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Last Updated:  Wednesday, 26 February, 2003, 18:08 GMT
Award glory boosts CD sales
A man reads a newspaper at a roadside stall carrying a front page photo of US jazz singer Norah Jones in New Delhi
Jones' Grammy victory put her on front pages around the world
US singer Norah Jones has seen her album sales shoot up since scooping eight Grammy Awards and a Brit Award during the past week.

She is leading the chart charge of a string of stars who are benefiting from the exposure of the recent award ceremonies in New York and London.

Among the Brits winners, Tom Jones, Coldplay and David Gray have also enjoyed increased sales in the UK since Thursday's show.

Coldplay, who won two Brits and two Grammys, have also reportedly had a sales boost in the US, as have other Grammy winners Dixie Chicks, John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen.

Top three aim

Jazz-pop singer Jones has become an international star on the back of her Grammy sweep, winning awards in all of the categories in which she was nominated.

She is expected to rise from number 10 to the top three of the next UK album chart as music fans have flocked to hear the music for herself.

Sales of her album, Come Away With Me, have increased more than four-fold in HMV stores across the UK, according to the chain.

Tom Jones, who received a lifetime achievement award at the Brits and performed a medley of his hits, is also a strong contender for next week's number one spot.

Word of mouth

As well as the publicity, music fans have been persuaded to buy the CDs because awards enhance the stars' reputations, HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said.

"For many people, that prompts them to go out and buy the album, particularly if there has been very good word of mouth and they have been meaning to buy it.

"Where an album has got potentially a lot more sales to come, as in the case of Norah Jones, that is where you tend to see the biggest uplifts."

In the US, music industry magazine Hits reported that Jones' sales had shot up.

She could sell up to 700,000 CDs this week, it said, which would put her near the top of the chart.

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