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Big Brother opts for youth
Anouska was first inside the house - and could be first out
The fourth series of Big Brother has kicked off - with producers picking younger contestants for the surveillance gameshow.

The 12 housemates are all aged between 20 and 32 - and include a fish trader, shop assistant and fashion designer.

They have moved into the show's house where they will be cut off from the outside world for up to nine weeks, with their every move being followed by cameras and microphones all over.

At stake in the Channel 4 series is a 70,000 prize for the contestant who survives weekly public votes for eviction.

5/1 Federico
6/1 Nush
7/1 Ray
7/1 Scott
7/1 Tania
8/1 Anouska
9/1 Sissy
10/1 Steph
12/1 Jon
14/1 Justine
16/1 Cameron
20/1 Gos
14/1 any other
Source: Ladbrokes

But the housemates faced an early test on Friday evening - deciding that four of their number should face the public's eviction vote one week before it actually takes place.

Recent series have seen older contestants struggling to get on with their younger counterparts - so producers have opted for a more youthful selection of housemates this year.


Until the 12 were driven to the house at Elstree studios, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, they had never met before.

First to enter the house was 20-year-old Manchester nursery assistant Anouska, who says she will miss "music, sex, peanut butter and books".

She also picked up the most nominations from her fellow housemates to be evicted, and viewers can vote now on whether or not she gets the boot next Friday.

Justine wants to have "as much fun as possible"
She was followed by 32-year-old fish trader Cameron from the Orkney Islands - who says he will miss "the sea and my dog".

They were followed by followed by 23-year-old waiter Federico from Glasgow, chef Gos, 31, from Southall, west London, and data manager Jon, 29 from Staines, Surrey.

Sales manager Justine, 27, from Leeds was next to enter, and she was joined by 23-year-old Nush, from Malvern, Worcestershire, and IT administrator Ray, 25, an Irishman living in London.

Liverpudlian Scott, a 27-year-old marketing co-ordinator, and 26-year-old Sissy, a fashion designer also from Liverpool followed, while Steph, 27, from Birmingham and Tania, 22, from Kilburn, north-west London were the final pair to enter.

Jon, Scott and Federico join Anouska in this week's vote for eviction.


Since its UK debut in 2000, the show has become a favourite among viewers and tabloids, who become fascinated with relations between the contestants.

Big Brother house

More than 10,000 hopefuls applied to be on the show, from which producers picked 2,700 to audition.

Footage from the house will be shown in nightly updates on Channel 4, while its pay-TV offshoot E4 will carry live coverage.

Producers say the show is returning to its original format after last summer's split into rich and poor halves of the house was deemed a failure.

But one added twist will be that housemates will have to bet at least 50% of their food budget on their weekly tasks - up from the previous 10%.

The house has been redesigned this year to give the contestants a more "warm and cosy" atmosphere.

Ray hopes he can relax inside the house
There is a bigger lawn and a cedarwood arbour where the housemates can relax.

'Back to basics'

Executive producer Gigi Eligoloff said the idea of this year's programme was to get "back to basics".

"We want to focus much more on the group dynamic this year," she said.

Last year, more than nine million viewers turned in to see 22-year-old IT worker Kate Lawler, from south London, win the contest. She is now a presenter on Channel 4's breakfast show Rise.

Big Brother, first shown in Holland in 1999, has become a worldwide hit, broadcast in 22 countries.

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