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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 April, 2003, 09:43 GMT 10:43 UK
Workers 'want art inspiration'
Pablo Picasso
Picasso is the office favourite
Three quarters of Britain's workers want art on show in their workplace, but less than half of offices in the UK display any art, a survey suggests.

Workers would rather have ticket concessions for art events than gym membership, according to an ICM poll commissioned by Arts and Business.

While 41% said they would like discounted tickets, 32% opted for corporate gym membership and 29% for a subsidised canteen.

Arts and Business, a national organisation which encourages and develops partnerships between business and the arts, quizzed just over 1,000 workers for the survey.

"Nearly nine out of ten workers enjoy arts events in their free time," said chief executive Colin Tweedy.

Just under half of those surveyed had visited the theatre in the last year (43%), while over a third of workers had been to a museum (37%), art gallery (34%) or concert (33%).

"Following Tessa Jowell's recent comments when she effectively accused Britons of being Philistines compared to the Germans, I think the results of this survey show that Britain is not a cultural black hole," added Mr Tweedy.

Damien Hirst
Damien Hirst was the least favourite artist
Companies perceived as being successful by their employees were more likely to have art on their walls, said 52% of respondents, than those viewed as unsuccessful companies.

Arts and Business has published tips "to encourage creativity in the workplace".

These include playing music at work, setting up book clubs and providing lunchtime events such as poetry readings or dance workshops.

The working environment was linked to performance, with 60% of those surveyed saying music or art in the workplace would be motivational and inspirational.

Picasso's work was the favourite among employees when asked whose work they wanted on display, with 18% of votes, but contemporary artist Damien Hirst was the least popular choice with only 4 per cent.

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