - drop it now.
Alan Barham, UK

What a flop! Not a single memorable moment to go with the hundreds from the first series and clearly all the guests had been warned. It was the way he would make a fool of all his victims that made it so amusing, now thay know what's coming. What an anti-climax. Sacha needs to lay Ali to rest and start with a couple of new characters (Bruno not included)!!!
Elliott Moore, UK

Ali G was funniest when he was first introduced and his misunderstanding were slightly more subtle. The USA shows, while amusing, are more slapstick and in your face, and lacked a lot of the class of the earlier Ali G work. I think he would have been better to bow out while at the top, like Mrs Merton or Dennis Pennis.
Jason Riddell, UK

The Ali G character may have run out of steam but Borat and Bruno the Austrian fashion victim are hilarious, Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius
Lezan, UK

Not as funny as he used to be . I think he dumbed it down to suit the Americans.
M.O'Shea, UK

Last night's show was some of the funniest stuff I have seen on TV for quite some time!
Daren-Marc, UK
I think Ali G is still funny. Bruno was amazing. From the second he was interviewing the "PR Guru" by crouching on a chair I didn't stop laughing. Borat's dating guide was a bit below par. But that was made up by Ali saying he'd interviewed Buzz Lightyear (meaning Aldrin). It's a real shame the U.S audience can't understand the show. They're missing out.
Gary, UK

Sacha is as good as ever before. It's funny and Bruno is fantastic!!! I hope all the critics are silenced!
Paul Lees, Unitied Kingdom

More of the same quality comedy. The setting of the USAiii brings something extra that it still being set in Britain couldn't.
Stephen Jordan, N.Ireland

As a Brit temporarily living in the US, and watching repeats here the last few weeks, it's fantastic.

Yeah it's more of the same but it's so funny.
Gary, USA

A few good one-liners, but overall nowhere near as funny as before. Time for Sacha to move on.
John, UK

Interesting question about Ali G in Da USAiii: why is it different from the version of the series that's just been show in the States? The interviews and episodes seem to have been hacked around and re-edited. And, judging by the first UK episode, the re-editing hasn't been to good effect. I preferred the original.

As for Ali G himself, at his best he just blows away the pomposity and self-importance of some of his interviewees and shows that they are just ordinary, fallible human beings like everyone else. Even better, he sometimes exposes their incredible arrogance. Wait till you see the interview with ex-Surgeon-General C Everett Koop: the guy is downright abusive. So is Newt Gingrich.

The new character Bruno: has he got guts, or what? Blagging his way into a New York fashion show, for goodness sake! And Borat, as ever, rocks.

All in all: a first-class series. Shame about the editing though.
Prakash Persaud, England

I used to like the Ali G shows before he made the ill-fated leap to the big screen. Now this new show is simply rubbish. It just wasn't funny. Please Baron, let the characters (ALL OF THEM) rest in peace.
Doug, UK

Last night's show was some of the funniest stuff I have seen on TV for quite some time! It never ceases to amaze me how far he is willing to push the boundaries!! The dating sketch was pure brilliance. I can't wait for next Friday's show!
Daren-Marc, United Kingdom

Ditch the brother and the stick with the Bruno
Adam, UK
Didn't enjoy it at all, I thought it was very stale, seen and heard it all before.
Ronan Doherty, Birmingham, England

Yep - as good as ever. But probably wasted on the Americans, who won't get most of it.
Mike Cresswell, UK

I saw Ali G on MTV during his last visit to the US, I cringed, the humour was crass, and not understood by the Americans.
Sue Markland, Antigua

I think this new series was borrowed from Ricky Gervais' The Office, as it certainly made me cringe.
Scott Noyce, UK

As funny as ever. Does it matter that it is the same? As long as it makes you laugh.
Bruno, Austria

I don't know what his show was like in the UK, but his HBO show here is hilarious. Some of the funniest stuff I've seen sine Mr. Show.
Mick Head, USA

I am no fan of Ali G, yet I laughed on several occasions. Maybe it is worth watching after all!
Michael B, United Kingdom

