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Paul McCartney UK tour: Your views
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul recently released a live album from his US tour
Sir Paul McCartney's Back In The World tour opened in Sheffield and ended on Sunday in his old hometown, Liverpool.

The three-hour show sees Sir Paul playing the greatest hits from his 40-year back catalogue, including tracks from the Beatles, Wings and his solo material.

So what did you think?

Was it an impressive performance? What did you think of the choice of tracks?

He's coming home, he's coming home, Macca's coming home. We rocked you too Paul, such was the atmosphere on Sunday 1st June, memories I will treasure for the rest of my life, a special day for a special scouser. As you told us yourself, thanks from the hearts of our bottoms!
Al, UK

I was privileged to be at the McCartney gig in Dublin last week, and what an experience it was. An absolutely fantastic gig!!! I'm 29 years old and have been waiting for this for 15 years. As soon as the silhouette of the man himself and his famous guitar appeared on the white screen, the hairs on my arms jumped to attention. Each time they settled, Paul would belt out another classic and they would lose control of themselves again!!

I was fortunate to be seated at the gig, though luckily not too far back. We had a great scope of the gig and i would disagree with Mr Atherton that we were quiet. We were leaping around, stamping our feet and making ourselves heard in voice and noise. At only 5' 7" tall I would have been swarmed in the crowd and not seen a a thing. I can only thank the promoters for getting Paul here and hope they don't leave it so long the next time. Remember, it was 40 years since his last concert!!!!!
Dave Quinn, Ireland

I saw Paul in Birmingham back in April and also in Liverpool on Sunday. Needless to say, both gigs were just terrific. The guy played solidly for three hours without a break. That puts many of these modern bands to shame. The music was super and the show really rocked, and above all, proving my point that McCartney is the all time King of rock 'n' roll. Long live Macca!
Mick Deal, UK

We saw Paul at Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool and he just gets better all the time. We had a fantastic time. The sound check before the concert was great - a free concert whilst we queued! After being in the middle of the front row in Manchester we were going to stand anywhere in Liverpool but when the gates opened we just ran - and got on the front row at the side.

The crowd were great - plenty of friendly faces and I loved the lanterns for the crew for Let It Be and the hearts for us to wave for Hey Jude. Paul is a wonderful entertainer and we want to see him again. Please tour again soon.
L. and S. Jefferson , England

King's Dock - Sunday 1st June, oh my god, what a night. I danced and sang all the way through the whole concert. It was fantastic, I took my 14 year old son, it was his first ever concert and what a way to start him off. He was totally blown away. Paul was great and the band were excellent. The choice of songs were perfect, lots of Beatles and Wings, a few of his solo numbers. Calico Sky was very good. But it was the Beatles songs that the crowd wanted and went wild for and he delivered!! The atmosphere was electric and yes being in Liverpool made it very special, one lady said she felt envious of what the Liverpool people have.
Annie Allitt, North Wales

I saw Paul in Liverpool on Sunday and words cannot describe what it was like, this was the 20th time I've seen Paul and it was one of the best! Paul saw my banner "Still Lead In Your Pencil Paul!" It came up on the big screen and the crowd laughed and cheered!

He did extra songs too, Maggie Mae, I Lost My Little Girl (first song he ever wrote), he said he had an uncontrollable urge to sing it!! I broke down in tears during My Love after Paul introduced it saying I do love you (to his family) and then dedicating it to Linda. Paul, please never ever stop touring, you're the best!!
Jane Bostock, Worthing, United Kingdom

Went to see Macca at the Royal Dublin Showgrounds last Tuesday and I thought the whole show (except for the bizarre theatricals at the start) was utterly brilliant.

I wasn't too familiar with some of the solo stuff and and the odd Wings song, but it was all carried off so well that I felt like I knew them by the end of the songs. The 'best song' medal had to be between Band On The Run, Live and Let Die and "Back in the USSR" - amazing stuff.

My only complaint would be that with the exception of one brilliant Beatle-maniac, the people in the seated section where I was didn't seem to get into it much - come on people, this was once in a lifetime!

Thanks Paul - it was a great night despite the soaking.
Dave Atherton, Ireland

I had the good fortune to see Macca in Liverpool on Sunday after seeing Bruce Springsteen at Old Trafford on Thursday - the result: Macca is THE Boss!!!! I was there in 1990 when he last played at the dock and this was even better. Difficult to pick out any particular highlights, such was the overall quality of the show; however Live and Let Die was absolutely tremendous.

