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Swag: Your views
A duped member of the public finds himself locked up
Did it hold your attention?
Guy Ritchie's hidden camera show Swag, for Five, turns the table on criminals and opportunists by using stunts to trap them in the act.

Tricks include cars that fill up with foam when broken into, bikes with seats that explode when people try to pinch them and a lorry that turns into a mobile cage.

"You can imagine it working as a slot on an entertainment show such as Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway but it is hard to engage with a half hour episode, let alone an eight part series," said BBC News Online's Emma Saunders.

But what did you think?

Did it hold your attention? Did you enjoy seeing those caught out get their comeuppance?

I enjoyed seeing people get their just desserts - but I wish they could be prosecuted as well as humiliated.
Rebecca, UK

Oh dear. It's You've been framed all over again.

At the start of the show, we're shown a number of clips as "coming up", then we see some clips, some for the second time, then we're told there's an ad break coming up, and these are the clips we could see after the break.

After the break itself, we get to see the same preview package, then some more clips, and then "Here's what you could see next week..." including one of the clips we were shown at the start of the episode.

So we have about five minutes of material stretched into a half hour slot. Entertaining enough in a five minute slot, but not enough to keep the interest again and again.

And why aren't these criminals prosecuted?
John Smith, UK

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