It was undoubtedly funny, Ali G and the cops was good, but I have seen better of Bruno and Borat, best is yet to come methinks. I just don't think American knew what hit them...
Dan Tappin, UK

I think Sacha has slipped recently, his strongest character is Borat by far, retaining the naiveity and innocence that can manipulate his victims. Ali has lost this ability, relying on crude and dated humour, I hope this series improves.
James McGuire, UK

Ditch the brother and the stick with the Bruno.
Adam, UK

Definitely not funny. It was FLAT... But I expect that audiences have higher expectations on humour after three weeks viewing of the Iraqi Information Minister.
S Revely, UK

I am from London and live in NYC, let me tell it is fantastic that this show is on American tv, it is non-stop laughter, I even have to tape the episodes for my mates that do not have HBO buacca!!!!!!!!
O'Neil Edwards, USA

Amaechi (UK), to truly appreciate Ali G is to know that black people are NOT illiterate pseudo-gangstas, and that he is simply a dumb white kid attempting to buy into a stupid stereotype under the delusion that this somehow makes him "cool"...
Dan Mead, UK

Four days on and I am still laughing at Borat at the American dating agency and "sexy intercourse!" You almost feel sorry for the Americans who are so tolerant and patient throughout.
Nadia, England

Borat!! HAHAHAH Top bloke, we need to hear more of Borat's jokes. Classic!! HAHAHAHA
Abs, UK

British humour? Get over it. You believe you've got a special sense of humour because you're a Brit. Humour is personal and Ali G is a master at his craft.
Memphis, UK

Absolute rubbish! I also found some of it offensive.
Carole, England

li G was quite an innovator and an eye opener during his original shows on Channel 4. Although we're at the begining of the new series (Ali G in the USAii), I have to say it's very lame. Time seems to have stood still for Ali G and his team apart from one new character. No, I'm sorry; not half funny.
Martin, UK

For me, Ali G went downhill in the UK during the second series when guests would come into the studio to be interviewed. He was so famous in the UK by then that all the guests obviously knew it was a wind-up, defeating the object of the show in my opinion. The nadir was the Beckhams' interview. It had become more of a status symbol to say "Oh, I've been interviewed by Ali G" - totally changing the focus of the show.

But this was great - back to the classic Ali G interviewing tactics. The real joy for me though was Borat and Bruno - both characters were hilarious and I laughed literally like a drain! When Bruno gets the American fashion guru to send a message about safe sex to the deaf children without speaking...so funny.

The "Barely Legal 3" interview at the end...how can that American politician be so damn stupid! It was so funny. Looking forward to next one.
Dave K, UK

It's still a dire film. If only the DVD gave you the option to replace half the kid actors with decent alternatives.
Jez, UK

My 4-year-old loves it and can navigate the whole thing. Wish I could get a chance to play !
Les, UK

Excellent film, I thought the film was equally as good as The Philosopher's Stone.
Abby Hughes, England

I watched the film last night and I thought it was great. The new characters makes the film much better. Can't wait for the next one now.
Tammy, England

The first one was hard because I'm not good at getting past the flying keys, but the second one has so much more to offer, great.
Gail, US

I thought it was amazing. The Philosopher's Stone of course was all about introducing things, as is the book, which kind of gave the book less appeal to read once the movie came out. But Chamber of Secrets is far more enticing. I've watched it several times and still cannot get over how good it is, I've even re-read the book again, and still find both the book and the movie riveting. I especially loved the spiders, which were done really well, and of course Dobby.
Nathan, Australia

This, like the first, is a terrible film. The graphics are poor, the dialogue is cringe worthy and the acting is often painful to watch. It is like watching a two hour long primary school play, a real shame as the books are incredible.
Sarah, UK

Why didn't they do a Lord of the Rings and include the deleted/extended scenes in the film itself and it would have improved an already awesome film which was a great improvement on the disappointing Philosopher's Stone.
Michael, UK

Possibly the funniest show on television. Ali G and Borat made me and my wife laugh harder than we have in years (save The Simpsons). I don't know how he keeps a straight face. Wiakashaaaa!
Josh, US and A

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