I thought Paul's band were excellent, particularly the drummer Abe who was awesome! The text messages on the big screen before the show was a great way to kill time - well done to whoever came up with that idea! All in all: 11/10 - come back soon Paul.
Bernie Rushworth, England

Thoroughly awesome performance. I saw him in 1990 and this was a greater performance . Highlights for me some of the less well-known tracks - Let Me Roll It, Getting Better, I've Just Seen A Face and Two Of Us. The band was magnificent although backing vocals on for example, She's Leaving Home, missed the vocal harmonies of John Lennon and George Harrison.
Mike Scott, Great Britain

I thought the show at Earls Court on Tuesday was brilliant. But was very disappointed with the cost of the programme at £15 - I thought this was a rip off.
Janet Masher, England

I don't think Paul has visited Korea so I visited Manchester to see and hear him! He is a top professional - he was in 1963 and still is. I will never forget his Yesterday.
Tony Choi, South Korea

We went to Earl's Court last night, the 22nd. What a wonderful night - I had to buy the CD today and re-live the concert all over again. I last saw Paul with the Beatles when I was 11 and I am 51 next week and the best present ever was to see him live again and how great and magical it was. I do hope we can all see him again on tour, it was brilliant.
Jackie and John Bailey, U.K.

aw him live at the Friday Earls Court gig, and he absolutely blew me away. His acoustic set is especially good, and the band he has with him for this tour has to be the best he's ever had. My whole family and I loved every god-damn second.
Robert Mynott, England

I saw Paul last night and to me he will always be awe-inspiring. A songwriter who has never been surpassed - a night that I will always remember
Steve Gentle, England
Earls Court on the 21st April. Absolutely fantastic to see someone who is such an important part of our history give such an awesome concert, A Beatle playing Beatle hits! Had to buy the £75 tickets as all others gone, best £75 ever spent. Lots of tears in the audience during the John tribute song. If you haven't been then you must.
David Dodd, England

My 3rd McCartney/Wings concert . Mon April 14th will go down as a night of pure heaven. Absolute genius at work, highlights were the gorgeous She's Leaving Home and the mind-blowing version of Something.
Mark Hughes, UK

Well, the voice isn't quite what it was and the tunes from Driving Rain are not instant classics, but this is the best McCartney show for at least twenty-five years. The band are real big venue performers and the classic tunes are as fresh, exciting and moving as ever. You could feel the collective gasp of awe at Earls Court as Paul broke into Yesterday and Blackbird. Has any one man ever made so many people so happy over such a long period of time as Paul McCartney?

Thankfully his memory will live far longer than that of his embittered critics. The age range of the crowd (young kids through to pensioners, each having a whale of a time) is testament to that. Thumbs aloft, Sir Paul and thanks for a top night.
Max Wurr, United Kingdom

I saw Paul last night and to me he will always be awe-inspiring. A songwriter who has never been surpassed - a night that I will always remember. I have one negative comment though - we must build ourselves a world class venue for world class performers, let's face it, acoustically, Earls Court is probably as bad as you can get - the sound is not good there and I will never go there again. Next time I will travel to another venue. Apart from that though - excellent.
Steve Gentle, England

I saw Paul on 18th April at Earls Court and he was amazing. There were over 35 songs, 25 of them Beatles songs. Paul's voice is stll great and the band was excellent. I loved every minute as a range of Beatles classics were perfectly performed. Tributes to George and John were both moving and lovely. I wish the show had continued for hours more as I would have stayed all night.
Colin Hoffman, UK

Went to Earls Court last night- 22/4/03 - was blown away...been a lifelong dream to see the man and he rocked! Couldn't believe he was on for so long...utter magic! Loved all the set....Maybe I'm Amazed..sure was!
Stephen Martin, London, England

Highlights included Band on the Run, Birthday, Blackbird...there are too many to list! What a great guy!
Matthew Phillips, Cardiff
Went to the Earls Court show - what a performer, what a performance! Every song was brilliantly executed, not bad for a 60-year-old! Paul, a guitar and complete silence when he sang Yesterday was truly amazing. Without a doubt one of the best shows I have seen.
Manoj, England

Tuesday 22nd April - Earls Court. First time at a McCartney concert, although my husband John is a veteran of many from the Beatles, through Wings to Macca solo. I have seen the light! What a truly fantastic show and I'm glad I was there with the one I love.
Carol Crumpler, UK

Macca is great, no dispute there. BUT, in several interviews with Paul and John they have both stated they are and will always be working class guys from Liverpool. So my problem is Paul is a multi-millionaire and I can't afford to go to any of his concerts. In my view he DID sell out to his real fans. The people who will see Paul this year are the ones either in the high end tax brackets or the really desperate fans who will go without essentials this yeay for the sake of a ticket. Paul's concerts were the most expensive tickets in the US this year and last. Sorry paul, love ya but give us ex-pat (real fans) a break. The walrus would not be amused.
Michael Charnley, USA - UK citizen

Sat 19th at The Court of Earls (as Paul called it) and everyone rocking from head to toe for almost 3 hours. Every song a classic, every song his own work. How lucky can one get - apart from being a member of his band? He even sang ''ve Just Seen A Face. How did Paul know it was one of our favourites!?
Nelson, UK

Attended the Earl's Court show on 21st April. What can I say except what an OUTSTANDING concert!. Last saw Macca back in 1993, and this show was vastly superior. All the old Beatles and Wings songs really got the crowd on their feet! Paul gave his all and really showed how it should be done.
Edward Snow, London, UK

Maybe I would have been amazed if the idiots behind me didn't talk through the entire set. My mate had precisely the same experience on Saturday.
Jim, UK

