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Last Updated:  Friday, 11 April, 2003, 09:13 GMT 10:13 UK
Timeline: Hollywood couple v Hello!
Catherine Zeta Jones
BBC News Online charts the course that led the Hollywood couple to successfully sue Hello! magazine over unauthorised photos of their wedding.

New Year's Eve 1999 - Douglas proposes to Zeta Jones at his home in Rocky Mountains, Colorado.
Shortly afterwards the news of her first pregnancy is announced.

August 2000 - Baby Dylan is born

November 2000 - The couple sign a 1m exclusive deal with OK! magazine to cover the wedding, following a bidding war with Hello!

18 November 2000 -After much speculation about dates and locations, Zeta Jones and Douglas tie the knot at the Plaza Hotel in New York.

22 November 2000 - The couple apply to the High Court seeking an injunction preventing paparazzi photos of their wedding appearing in Hello! The magazine withdraws 750,000 copies.

23 November 2000 - The court of appeal overturns the injunction and Hello! is permitted to sell its wedding edition copies.

21 December 2000 - The couple are given permission to sue Hello! for invasion of privacy by the Court of Appeal.

2 May 2002 - A preliminary hearing at London's High begins what proves to be a long and complicated court case against Hello!

October 2002 - Zeta Jones announces she is pregnant again.

3 February 2003 - Following a number of failed requests to delay the start of the case, the trial finally gets underway, although Zeta Jones and Douglas are absent during the first week.

10 February 2003 - The pair finally make an appearance at the court to give their side of the story. There is a media frenzy outside the court as photographers try to snatch pictures of the Hollywood stars.

11 February 2003 - Just a day after her court date Zeta Jones learns she has been nominated for a best-supporting actress Oscar for Chicago.

12 March 2003 - After nearly six weeks of evidence the high-profile case draws to a close but the judge reserves his judgement.

24 March 2003 - With the verdict hanging over her, a heavily-pregnant Zeta Jones picks up an Oscar in Los Angeles.

11 April 2003 - Mr Justice Lindsay returns his verdict, saying Hello! did infringe the couple's right to commercial confidentiality.


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