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Sarandon attacks Oscars control
Susan Sarandon at the 2003 Academy Awards
Sarandon presented a statuette at the 2003 Oscars
Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon has accused organisers of the Academy Awards of being obsessed with control.

The star, who won best actress in 1996, said she resented the way they tried to regulate what actors said and did.

"The organisers have gone over the top trying to control it and make sure nothing happens," she told the BBC's TV and radio listings magazine, Radio Times.

"I resent they make you sign a piece of paper saying you'll never sell the statuette, except back to them for $1 (60p).

"I changed that to 'market value'. It's only an Oscar, not sperm."

Our president has turned it into one of the most divisive times since the Civil War
Susan Sarandon
Sarandon, 56, was a presenter at this year's Oscars, where she and partner Tim Robbins were seen flashing peace signs at cameras.

But despite being one of Hollywood's most outspoken anti-war stars, she refrained from making a political statement from the podium.

She also tried to sell dove-shaped peace brooches to other stars in aid of land-mine victims.

"You'd be surprised who wouldn't even wear one," she said. "I guess they're nervous of me."

Sarandon won her Oscar for Dead Man Walking and has four other nominations dating back to 1982.


Explaining her anti-war stance, she told the Radio Times that the world had belonged to her generation, but they "screwed up".

"Now we have to unscrew it. Maybe things have to get so bad before we wake up.

"I lost a very dear friend in the Twin Towers on 11 September and thought the shock was so huge that American arrogance would be diminished.

"Instead, our president has turned it into one of the most divisive times since the Civil War."

Her views led to her being the subject of a "witch-hunt", she said.

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