It was the gig I'd waited 27 years for - ever since the disappointment of not getting tickets to Wings in 1976 when I was 16. Would it, could it be as good as I'd hoped? Yes! Macca rocked out with I Saw Her Standing There and Back In The USSR and ballads like The Long and Winding Road and Here There and Everywhere tingled the spine. Although there are lines on his face the voice did not belong to a 60-year-old and soared on songs like Maybe I'm Amazed and Live and Let Die. An amazing experience. If you can catch this tour - do it!
Alan Tomkins, UK

Absolutely superb. I saw him perform on the 18th and 1th of April at Earls Court. An excellent band, and a good choice of songs. His song, Here Today, written for John, touched me. Highlights included Band on the Run, Birthday, Blackbird...there are too many to list! What a great guy!
Matthew Phillips, Cardiff, UK

Saw Macca on Friday night at Earl's Court. It was worth the ticket price alone for Hey Jude! To sing along to that song with the man who composed and recorded it was brilliant. I thought some of the staged jokes were a bit out of place but it was the music that mattered and he rocked!!!
Boothy, England

I think Paul McCartney is little better qualified to decide what is an appropriate song to dedicate to his dead friend than R Johnson. The fact that R Johnson is somewhat of a Robinson Crusoe in his opinions on this page gives some clues as to how the performance of that particular song was intended, and taken by the audiences. This show is superb - not to be missed
DJ, England

He is a true superstar. The whole arena was on its feet and the atmosphere was electric to say the least - you're a genius Paul
Howard Rosenburg, Essex
The Earl's Court performance I witnessed yesterday was pretty amazing - and testimony to his longevity in the fickle mucic industry. While not every move he has made has met with success and let's face it, he doesn't sell THAT many records these days, he is able to dust off the successes and do them proud.

Any complaints? I think I too would prefer a ballad treatment of Something - but on the other hand Paul is being a Beatle in doing a song in a startlingly different way from what you would expect. And it kind of expressed something about George to do it that way.

The lead guitar histrionics were way over the top at times - for example it spoiled Let It Be for me so that it became a wall of noise at several points, rather than follow George's carefully stated solo qand infills. .

Also a Lennon-focussed video to accompany Here Today like the one he did for George's Something would have been neat.

But these are minor points. It was a truly great show by a master craftsman - right down to the opening theatricals.
Mark Carvell, UK

I didn't think anything could top Brian Wilson doing Pet Sounds live but Saturday night at Earls Court was ... WOW!

Who would ever have thought in 1964 they would be seeing Paul McCartney 39 years later sounding better than he did with the Beatles?

Stuff never before peformed live and sounding better than the records like She's Leaving Home and The End. Now if only he'd hire the Royal Festival Hall for a track-by-track performance of Sergeant Pepper!
Ian White, UK

Went to the London-Earl's Court on 18th April to see the first concert of Paul, directly from Italy. Just to hear Something was worth the ticket price. Absolutely GREAT!!
Walter, Italy

I can only add that I saw Paul at Earls Court on Friday and this show is quite simply the best you'll probably ever see from any artist. People were crying all around me. His current band simply rocks!!! The only thing I'd want to say to Paul is please don't pursue this songwriting credits issue anymore. You're loved, admired and respected all over the world. You're talent is cherished and you don't need to tamper with a legacy that is in the world conciousness.

Does Sullivan & Gilbert sound right? Stoller & Lieber? No they don't. So Paul, please just drop this one and trust the fact that we all recognise your talent and will continue to love you for being PAUL!!!
Ian McCormack, London, UK

Words cannot express the truly magical performance I saw at Earls Court the other day. Macca and his Band (On The Run) were terrific. I was overwhelmed and moved, damn inspiring stuff. My feet and hands felt compelled to stamp and clap, respectively during every single song. Thank you Macca for reminding me why I listen to and perform music, keep on rocking.(Please!)
Daniel D Moses, London

I saw his show on 18/4/03 at Earls Court and what a show it was!! A real showman at his best with an amazing set and cast along with some of the best songs ever written. He is a true superstar. The whole arena was on its feet and the atmosphere was electric to say the least - you're a genius Paul.
Howard Rosenberg, Essex, UK,

18 April Earls Court. Excellent is the only way to describe this concert. Paul and his four partners were outstanding. I'm sure they could hear Hey Jude at Kings Cross station as the whole audience joined in. Hey Paul, that was a live performance to be proud of. Well done.
Simon London, England

Just got back from the concert in London. It was a great, great show. Paul playing the same songs, since his comeback in Manchester he was in super voice. Everything was great, but my personal faves were Back In The USSR, and a fantastic She's Leaving Home. My only criticism would be the seats. I paid top money for the show, and the seat was at the far angle, with restricted viewing so it was impossible for me to see the opening part of the show with Paul singing Hello Goodbye. The audience were also very, very quiet, considering this was Paul Mccartney, quite possibly the greatest songwriter ever, the audience never got going till Back In The USSR. The main problem with the setlist is that the middle acoustic section is far to long, and maybe Paul should cut a couple and add a couple of rockers to the set list. (Lovely Rita? I Got a Feeling?) All in all a great night, a concert I shall never forget.
Greg Smith, UK

Birmingham Monday 14 April - AWESOME. Saw the Beatles in 1965, Wings in 70s and Macca in 1990, but this was probably the best! I know he was on stage non-stop for 2 and a half hours but I just wish he could have been on even longer! Can't pick a highlight, the whole night was one! I hope when he said "See you next time" it's not another 13 years! Truly AWESOME!
Elaine Bane, England

