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Bronte novella gets its debut
Parsonage Museum
The novella was kept at the Parsonage Museum
A novella written by Charlotte Bronte has been published for the first time, having been stored in a museum for years.

The 19th-Century author, who also penned Jane Eyre, wrote Stanliffe's Hotel in 1838 but the notes were stored at Yorkshire's Parsonage Museum, the rectory where the family had lived.

The 34-page short story is described as "racy" and "witty" and was published in full in The Times newspaper on Friday.

Experts say there are more unseen works yet to be read by the general public that could soon find there way into print.

"Stancliffe's Hotel is very sardonic, not at all like Jane Eyre - it's not a passionate story about love-lorn heroines," Heather Glen, editor of the new edition, told BBC Radio Four's Today programme.

Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte also wrote Jane Eyre
The stories are set in Angria, a world created by the Bronte sisters when they were children.

The book has been dubbed as an "Angrian novelette".

The novella, written on tiny pages, was taken to Ireland following Bronte's death in 1855, before being bought by an American collector.

It was then sent back to the museum, but the work was rarely put on display because it was thought to have been of little interest to non-Bronte scholars.

"A mystique has built up around these writings that you can only understand them if you know all the convolutions of the childhood sagas," said Ms Glen.

"But it isn't true of these later Angrian manuscripts that they cannot be understood and enjoyed. I think they will change the way in which (Charlotte Bronte) is seen," she said.

Ms Glen said there was a collection of five stories that would be put into one volume and published later this year.

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