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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 12 March, 2003, 17:37 GMT
Sir Paul extends credit swap
Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul wrote Yesterday on his own
Sir Paul McCartney has extended the reversal of song-writing credits on Beatles hits, putting his name before that of the late John Lennon.

The singer engaged in a war of words last year with Lennon's widow Yoko Ono after he switched the credit from the traditional Lennon-McCartney to have his name first on an album.

Sir Paul has now reversed the famous Lennon-McCartney credit again for an album to be released shortly.

He has justified the reversal by saying that Lennon had little or no input into a number of Beatles hits.

The latest album will feature Sir Paul's solo work as well as Beatles classics which had traditionally had the Lennon-McCartney tag.

Sir Paul had been unhappy for some time that he was not recognised for the work he put into writing the songs.

One of the Beatles' biggest hits, Yesterday, was solely written by Sir Paul but still had the Lennon-McCartney credit.


He had wanted to swap the names on the hugely popular Beatles Anthology album but this was vetoed by Ono.

So when it came to releasing his Back in the US album last year he took the decision to make the change, which he is now continuing with.

Sir Paul said the original decision to credit Lennon first had been taken by Lennon and the Beatles' late manager Brian Epstein.

"I arrived at the meeting to find that Brian and John had already independently decided the billing would be 'songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney'," he said.

"I said, 'What about McCartney/Lennon?' They said, 'We'll do this for now and we can change it around to be fair at any point in the future'.

"Having been reassured by this I let the matter go and our songs became known as Lennon/McCartney songs, a fact I was perfectly happy about."

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