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Celebrity Fame Academy: Your views
Celebrity Fame Academy
Is there any hidden talent?
Eight celebrities will be put through their musical paces in a charity version of BBC One's Fame Academy for Comic Relief.

The group includes Ulrika Jonsson, John Thomson, Will Mellor, Jo Brand, Paul Ross, Fearne Cotton, Kwame Kwei-Armah and Ruby Wax. One more student will be revealed later in the week.

Every night one celebrity will be voted off the show by the public, with the winner being announced during Comic Relief Red Nose Night on 14 March.

So what do you think?

Who has the best voice? Who is the best mover? And who do you think will win?

I am a huge fan of Fame Academy. I am so glad that Will won, he is a brill actor and a wicked singer. I think he is really sexy and fit.
Natalie, England

Best show on TV at the moment. Well done to the BBC.
Robert Winchester, England

Haven't missed an episode and voted loads. But once again, the real talent doesn't get to win. The programme is hijacked by boy band loving girlies. Lamar should have won and so should have Kwame. Nothing to do with colour ... right.
Mickey Monk, England

Ruby is the funniest so she should win, but Kwame has the best voice - vote for entertainment? Or for singing ability? Ruby gets my vote!
Humzah-Haider, London, UK

Ruby rules!
Amanda Ratcliffe, Ireland

I reckon that Ruby should win. She is great. Does anyone know where to see the version of Mickey again online?
rob, England

I think that Ruby is the best as I've enjoyed all of the performances she has done.
Ryan Stiggants, England

All the celebrity Fame Academy students seem to be taking the whole thing a little bit too seriously!
Kate, UK

Couldn't stand Ruby Wax - now I think she is fantastic
Shirley, Netherlands
The press didn't call it "Lame" Academy for nothing - and now we're back with a refresher for Comic Relief. I suppose we can expect FA2 later this year then. As Will is a previous professional singer we can probably expect a new album from him too. Yawn.
Dunk, Aberdeen, UK

This show has been great entertainment. The judges - well Richard is full of too much negativity, it is repulsive.
Mel H, UK

I think that Will has the best voice body and moves. I hope he wins.
Linda Jennings, England

Well done to all the contestants...has been very enjoyable...would like to see Ruby Wax be the winner as she has been a true Comic Relief.
Wendy Lea, England

Best television programme this week, well presented and great fun to watch. Ruby should win.
Mark Fischer, UK

I think Ruby Wax is quite deserving should she win in this year's Celebrity Fame Academy. She is so hilarious and every bit of her performance (regardless whether it's disastrously unmelodic) is very entertaining and I think that's what the spirit of Comic Relief is all about. Let's deviate from the original Fame Academy concept where true singing talent is the main search.
Edward Cajilog, Kingston, England

Couldn't stand Ruby Wax - now I think she is fantastic. She comes over as a clever, witty and modest woman, a true entertainer. I look forward to her performance every night. So she can't sing but she can certainly move - and her children are delightful as well. She has also worked very hard and in the true spirit of Comic Relief. Well done Ruby.
Shirley, Netherlands

It's shameful that everyone is totally kissing up to Ruby when she can't sing at all and her only talent is messing about
Anya, UK
Is is not time that the "teachers" at the academy put themselves up for some of the criticism they dole out? Now to see them perform would raise money for Comic Relief.
Jayne, UK

I have watched this all the hours it has been shown and cannot remember when I enjoyed watching anything so much, especially when I am not a telly addict. They have all been so good, the effort put in has been tremendous, and tonight I got my vote heard when Will won as the two chaps have nice voices but in all I think Will has tried the hardest and probably learnt a lot. Hope we see something like this again. Well done BBC.
May Gibson-Bird, UK

The strength of the Fame Academy format has been apparent yet again. People learning and developing new skills, no matter who they are. That's what makes it compelling entertainment, and puts it streets ahead of other shows where contestants do nothing life enriching at all. Fame Academy is intelligent reality TV, and of that I for one would like to see more. Congratulations to all concerned and good luck to Comic Relief. Go for it Ruby!
Jon, Portsmouth