Brilliant show in Birmingham Monday night, Paul, worth every penny of the £75 plus I paid for my ticket but why FIFTEEN POUNDS for programmes? The last time I saw you at the NEC in 1990, the programmes, produced supporting Friends of the Earth (?) were free! Great choice of tracks but I REALLY didn't understand the first ten minutes!!!! (could have got another couple of tracks in!) But, wonderful night, can't wait till the next tour!!!!
Maz Winfield, Great Britain

The concert in Birmingham was absolutely superb. He played a range of songs to cover every emotion from the rocking Back in the USSR to the melodic Eleanor Rigby. The tribute to John and George was very thoughtful and moving. Two of the Beatles may be gone but their music will live on forever. Thanks Macca for an incredible evening's entertainment.
Lyn, England

Saw Paul last Wed and Thur in Manchester and he surpassed brilliance. He is the most magnificent performer of our times. I saw The Beatles in 65, Wings in 73, 76,79,and also saw him in 1990 at the N.E.C. and Liverpool and I feel privileged that I have been able too. He has never let me down, his performances are superb, roll on next time.
Sandra Reid, United Kingdom

Probably the best and most memorable gig I've ever been to. It will remain a fantastic memory for the rest of my life. Let's hope it's not the last tour he does!
Dave Cashmore, Staffordshire, UK

Simply: Thank you Paul
Melissa Wyatt, Brighton, UK

Went to the London-Earl's Court -Sat 19th April. The show left me Awe Struck for hours after. It was a FANTASTIC performance. Apart from his own songs it was as good as it gets for reaching out to the Beatle sound of the 60's. If you love music but you don't go to this concert - you haven't lived.
Kevin Condron, Aberdeen, Scotland

We saw the show at the NIA in Birmingham and were simply blown away! But we recovered and booked for one of the Earl's Court shows... totally awesome again. What can you say but that Macca is a true professional.
Mark Galloway, England

I went to see Paul at the MEN Arena it was one of the best concerts I have been to. The energy that Paul put in would put most 60-year-olds to shame, the rest of his band was also quite superb from the first song to the last. As per usual, Paul gave value for money. Long may he continue to entertain us all, let's hope that one day he might get a promotion to Lord McCartney.
Sheila Garside, England

Saw Paul at Earls Court - what can you say except absolutely brilliant and life changing - simply the best concert I have ever been to. Hearing the man who wrote the songs that defined the sixties and changed the world of music forever was beyond words.
Barry Howarth, UK

We were made for this moment - our lives are now complete. Nobody has come close (although Coldplay the night before were awesome). As for the choice of tracks, he could've played Octopus' Garden for all we cared - IT WAS PAUL MCCARTNEY for goodness sake.
Matthew and Tracy, UK

It was amazing! To be able to hear so many classic songs played live was a once in a lifetime event. £13 was a bit much for a official programme though!
Marc Wick, UK

WOW! I saw Paul for the very first time last Sunday at Birmingham NEC, I was so impressed I went again to see him at Earls Court yesterday! The best concert I have ever seen! The atmosphere was electric! He gave his all, a brilliant performer. A legend. He has so much energy. can't wait to see him again!
Lynnette Felton, England

Everything that needs to be said has been said. This was the greatest concert I have every seen. Three hours of greatest songs ever written. Songs that changed the face of popular music for ever. Yet this no tribute band but the genius himself, performing them as fresh as if he wrote them yesterday (no pun intended).
Barry Howarth, England

WOW! It's the day after Macca's gig in London and I still can't take the grin off my face. The gig was just a dream come true, with Paul rocking the socks off the Earls Court crowd. His voice, if anything, has improved with age, giving me goose bumps on many of the numbers. Just goes to show that Macca is still "the Daddy"
James McNicol, England

When Paul McCartney sings the George Harrison song, Something, he performs it on a ukulele, supposedly as a tribute to the late Beatle. McCartney claims this is an affectionate gesture to George Harrison, who was a keen ukulele player, and a member of the George Formby Fan Club. However, all McCartney is doing is making a mockery of George Harrison's song - which, as everyone knows, was far superior to any of the trite dirges that Paul McCartney ever came up with.
R Johnson, UK

Earls Court on the 18th was the first time that I had seen Paul McCartney since the Wings Over Wembley show in 1976 and this was a far stronger performance in many ways, set list (more classics), presentation and musicianship (a better band In terms of venue Earls Court and Wembley Arena (Empire Pool as it was) are as bad as each other.
Raymond, England

I'm a fellow northerner and used to go to the Cavern about 10 years before the Beatles played there. Paul still has the same vibrant energy, what an absolute knockout was the show in London - long may he continue.
Barbara Sturgess, England

I went to his first Birmingham concert and I was totally amazed. It's the best I've been to, seen him 13 years ago when I was 7 and I thought that was fantastic but the guy gets better and better. He's a fantastic live performer, he always puts on good shows with his band and the songs were all fantastic, old and new. The atmosphere in the place was electric - keep on rockin' Paul.
Clare Chidler, Birmingham

