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Last Updated: Friday, 11 April, 2003, 08:39 GMT 09:39 UK
Saving Private Lynch 'film plan'
Private Jessica Lynch after her rescue by US Special Forces
Private Jessica Lynch was reportedly rescued after a tip-off
The dramatic rescue of a US servicewoman held captive in Iraq is to be turned into a film by a US TV network, according to a report.

NBC is planning the movie about how Private Jessica Lynch, 19, was found by US special forces, Hollywood newspaper Variety said.

Private Lynch was being held in hospital in Nasiriya, southern Iraq, and suffered two broken legs, an injured arm and multiple gunshot wounds.

You see this sort of thing in spy movies and wonder if it's really true
NBC source
The army supply clerk was captured on 23 March when her convoy took a wrong turn and was ambushed by Iraqi forces.

NBC is "fast-tracking" the two-hour TV movie, Variety reported.

The network has already held discussions with writers and a producer is expected to be chosen shortly, it said.

'Uplifting, heroic'

The film is expected to be ready for the end of the year or early 2004.

NBC say it is "as good a story as you can get from this war", according to Variety.

Private Jessica Lynch
Private Jessica Lynch was praised for her bravery
"This story is Mission: Impossible, but it's real," an official told the paper. "It's uplifting, heroic, compelling and dramatic.

"You see this sort of thing in spy movies and wonder if it's really true. Now we know it is true."

The film will focus on her ordeal and preparations by Delta forces to rescue her.


US marines targeted a Ba'ath party safe house and a bridge in another part of the city to divert attention from their raid on the hospital.

The rescuing team was said to have been in and out of the hospital in less than 20 minutes.

Following her rescue, intelligence suggested Private Lynch had fought a heroic battle, US officials told the Washington Post newspaper.

Ambushed by Iraqi forces, she continued firing back after she had already been hit multiple times and had seen several other soldiers in her unit die around her, one official told the paper.

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