What can i say? - GO RUBY!! She is absolutely fantastic and she most definitely deserves to win. After all...it is COMIC relief and they don't come much funnier than Ms Wax. Her performance is fabulous every night and there is a definite improvement! She should win on the basis of her Mi Chico Latino number. Some people need to seriously lighten up and praise Ruby for her outstanding, not to mention courageous efforts for charity. Well done Ruby, you will still be getting my vote!
Claire, Scotland

Ruby, you are a dear sweet thing, you make me laugh like no-one else .... bravo and keep it up!!
David Pickering, France

It's shameful that everyone is totally kissing up to Ruby when she can't sing at all and her only talent is messing about. Kwame definitely should've stayed instead of her. The celebrities are idiots and the teachers deaf. Will had the right idea. I really am disgusted by such moronic displays of fecklessness. Then again, what else could one expect with such cheap drawn out "entertainment" of this calibre. I beg the British public, don't shame yourselves anymore!
Anya, UK

Kwame was by far the best singer and was outstanding, we all think it was definitely a fix! Seriously British music is in poor shape because the criteria to win on the BBC is to be average and very predictable. (Like the judges.) Kwame was refreshingly talented, not contrived. Entertaining to watch and listen to. So he wouldn't win, would he? Ruby was funny but Kwame should have won.
Jane Eagle, UK

Perhaps on Friday night's show Mr Richard Park could enter into the spirit of the show/event and show his vocal talents to everyone watching on the night
Jayne, England
Poor Will looked most upset. I think it's because he thinks Kwame should have got in. Ruby was voted for on her comedy. I prefered Will's style of singing to Kwame's although Kwame has the better voice. Tell Will not to feel bad. Go man, GO!!!
Carol Marshall, UK

Despite negative comments from the judges to the contrary, I thought Will & Doon's duet on Wednesday night was the best performance of the week so far. It's a pity one of the last four had to go as they've all been great, but Ruby's larger-than-life personality was bound to win her more public votes than Doon. I think Doon could move into musical theatre when the TV comedy gigs thin out.
Peter Flint, UK

How much has Ruby Wax paid Richard Park? I like Ruby very much as a person but I thought the purpose of the show (aside from raising money for Comic Relief) was to find the best singer. For goodness sake, she is huge fun but she cannot sing a note and Richard constantly lauds her to the skies whilst being extremely rude (not contructively so) to contestants with real voices.
M. Nicholas, United Kingdom

This is Comic Relief, right? Why then are so many people taking it so seriously and voting based on vocal talent? The only worthy winner can be Ruby Wax. She is the only one to have entered into this competition with the appropriate attitude and spirit. Furthermore, she is the only one who has entertained the public in the true spirit of Comic Relief. Her singing is abysmal but she gives it her all and gives us a laugh. That's what it's all about.
Christopher Neave, Colchester, Essex, UK

Everyone in front of and behind the camera have all put in a tremendous effort for this programme, apart from Mr Richard Park who has taken the critical comments too far and lost sight of the fact that these are not professional singers, but people who are prepared to work very hard in order to raise money for charity. Perhaps on Friday night's show Mr Richard Park could enter into the spirit of the show/event and show his vocal talents to everyone watching on the night.
Jayne, England

Ruby Wax cannot sing to save her life, we all know that. But I think she'll definately come in second at the least only because she's so hilariously funny.
Leigh, Wales

Jo Brand should have won, best voice, best mover and most sex appeal
Dai, South Wales
What a load of rubbish. I think the BBC needs to re-think both Comic Relief and Children in Need. Seen it all before. I know it's for charity but couldn't somebody please think up of other ways to do it, without c-list celebs inflating thier egos by being on TV once more. Wouldn't be too surprised if the total cash raised this year is down.
Sergio, Manchester England

Ruby is fantastic.
Louise, UK

Is this show about the ability to sing or make people laugh????????? I know it is for Comic Relief but all the tutors are either vocal coaches or choreographers NOT normally associated with comedians. Whilst on the subject of the tutors and their judgements I had to doubt some of their views throughout the origional Fame Academy although the end result was justified.
Martin Eastwood, UK

If the Beeb ever does Celebrity Fame Academy again I hope they get some real stars to give it some sparkle. I'd pick Dr Raj Persaud, John Snow, Prunella Scales and Kirstie Allsop from Location Location Location as my ideal line-up.
Graham, Oxford, UK

After watching Wednesday night's Celebrity Fame Academy, was the headmaster listening to the same singers as I was? He suggested that Kwame, Will & Doon were not up to standard yet heaped nothing but praise on Ruby Wax. Whilst Ruby is a funny lady she is no singer.