I saw Paul McCartney in Manchester on 9/4/03. I will never forget it. I haven't the words to describe how fabulous Paul McCartney was. Or what it meant to see a Beatle live. She's Leaving Home...utterly fab.
Julie, Liverpool

Manchester-10th April 2003, this was the best concert I have and will possibly ever go to in my entire life! Paul is amazing, his energy and performance on stage were magical. I'm only 19 and I love The Beatles and Wings much too young to have seen them but I feel lucky to have been to a concert from Back In The World tour. It was brilliant!
Gill, UK

It goes without saying that Paul McCartney was just outstanding (just read all the comments on this page), I saw him in Manchester on the 9th and 10th, both shows were equally brilliant (although I had a better seat on the 10th so that was my favourite). This was the first time I've had the chance to see him, as I was too young last time he toured, and he didn't disappoint.

Also have to praise his backing band, they all played brilliantly. Can't wait for the 18th when I see him again in London. To everybody who are going to see him on this tour, a splendid time is guaranteed for all!!!
John Cooper, Manchester, UK

Fantastic from start to finish, no sign of throat problems. Well worth the ticket price and the ten year wait!
Peter Hulme, Stoke
What an absolutely superb show! The best I've seen in years...Paul was at his best and what raw talent.....I was on the second row from the stage and close up Paul looks fantastic for his age. And what a guitar collection. He deserves all his success and seems so unaffected by the industry. So talented yet so down to earth. Still the "lad from Liverpool". He asked the audience, "Do you want to rock tonight?" And that is exactly what over 13,000 people did...ROCK!!!!!
Becky Venema, Manchester

Fantastic. Saw the Beatles in 1963 and Paul still as good. Brilliant show.
Elaine Smillie, UK

What a concert!! A once in a lifetime experience (for me anyway) - I was too young two see the Beatles. Something brought tears to my eyes. A must see concert Manchester 09/04/03
Paul Coleman, England

I went to see Paul McCartney at the MEN on Wednesday evening. What can I say? I wouldn't have missed it for the world - it was fantastic and I'm still reeling two days later!
Dawn, UK

Travelled down with my wife to watch a master performer. One of the most famous singer/songwriters in history did not let us down. Hope he comes to Scotland to let the best audience see the show.
Scott, Scotland

Went to see Paul at Manchester Thursday. Fantastic from start to finish, no sign of throat problems. Well worth the ticket price and the ten year wait!
Peter Hulme, Stoke/UK>

Wednesday night's concert in Manchester was brilliant. One set, 10 minutes short of three hours and no beer break! Absolute heaven.

Loads of the Beatles numbers where he was the prime writer, together with some of the better Wings and solo stuff (ie we did get Jet, Live & Let Die and My Love but were mercifully spared Mull of Kintyre!

Unbelievably good, but then I've been waiting to go and see a Beatle perform live since I dragged my Mum to see Help! in 1965 (when I was 5)!
Keith Taylor, UK

The only slightly jarring note was the merchandise - ok, £15 for a programme is not bad but £6 for a fridge magnet and £9 for stickers?
Douglas, UK
The Manchester concerts were absolutely phenomenal. Where does he get the energy from? He absolutely puts today's so-called "popstars" to shame. Too many great songs to choose from. They were all fantastic. Also, a word for his band who were sensational. Thanks for a truly memorable night.
Stephen Lewis, England

Blinding. An absolute treat and the best gig I have ever been to. My mate cried man, it was that overwhelming. My highlights were Two Of Us, Hey Jude, Live And Let Die, Back In The USSR and Blackbird. I bought the DVD of the American tour yesterday and Sly Stallone is on at the start! Rock on.
Dirk McQuigley, UK

Thursday's concert at Manchester was just AMAZING! The energy and pure fun that came off that stage was astounding. As others have said, Blackbird, Fool on the Hill and Something (on ukulele!) were peaks amongst the highlights.

The only slightly jarring note was the merchandise - ok, £15 for a programme is not bad but £6 for a fridge magnet and £9 for stickers?
Douglas, UK

What can I say, I had waited all my life to see him on stage and the boy done good! She's Leaving Home was a highlight as well as Here Today. As Wix said "Where do you put the hits?" Just wish he'd done the frog song!
Lisa Mitchell, Liverpool

10/4/03, Manchester. A date to remember. I never saw the Beatles, just a bit too young. I never got to see Wings, but the concert last night made up for all those misses with one gigantic hit. I'm not going to nit pick I'm just going to spend the next few days mellowing and getting my CDs out. Paul - THANK YOU !!
Andrew Stapleton, England

Manchester last night was simply superb. With such a massive back catalogue to choose from, it was never possible to guess what would come next. However, each song had everyone either joining in or mouthing the words.

It was only when Paul mentioned that the particular guitar he was going to use was "The one I used on the Ed Sullivan Show" that it struck home that here was one of the Beatles, the all time greatest band and influence on all subsequent music.

