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Last Updated:  Sunday, 23 March, 2003, 15:03 GMT
Indie winners speak out
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore: "Fighting is not the answer"
Stars did not hold back from making statements at the independent film industry's Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Michael Moore, who won best documentary for anti-gun expose Bowling for Columbine, wore a badge that said, "Shoot movies, not Iraqis" and called George W Bush a "fictitious president" waging "terrorism".

A number of Oscar nominees had told him if they won they planned to mention the war in their acceptance speeches, Moore told reporters.

Todd Haynes' 50s melodrama Far From Heaven did best at the ceremony with five awards.

Michael Moore
Michael Moore could win best documentary Oscar
Its star Julianne Moore, who won best actress, said: "We're parents and we teach our children not to fight. Fighting is not the answer."

But her co-star, Dennis Quaid, who won best supporting actor, was one of the few nominees not to wear a peace pin, saying he did want to "politicise" the awards.

Secretary star Maggie Gyllenhaal, who presented an award, said the war was about "oil and imperialism".

Mike White, who won best screenplay for Jennifer Aniston comedy The Good Girl, said: "Let's use a little more spirit this year to get Bush out of office."

Dennis Quaid
Dennis Quaid: "A strange time for all of us"
Singer-songwriter Elvis Costello performed his cover of Nick Lowe song (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding?

The event's host, director John Waters, told the audience these were "scary times" but added: "Saddam Hussein, George Bush - no one will stop me from getting my gift bag."

Unlike the Academy Awards, which has dispensed with the red carpet this year, an arrivals line allowed the casually dressed guests to pose for the media.

Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello performed a peace song
Far From Heaven also won best film, best director (Todd Haynes) and best cinematographer (Oscar nominee Edward Lachman).

Best actor prize went to newcomer Derek Luke, star of Denzel Washington-directed Antwone Fisher, who said he had been a waiter at the event about four years ago.


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