I was surprised at his comments after Cary Grant and Kevin, who are obviously two leading tutors within their field, said exactly the opposite. That leaves me only to say "What are your qualifications Mr Headmaster?"

Even Andrew Loydd Webber, whose opinion I would value more than the Headmaster said that he would have to disagree with the Head because Will has a wonderful future in musical theatre. Kwame or Will to win in my opinion.

Peter Eastwood, UK

Ruby Wax has less singing ability than a drunken pub singer, yet the Academy teachers keep giving her praise. I say back to school for the Academy teachers, or go to the doctors for a hearing test!! Ruby should have gone on the first night.
Alan Taylor, England

Please, please, please ...can we vote off Richard Park?
June ORourke, Aberdeen

I think Will is the best and should win. I can't understand people who think Ruby can sing or even that she is funny. Tonight, Doon got voted off, which I think was a disgrace as she clearly can sing and Ruby can't, but I think Doon knows that anyway. If Ruby wins I will never watch the BBC again because it would be scandalous, more so than the alleged cheat on ITV's millionaire programme.
Derren Heagney, Germany

Ruby is sooooo funny, I want her to win.
Natalee, England

Jo Brand should have won, best voice, best mover and most sex appeal.
Dai, South Wales

As for the so-called celebs, how many of them are doing this just as much for their own gain as they are for charity..............most of them I think you'll find
Ben, UK
Great easy viewing and fab entertainment; even better that it's for charity but... please don't let Will win. He is only doing this in the vague hope he may get a boost to his lagging (or should I say non-started) singing career. Ruby deserves the title.
Amanda, UK

I just saw the guys having dinner with Nigella Lawson. Why on earth did she have to be so supercilious and patronising - especially to the boys? I found it very irritating because, let's face it, she's not exactly the Brain of Britain is she? Poor Will was clearly very uncomfortable trying to "fit in" with her pseudo-intellectual clap-trap. I think it just showed us who the real people are, and who should be admired for being "themselves" in this situation.
Karen Brohier, UK

I want to congratulate all the contestants for being SO brave. I hope Ruby wins, she rocks! She gives an outstanding performance and makes us all laugh!
Sarah, Isle of Man

The two presenters on BBC3 are appalling - axe them now.
John B, UK

I would have to agree with the majority here. Ruby, Jo, Paul, Doon and John represent the whole idea of Comic Relief, fun. As for Will, Kwame and Ulrika, lighten up and see the funny side. Ruby rocks!!
Max Baxter, England

Love this programme - brilliant way to raise money for Comic Relief. Hope Ruby wins as she is the most entertaining. Ruby is obviously putting a lot of effort in and having great fun at the same time.
Wendy, England

I think it is a shame that some of the contestants appear to be taking it so seriously - it is supposed to make us laugh, after all it is Comic Relief and the public appear to be voting for the contestants who can sing but don't make us laugh. Let's get rid of serious "I want to be new Robbie" Will and keep in the ones who make a laugh. Go Ruby.
Lesley Russell, England

Kwame has by far the best voice. Will is by far the best looking. Ruby puts on the best performance. Ulrika will be voted off tonight.
Angela, England

I love Will, he is fit and sexy. I hope he wins or Ruby, she is so funny. I love you Will.
Toni Edwards, England

I love the show, and think it is much better than Celebrity Big Brother. Kwame will win as he has a lovely voice and seems like a really nice guy. I think Ruby will be the runner up for being so over the top with her performances. Ulrika is not being shown in the best light, arguing with Doon and flirting for Britain, so I hope she is the next one out. Overall a great show and compulsive viewing in our house.
Martin L, England

Ruby has performed like a true star every night and rightly deserves to win just for sheer entertainment value.
James Pearse, UK