This was a night not to be missed and not to be soon forgotten. Thanks Paul.
Richard Frost, Halifax UK

I've waited 31 years to see Paul McCartney and there I was at the MEN ...I could write down loads but quite simply he was awesome. The Beatle songs brought a few tears. What a man, what a performer. Quite simply the greatest show I have seen in my life. Cheers Paul.
Paul Townson, England

The concert was everything and more. Seeing one of the Beatles in concert was just amazing. The set-list bar a couple of recent numbers was staggering. A living legend. One of the greatest nights of my life.
Nick Brown, Nottingham

I'm not a Beatles fan and prefer Wings but was blown away by this guy. I'm sure we won't see a tour like this again. THIS IS A MUST SEE TOUR if you like the Beatles and Wings!!
A McMahon, Liverpool, UK

Wow! Went to the Sheffield show on Saturday and I am still overwhelmed by it, five days later. It exceeded all my (very high) expectations. It was quite simply the best three hours of my life. My heart goes out to those who had tickets for Sunday, I hope you get to see him soon. Oh, and it's LOUD!
John Kent, United Kingdom

Paul at Manchester last night was fantastic! Calico Skies, Getting Better, Jet; it was hit after hit and Paul's voice sounds like you always thought it would. Set list changed slightly to accommodate the fact he was recovering from his sore throat but it really was a case of what sore throat?! The band were fantastic too and I can't wait to see him in Earls Court and, hopefully, a bit nearer to home in Liverpool in June!! Thanks Paul x
Sue, Liverpool, England

Great show, great band and great singing - no signs of his previous voice problem. Marvellous selection of songs. At least 23 Beatles songs including some rarely performed ones introduced because of his throat problems on Sunday and my favourite Wings tracks (especially Live & Let Die).

Well worth the cost of the tickets, travel, hotel and getting up at 5am to go straight to work from the Manchester hotel! Hope I can get Liverpool tickets now.
Malcolm Franks, Wirral, UK

I was lucky enough to see Paul McCartney on April 5, after having driven down half the country to see him (he's not playing in Scotland surprisingly). The show was great, I'm impressed by his band. I was pleasantly surprised by the way he performed the songs. Not tacky, or totally redone, but really straight, the way it's supposed to be. His choice of songs included all the crowd pleasers although I would like to see him do some more songs he doesn't usually do, like For No-one or Another Girl, but hey, I got more than my money's worth. It's great to see a true professional at work.
Arno, Scotland

Saw Paul last night at the MEN and what a fantastic show - I feel extremely fortunate to witness this legend perform...the melody master without doubt!
Anthony Critchley, England

It was to be a "family night of a dream come true" to see the truly talented man on April 6th. My sons (grown men) said it was like "Christmas" getting to Sheffield on that Sunday night. The disappointment could be felt everywhere and we reluctantly took the long journey back home. Please reschedule with enough time for the fans to make arrangements. Don't let us down Paul!
Gran, England

I was staggered by the quality of the Sheffield gig on Saturday, and I can really sympathise with those who had tickets for Sunday
Jon Aldous, England
I went to see the show with colleagues from work who were fans, they enjoyed the show however I couldn't get into it at all, the songs sounded like they belonged in the 1920s and most of the people there were probably teenagers in that period. All in all an energetic performance which belonged in an old people's home.
Chris Jones, UK

We were blown away by his talent. Calico Skies is one of my favourite Macca songs, and to hear him play the old Beatles stuff!!! Baby I was amazed!
Linda Hammond, England

I would like to say that the concert was brilliant, but as I was one of the thousands who were disappointed by the cancellation. I had waited all my life to see Paul live, and we drove from Birmingham to Sheffield just to be told while we were queuing, he's got a sore throat. (I wouldn't have minded if he had come out and told us himself).

If he knew the night before, why wasn't it cancelled then, it would have saved the £40 in petrol costs. I was gutted and totally heartbroken and just hope that I will be able to make it to the reschedule (unless anyone has any tickets for Birmingham on offer!)
Ray Povall, England

Got the CD, got the DVD - both amazing, but to be in the 9th row back from the stage on Saturday night in Sheffield, was outstanding. The guy has stamina, every song was brilliant - though Blackbird was breathtaking.

His band of Abe, Wicks, Rusty and Bryan were so brilliant. When they played Hey Jude, and panned the audience singing along, to see his wife, Heather, singing along, her face full of love and adoration for her husband was incredibly touching.

And in return, when he sang My Loving Flame to her, you felt like you were intruding on them as it was sung so heartfelt from him to her. Get tickets if you haven't, this is the one concert of the decade you will kick yourself forever afterwards if you missed it.
Kirsten Lever, England

I was staggered by the quality of the Sheffield gig on Saturday, and I can really sympathise with those who had tickets for Sunday. Paul was in majestic form and the band was brilliant - the backing vocals were perfection. When you see someone whose music has lit up so much of your of your life it's sometimes going to be a disappointment, even if you don't want to admit it, but Macca's voice quality, energy and sheer class surpassed anything I could have expected and like a lot of people there I was really moved at times as well as entertained. Any spare tickets going for the rest of the tour?
Jon Aldous, England

Macca the magnificent! It was a privilege to be there in Sheffield
Rob Hill, England
I queued for three days to Paul et al in 1963. Saturday was the first time I'd seen him live since the City Hall, Newcastle in that year. The memories came flooding back. I wish I had brought some jelly babies (we used to throw them on the stage). I thought the choice matched my taste and showed that the music stands the test of time. Yesterday bought tears to my eyes, thinking of those no longer with us.
Christine Bell, UK

