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Back In The World: Your views
Sir Paul McCartney
McCartney did the US leg of the tour last year
Ahead of his first UK dates in a decade, Sir Paul McCartney offers a live album recorded on the US leg of his tour.

The set-list is a mix of solo material, Wings hits and Beatles classics including Can't Buy Me Love, We Can Work It Out and Eleanor Rigby.

"Of course, McCartney performing Beatles tracks was always bound to be a winner. But the other material included is more than just mere padding," said BBC News Online's John Hand.

But what did you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments.

It does give the listener a glimmer of what, in some alternate universe, a Beatles concert might sound like, if they were all still living, and still together, and still touring in 2002.

There were moments at the show last year when I did close my eyes and imagined that there were four Beatles on the stage.

The problem is a matter of pacing and energy level, having to do with the simple fact that Macca is 60 years old. Although he comes out rocking, he very quickly settles into a relaxing, unbroken string of TWELVE nice and easy, acoustic numbers, that allow him to rest up for the big finish.

Nice version of Hey Jude.
Nick Scelsi, USA

This is an excellent representation of and respect for the power of Beatles music. His band is young but enthusiatically gives Paul the opportunity to do what he really wishes he could have done all these years...play these songs with John, George and Ringo for all the world to actually HEAR this time. Bravo and thank you Paul.
Mark, USA

The album reflects his appearance which was truly wonderful
Marika, USA
Paul's live albums are always good and this one allows newer Paul/Beatles fans to get a retrospective of the variety of musical output over the last 40 years.

I would have bought it even if he was singing Mary Had a Little Lamb...... oh, he's done that hasn't he?!

Anyway, a good selection of songs, well done - audience not too loud, but I imagine that the editing to ensure the tracks are heard. Roll on the UK gigs!
Susan, UK

This is the most exciting live album I've heard Macca do in many many years. His mixture of Beatles, Wings and solo music makes this a perfect album for any lover of Paul.

He's still a great performer who I hope will tour for many years to come. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Church, United Kingdom

I think he should retire from singing. He cannot alone bring the Beatles back at any cost.
Kelwyn Almeida, India

I attended the concert in Washington State and have since bought the CD of the tour and they are both awesome. As a teenage girl in England during the height of the Beatles fame, it was truly mesmorising to go to the McCartney concert.
Janette Cimburek, USA

The Atlanta concert last May was tremendous and the CD is a good representation of the energy and excitement he and his great current band can generate. The deafening audience response on the night I was there was undoubtedly tamed for disc, and UK fans should flock to the gigs. I wish I could go again.
Robert Coleman, USA

Nobody can take those great songs away from him. I just wish that he wouldn't spoil my memories by inflicting inferior versions of them
Paul, UK
We are English, living in Houston and were lucky enough to see Paul McCartney in concert in Houston in October last year. It was by far the most uplifting performance I have ever seen and don't imagine I will feel the same at any concert I attend in the future. The album reflects his appearance which was truly wonderful. He is truly talented and an inspiration.
Marika, USA

The best Beatles and/or Wings and/or solo work was done the FIRST time around. It's "all too much" Paul, and for way too long. Leave those sacred recordings ALONE. They don't need rehashing (and rehashing!), even by ONE of the composers....
Joanie, US

All of McCartney's classic hits and what hits they are. Paul's vocals as good as ever and for a 60-year-old he is still doing the business! Love the album and love the man. Keep on Rocking Macca.
UK Beatle, England

When you listen to his voice on the album there's no way you would believe he was 60. And he plays for over two hours! A great collection of songs that can be listened to over and over again. I was never able to see the Beatles, but now I am going to be able to see Paul sing his own songs, great .
Stephen Potter, N.Ireland

When I was at the concert in DC, I also closed my eyes and saw all four of them in Chicago in 1966. Live album faithfully recreates the atmosphere. We all should be so good at 60!! Rock on, Paulie!!!
Dana Marzolf, USA

Nobody can take those great songs away from him. I just wish that he wouldn't spoil my memories by inflicting inferior versions of them. His voice has gone and so has the soul. Please Paul, just paint!!
Paul, UK

Brilliant. The man still has the voice of a 20-year-old. Thank you Heather, for giving us back our Paul.
L. Corey, USA

I saw Macca in Columbus, Ohio, last October. I doubt I will ever see a better and more satisfying concert. The CD largely captures that feel, though it cannot match being there. Back in the USSR was a real highlight for me, and I'm pleased he didn't do Silly Love Songs!
Rando Wilson, USA

It was 40 years ago today but Macca has never sounded better.

The man you've known for all these years is on top form in Back In The World, the album of last year's sell-out American tour. Backed by a superb band, Macca keeps the Fab Four's flame alive.

Even at 60, he keeps on rockin in the - not so - free world.
Kenneth Mcnab, Scotland

This CD continues to prove that P-Mac is still THE BEST !!! Carry on.
Edward Sullivan, USA

I put this on in my car yesterday and it blew me away. Fantastic sound, fantastic songs and now I can't wait till I witness it for myself at Earl's Court. Thank goodness for Macca!
Sarah Rose, England

Never been a fan of Paul McCartney or the Beatles and I wasn't impressed with the live album.
Andy, UK

I am only 15 and I think Macca is a god!! I love the Beatles and I love Paul and I am going to see him in Sheffield on the front row because he is worth it! HE IS THE MAN!!
Chris Scott, UK

I was lucky to be at his four concerts in Japan last November to find his perfomance was better than before. To see him playing from early Beatles songs to his latest ones fondly brought me back my memories from various points in my life. The album triples the excitement after you have seen the concert.
Shinya Yoshida, Japan

