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Last Updated:  Sunday, 23 March, 2003, 19:23 GMT
Gangs wins BBCi vote
Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis impressed you as Bill the Butcher
Gangs of New York has won the official BBCi Oscar vote, taking two out of four categories.

Daniel Day-Lewis was BBCi users' choice for best actor with 32.04% of the vote for his performance in Gangs of New York.

And you decided to honour legendary Gangs director Martin Scorsese as best director, giving him 35.45% of the vote in his category.

Nicole Kidman had an overwhelming 44.45% of the vote in the best actress category, for her performance as Virginia Woolf in The Hours.

The Two Towers
The Two Towers only has one major Oscar nomination
And in the vote for best film, the many Lord of the Rings fans worldwide ensured that The Two Towers won with 52.68%, the largest majority in any category.

In total 54,000 votes were received during the six weeks from the day the nominations were announced.

Runner-up for best film was movie musical Chicago with 15.99%.

The Hours was third with 11.64%.

Day-Lewis left previous Oscar favourite Jack Nicholson in second place in the BBCi poll - Nicholson took 22.49% of votes for his role in About Schmidt.

Third placed was Day-Lewis's fellow Briton Sir Michael Caine, with 20.73% for his performance in The Quiet American.

Catherine Zeta Jones and Renee Zellweger
Chicago's two main actresses have fought for awards this season
Kidman bested Renee Zellweger in the BBCi vote for best actress, and also took the Oscar after winning the Bafta in February.

Scorsese's BBCi win was not reflected in the Academy's choice.

Roman Polanski, who did win the Oscar was runner-up with you in this category, with 21.77% - although his harrowing semi-autobiographical film of the Warsaw ghetto in World War II, The Pianist, came last in the best film vote.

Stephen Daldry lost your vote, but his star Nicole Kidman was luckier
Polanski has won several awards in Europe for The Pianist but had been thought to have no chance with the Academy after an old conviction for unlawful sex still bars him from the United States.

Rob Marshall, who won the Directors Guild award - usually a failsafe pointer to the Oscar-winning director - came fourth in the BBCi vote. Chicago is the theatre director's first movie.

Briton and fellow theatre man Stephen Daldry came third for his thoughtful second movie The Hours.

Full vote results:

Best actor

Daniel Day-Lewis: 32.04%
Jack Nicholson: 22.49%
Sir Michael Caine: 20.73%
Adrien Brody: 13.35%
Nicolas Cage: 11.39%

Best actress

Nicole Kidman: 44.45%
Renee Zellweger: 23.10%
Salma Hayek: 14.81%
Julianne Moore: 12.2%
Diane Lane: 5.45%

Best director

Martin Scorsese: 35.45%
Roman Polanski: 21.77%
Stephen Daldry: 15.28%
Rob Marshall: 15.26%
Pedro Almodovar: 12.24%

Best film

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers: 52.68%
Chicago: 15.99%
The Hours: 11.64%
Gangs of New York: 10.18%
The Pianist: 9.52%


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