Definitely the best concert we have ever been to. It was well worth waiting for. He played a great mix of Beatles and Wings tracks. The tributes to John, George and Linda were very moving. Only a few artists can keep an event rocking for two and a half hours without a break. Amazing!
Lynn & Mally, Sheffield, England

The most amazing performance I have ever seen!!!!!! To see and hear Paul sing some of the most fantastic songs ever written, right there in front of me at the Sheffield Arena was incredible. Thank you so much.
Jonathan Richards, Scotland

Macca was magnificent on Saturday. I feel really sorry for those who came on Sunday and found it to be cancelled. I sensed that his voice was going during his two encores. Long and Winding Road was my fave.
George Bell, Worksop, UK

What a fantastic concert!!! The man is pure genius. His tributes to John and George were perfect. Only downside was he didn't perform Mull of Kintyre. Definitely would see him again as the atmosphere was electric.
Lindsey Barker, England

Another ambition realised for me. The whole band were fab. Macca was amazing. He included most of my favourite tracks, Beatles, Wings, and newer stuff. Thanks Paul.
Linda Hammond, England

Macca the magnificent! It was a privilege to be there in Sheffield on 5 April hearing Getting Better and She's Leaving Home played live by a Beatle in this country for the first time. His tribute to George Harrison played on a ukulele was affectionate, inventive and touching. The Wings hits too stand the test of time and if they had been created by anyone else would now be recognised as classics in their own right. There will never be another Macca so see him while you've got the chance.
Rob Hill, England

What a fantastic show, truly non-stop entertainment. Paul really did drive us wild!
Christine Smith, England
The Sheffield show was incredible, a dream come true! The set list was perfect, and the performance superb...I don't think the BBC review gave the band justice either, they are great! Macca himself was in the best voice I have heard him in recently, his singing was flawless! Sad to hear he cancelled Sunday's show because of his voice.
Patrick J O'Hare, England

Booked tickets for both nights at Sheffield, Manchester, Birmingham and two nights at Earls Court and if Saturday night as Sheffield was anything to go by I have a lot to look forward to. One word for the concert - AMAZING from start to finish. Paul in great voice all the way though. It was a pity Sunday night got cancelled but Paul was ill.
Dan Cuinningham, North-West England

The performance was superb! The choice and variety of tracks was entirely appropriate for the wide age-range of all of Paul McCartney "fans" in attendance. Listen out for the high notes on Maybe I'm Amazed etc. Truly amazing. Strong, talented fellow musicians make up the vibrant whole music picture. A very welcome addition to performances over the last year has been Paul's between-songs chat with his audience. Perhaps Paul gained a liking for saying more at his concerts following his recent poetry readings. This changes the whole atmosphere of the shows to a more intimate feel and I hope that Paul makes this a regular feature of future shows. The man is pure talent. If you haven't already got tickets for this new UK tour, what are you waiting for? You won't be disappointed. See you next time Paul!
Sarah Sheraton, n.e. England

Paul McCartney is doing what he does best. Performing some of the greatest pop-rock songs of the last & present millennium. Though I must confide, it's only natural to miss old mates John, George, and Ringo.
T.P.Slocum, USA

What a fantastic show, truly non-stop entertainment. Paul really did drive us wild!
Christine Smith, England

Truly an amazing night. My ears are still ringing and my throat is sore, but it was worth it. Possibly the best concert I've ever been to
Richard, St Albans, UK
It was a great show in Sheffield. We think Paul put on a much better show than when we last saw him in 1990. Credit is due to him to perform for as long as he did without a break. Well done and for us its the nearest we will ever come to seeing the Beatles perform. I think he did a fitting tribute to both John and George. I also thought it was right to dedicate a song to Linda. So for us it was fantastic value for money.
Gill Judd, England

It was the best night of my entire life and I want to go back! Highlights were songs like I Saw Her Standing There and Jet with thousands of full-throated fans singing and jumping around! We even saw him arrive in his car. And he waved specifically at me!
Kelly, England

A fantastic show and well worth the wait. Live and Let Die is the loudest thing I've ever heard, and 10,000 people joining in with Hey Jude was incredible. It was an honour to be in the presence of genius.
Gary Linley, UK

I went to Sheffield for the concert last night and was amazed to be told it was cancelled. I accept he was ill but the Arena staff and the supervisor I spoke to was appalling! She told me to go buy a bootleg t-shirt when I asked if I could just go inside to buy a t-shirt. After all, I had just flown in from Greece to see his concert, it would not have been much to let me do! I will miss reschedule as I have to leave on Saturday again! I am very upset! I have seen Paul before and am a huge fan but this has left a bad taste in my mouth. Hope the people who do see him enjoy it I will have to make do with the DVD!
Paul Wilkinson, UK

Well I would like to say it was great, but with it being cancelled two hours before it started I would not know, I understand he lost his voice and I hope he is OK, but the disappointment could be felt in the air. I just hope he is able to arrange another date.
Clare, UK

Truly an amazing night. My ears are still ringing and my throat is sore, but it was worth it. Possibly the best concert I've ever been to.
Richard, St Albans

Absolutely stunning performance on Saturday in Sheffield, I can't imagine going to see any other performer in the world who could put on a show packed with so many of their own hits
Jason, UK
We'd bought the CD and the DVD, played them both over and over again, and now we were on our way to see Paul live! But after almost four hours driving up from Berkshire to Sheffield with two of my young sons, we were devastated to find out that the concert had been cancelled on Sunday, and we faced the long drive straight back home.