Makes me wonder why Andy, UK bought it if he has never been a fan but anyhow, it's a fantastic album and he sounds in great voice and I can't wait to see him very soon.
Suzie, Scotland

Bought my tickets for a couple of Paul McCartney gigs weeks ago - bought this album on release date and all it has done is made me look forward to the gigs even more. Great album, Macca vocals are excellent and the band sounds good. Paul McCartney still rocks and not many people can touch him! Great album!
Dan Cunningham, North-West England

You terrific people in the UK have no idea what a treasure you have in Sir Paul, for what he did in NYC after 911 ,and now his terrific CD ,and DVD, enjoy and god bless.............
Tim, USA

Fantastic album with McCartney on top form as ever.
Rocky Rabbit, Scotland

Great. He is always the best. You can't hear the crowd, but I thimk that's cool. We only want to hear the music. The only thing is that I hoped there were more rare Beatles songs ( like I Will or Obladi Oblada )
Lorenzo, Italy

Paul McCartney is one of the best rock and rollers any of us will ever hear. His Back in the U.S. concert did not disappoint us here in the U.S., and his "live" album did not disappoint either. God bless him in his future endeavours. I hope he outlives me so I can continue to enjoy his music. It's so sad George and John are not here to keep up their end of the genius of it all. I will continue to cherish all of the Beatles and post-Beatles music, which I consider one of the many blessings of life (no, I am not exaggerating).
Linda Hanson, USA

The CD and the concert selections as a whole present a wonderful cross-section of timeless music from this musical icon. The live album doesn't recreate the excitement of hearing Paul live but still preserves the raw, in-the-moment delivery that he still so easily delivers. Listeners will not be disappointed.
Cathy, US

The Beatles were the biggest and most inspiring exciting group around when I was growing up. I am one of their most dedicated fans, but I question Macca's motives in releasing these live albums. It seems that when his latest works suffer only mediocre sales, that he resorts to falling back on the trusty old Beatles classics and past glories to prop up his record sales with a live album. I'm all for hearing the great Beatles songs of the past, but I just feel that Macca all too willingly uses them to fall back on when record sales are not too good. Still, I suppose if anyone has a right to use Beatles songs on an album today, it's Paul. Pity he saw fit to stoop to petty "my name should come first" though over the writing credits....
Samantha, England

This is for Mr. John Hand, nobody had to endure McCartney's recent songs because they are great, many of us fans went to McCartney's show because we wanted to hear his new material! It's a total misconception that no one likes McCartney's more recent work, in fact many fans wish he was performing more of his Wings/solo material! Post Beatles McCartney was good in the early 70s and his music is still very good right now!!
Joe Mills, America

I agree with Joe Mills, America - I would personally prefer to hear Wings and solo songs; stuff from Ram, Band on the Run, Flaming Pie, Driving Rain, etc. Ok, throw in a few Beatles' numbers, but not too many. Personally, I'd rather hear Daytime Nightime Suffering than yet another rendition of Hey Jude.
Stuart, UK

I have had the pleasure of seeing Macca in both Philadelphia and New Jersey last April and the concerts were FAR better than the CD. Don't get me wrong, the CD is fantastic as well, but the concert itself is better. I wish he would come again to the States. If you can't get to the concert, the CD is the next best thing. Crank up your stereo and listen to Macca!!
Kristin, USA

Is it great? Does it rock? Is Macca still the best? "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"
Paul Barnes, USA

Having seen the show, the DVD does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the concert. The best part about the concert was that Paul's voice seemed to be in the best form ever. It was easy to close your eyes and hear the original song - which you couldn't really do in the past. The bonus was obviously the selection of songs - he really played what people wanted to hear. Recommended for fanatics, fans and just the curious who weren't necessarily into the Beatles.
Ruth, USA

My wife and I went to see Paul in Mexico. For me, being a life long Beatles' fan, of course, that concert was a really brilliant, memorable experience.

I think Paul unifies what cannot be unified, brings back years of laughter and the finest songs of popular music I know.

I remember everyone cried when Macca showed on the stage. We have got the CD and DVD and tears appear again, every time. Guaranteed. And he spoke very good Spanish too!
Mario A Moreno, Mexico

I attended his show in Boston (Sept. 30) and thoroughly enjoyed it. This outstanding live album brings back vivid memories of what I heard that night. The DVD of his tour is equally enjoyable.
Keith, USA

What a fantastic album! Of course the Beatles songs are brilliant, but so is Paul's later work with Wings (the live version of Band on the Run is excellent!) and his solo stuff. I can't wait to see him perform live next month! Keep rocking Paul!
April, Scotland

The US version of the album is superb and a fine tribute to McCartney's brilliant back catalogue. The Beatles tracks are especially wonderful to hear. Diehard fans will want the UK version too, as there are four differences in the tracklisting. It's true that Paul's already released too many live albums but "Back in the US" and/or "Back in the World" are classics in every sense.
John Vickers, Cyprus

Paul's live CD is fantastic, he creates an atmosphere where we can close our eyes and be there instantly, getting back in the 60s, I love him.
Chris, Argentina

Paul has been entertaining fans now for over forty years, they say everything improves with age and Paul has just proved it with his latest album, keep up the good work Paul.
Sheila Garside, England

Great live CD from the biggest star of all time. I agree with other writers that there are too many Beatles songs, because he made so many classics on his own. But overall an great live album. Can't wait to see the show here in Holland.
Jan, Nederland

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