I'm English, living in The Netherlands ... can I vote? Really good fun ..... thanks to all celebs taking part. I know how hard it must be to stand up there and sing and dance! You're all great.
Rhona Vantine, The Netherlands

We all know that Kwame will win, but to be honest, he knows he's good and I personally think that some of the others who aren't quite as talented or as sure of themselves should be given a shot.
Rick, N Ireland

I think Fearne Cotton is great, she's brave even though most people know she hasn't got a voice like Britney. Also is she single?
Sammer, UK

I don't think Will Mellor should be allowed to take part. It's unfair - he's a proper singer who has released singles and everything!
Nicholas, UK

What a fantastic show! The orginal Fame Academy was superb but this is even better. Well done Auntie!!!!!!!!!
Matt Dudley, UK

Davina McCall should have been made to take part if only to see her on the other side of the "reality TV" fence for once! Then again, maybe not, she is on television too often as it is.
Andrew Hopkins, England

Utter rubbish.......just shows the mentality of people in this country that find this mindless dribble entertaining. As for the so-called celebs, how many of them are doing this just as much for their own gain as they are for charity..............most of them I think you'll find.
Ben, UK

What a pile of rubbish, shouldn't you be spending my money on new and innovative programming, not the same old tosh? When will all this end?
Mr Bored, Everywhere

Ruby sounds awful but does a great act, and plus it's for charity, so hopefully Ruby will get into the semi-final. Shame about Kwame, he's taken this bit of fun far too seriously, and you can tell he thinks he thinks that he's far superior than the rest of the gang. Think he would make a good singer, but not with that uncontrollable Whitney Houston warble!!!!
Tony N, England

Ruby has to win as she has been by far the most entertaining. OK Will and Kwame can sing better, but who cares when Ruby has you glued to the screen?
Natalie, UK

I think Celebrity Fame Academy is a wonderful idea. It is a great show and thanks to all celebs that keeps us entertained. We love it over here in Belgium. Kwame has a lovely voice and I think he deserves to win. Good luck Kwame.
MSMA, Belgium

I hope Ulrika gets voted off because she's taking it all too seriously - of all the people left she has no talent.
Linda, Scotland

I think Ruby Wax was really funny.
Lauren, UK

Why did they use Will Mellor when he's already released a single!? It's good to see, but what are they actually judging on, because Kwame is obviously a better singer than Ruby.
Ben, England

Kwame has got a good voice but I really want Will to win, He's sexy and I think he's the only one out of them who's released a song in the charts and the others haven't. It is also good to see the contestants giving it all they've got and being serious about it too. Ruby is of course the star of the show all round, she's the funniest.
Karen Hodson, England

Will and Kwame have the best voices - but for me the winner has to be Ruby - she is hilarious.
Susan, The Netherlands

I think it's a great thing for charity and I hope Ruby wins, she is a comic for Comic Relief.
Nick, UK

What unbelievably good sports the whole team are and have been to put themselves on show like this for Comic Relief. The show is addictive and compulsory viwing in our house - no mean feat I can tell you! Well done to all the housemates, thank you for brightening our evenings by taking big risks for charity.
Mary, St. Albans, Herts

I would like to vote for Kwame because I think he is a good singer. With lots of talent, I am a big fan of his.
Reham Basher, UK

I'm bored of all this stuff. Same format again and again. Can't you make some documentaries instead so we can learn something?
Becky, England

Surprisingly, I am really enjoying this Celebrity Fame Academy - perhaps because of the fast pace at which it is moving. Well done to ALL the celebs. Could someone clear up a question for my "anorak" of a husband - he is convinced that Will Mellor has issued a record or two in the past ... is he correct or is he getting Will muddled with someone of the same name?
Sarah Bavin, England

For all round entertainment value Ruby Wax wins hands down, I hope she is the overall winner. But seeing Ulrika strop around is somehow enjoyable, I never knew someone could be so cruel yet entertaining.
Ken, England

The voters have read this show well. Kwame is the best singer but this is Comic Relief, not a singing contest. Ruby Wax has been the best comedy performance in the show. All ages have loved her fun presentations. Ruby should win the show now.
Paul, England

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