I've waited 30 years for the chance to hear Paul, so I hope he can reschedule the concert as promised. But please, not over Easter (many people, like us, went to Sheffield from all over the country as they couldn¿t make nearer venues due to already booked Easter holidays).

And please make it a weekend date again, as children will have difficulty justifying time off school during the week for the long journey. Here's hoping....
Mark Vandersluis, England

Paul and his band were brilliant! His voice seems better than ever - he hit the high note on Live & Let Die as if he were a 20-year-old. The emotion was great, with a tear from Let it Be to his heart-stopping performance of Back in the USSR. All who were there had the best seats on the planet for those three hours at Sheffield. Hope he never stops!
Mark & Marian, Co. Durham, England

Absolutely stunning performance on Saturday in Sheffield, I can't imagine going to see any other performer in the world who could put on a show packed with so many of their own hits, all known and loved by all generations of music fans. Macca was in fine form, loved every minute of it, do please come back our way soon Sir Paul!
Jason, UK

Looking forward to the rescheduled date - in the words of Lennon and McCartney, Don't Let Me Down!
Tony O'Donnell, UK
I would also like to say that I was at Sheffield Arena last night and would agree with Clare that the disappointment was definitely felt in the air after the announcement came through regarding the postponement of the concert. I would like to hear that the concert is been re-scheduled rather than refunded ! A disappointed Paul McCartney/Beatles fan.
Gary Turner, United Kingdom

This was purely the best show I have ever been to and well worth the £45, I have waited most of my life to see Paul and this was the best. The tribute to John and George was truly emotional and were the biggest cheers off the crowd all night. Thanks for an excellent show Macca!
James Moon, UK

The man is a genius! Breathtaking show. Powerful performance, fantastic band. A fantastic, brilliant night. Don't leave it so long till next time Paul.
Ian M, Sheffield

The performance in Sheffield was unbelievable. No words to express my feelings when he started with Hello Goodbye. All my life I had been waiting for that moment. For three hours, he offered all that he learnt in 40 years. Amazing Paul, amazing!!! Thanks for everything!!!
David Carrera, Spain

My wife and I were among the hapless thousands that turned up in Sheffield last night, only to be told that the concert was "off". Of course this could not be helped and I wish Paul a speedy recovery. However the last time I can remember being so excited about something was when I was a kid, and to say I was disappointed is an enormous understatement; I'm sure I wasn't the only one.

As a long-time Beatles fan, the prospect of witnessing classics like Hey Jude, Yesterday and Let It Be performed by the man that wrote them was¿ well, words can't describe. Paul doesn't tour very often nowadays, and this may be my first, last and only chance to see him live. Looking forward to the rescheduled date¿ in the words of Lennon and McCartney, Don't Let Me Down!

(PS I found all Arena staff I dealt with, including the harried-sounding lady who was fielding phone calls, polite and helpful to a fault).
Tony O'Donnell, UK

Magnificent. Nothing from the 80s and 90s, but hey, who cares?!
Rob, UK

I don't know which show your reviewer went to see, but Macca's band were awesome! They stayed true to the spirit of the original Beatles/Wings songs whilst infusing them with fresh dynamism. I hate to say it, but the new drummer is better than Ringo ever was live, and if you closed your eyes during the harmonies it could have been the Beatles themselves! Well done Paul!
Richard Davis, UK

I saw him with the Beatles on their first tour in 1963 and again on Saturday. A simply amazing experience.
Brian Harden, England

'Maybe I'm Amazed'- not maybe 'Definitely' I went to see the show in Birmingham on 13th April and it was superb! It's a show I won't forget in a hurry with songs ranging from 1960's right up to the present day- truly amazing.
Daniel Perrin, Swansea

Quite simply, one of the best things I have ever seen.
Adam , England

I didn't really know what to expect when I arrived at the NIA on 13 April. I should have been in no doubt. Paul and the band were absolutely AWESOME. The sound was absolutely spot on and Paul's voice shows absolutely no sign of diminishing. Great set, great songs but his 6 or 7 song solo section early on and Live and Let Die went down as the highlights for me. Do anything you have to secure tickets for the London shows.
Matt, England

Went to see Macca at the Royal Dublin Showgrounds last Tuesday and I though the whole show (except for the bizarre theatricals at the start) was utterly brilliant. I wasn't too familiar with some of the solo stuff and and the odd Wings song, but it was all carried off so well that I felt like I knew them by the end of the songs. The 'best song' medal had to be between Band On The Run, Live and Let Die and Back in the USSR - amazing stuff. My only complaint would be that with the exception of one brilliant Beatle-maniac, the people in the seated section where I was didn't seem to get into it much - come on people, this was once in a lifetime! Thanks Paul - it was a great night despite the soaking.
Dave Atherton, Ireland

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