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Last Updated: Tuesday, 25 February, 2003, 12:53 GMT
Coronation Street: Your views
Coronation Street
More than 17 million Coronation Street viewers saw serial killer Richard Hillman admit to his wife that he was a murderer during a tense double bill on Monday.

Hillman, played by Brian Capron, has killed three characters so far and threatened to make his wife Gail his next victim after she found out the truth about him.

We asked what you thought of the episodes - was it really high drama or just a corny way of chasing ratings? Did the storyline live up to the hype - or did the acting and writing let the show down?

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Coronation Street was ok but EastEnders could have done better with that story.
Sharmila, Germany

This was a truly poignant episode and it made we weep to see the tragedy of this man's world falling apart. Reminded me of MacBeth with the past coming back to haunt Richard. The most moving bit of television I've seen in years.
Richard Stone, Lowestoft, England

I think Richard Hillman should just kill the entire character set of corrie and then top himself, then we might be able to talk about our own problems rather than suppressing them with the aid of this trash.
Jay, UK

I think Brian Capron's been great but then I fancied him as Mr Hopwood in Grange Hill.
Lara, UK

The funniest thing I have seen on television for ages
Susan Allan, UK
I thought the comedy was superb - Corrie is not written to be as gritty and real as EastEnders - it is more "fantasy" real life and the comedy just made the viewer realise that this is a soap which is entertainment oriented. It would be better if they now wrote the whole of last year as a dream sequence - like Sunset Beach!!
Laura, England

Not a patch on the two hander between Little Mo and Trevor on EastEnders a few months ago. The script and the acting knocked spots off that clichéd rubbish shown on Monday.
Gary , England

The funniest thing I have seen on television for ages...
Susan Allan, UK

What are all these people moaning about? The ratings prove them all wrong: it was great entertainment, as only Coronation Street knows how. And Brian's acting was superb. As for the moaners: there's always Channel Four News you know.
Peter, France

Where did Gail get the other brain cell from to 'crack' the whodunit AND get him to confess?
Mick H, England

We are four months behind in getting Coronation Street over here so I will get back to you on this.
Paul McDonald, Canada

I don't see what all the fuss is about. Mere proles may find this sort of thing exciting, but personally it just leaves me cold. Give me good old actuarial exams any day!
Terry J Maxwell, Deeside, Wales

I don't normally watch the show but I thought I had to watch just this one, just to see what all the fuss was about. And I have to say, I don't know what was funnier - the unintentionally hammy lines and appalling acting, or the thoughts of 17 million people on the edge of their seats gripped by something so pathetic. William Shakespeare must be turning in his grave. At least his comedies were MEANT to be funny...
Andy H, UK

The lines were light-hearted enough, but the acting was dreadful. An anticlimax, therefore.
Annette Fox, UK

Thought Helen Worth's acting was super but Brian became too much of a pantomime baddie to be realistic. The second episode dragged a bit towards the end and surely Gail would have rushed to her kids and not merely told them to stay in their rooms?
Jill, Scotland

Disappointing - the hype far outweighed the episode
Janette Forsyth, Scotland
Quite good, thought that Brian Capron played a very sinister character. It was a bit Nancy Drew/Scooby Doo though with no real tension - he may have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids...
Christine, England

My girlfriend and I enjoyed the double episode. We are worried about Gail, why did she phone her mother and not the police, now Richard is going to go and predictably do his worst deed yet! Better storyline than the EastEnders Jim/Dot/Doris love triangle. Come on EastEnders, pull your socks up!
Steve E, Blackpool, England

Didn't see it and don't care.
Andy Townsend, UK

Disappointing - the hype far outweighed the episode. I know it is just a soap, however in reality if a murder was on my doorstep, I'm sure you wouldn't be able to move for detectives/police interviews etc. This did not happen on the programme, therefore for such a good storyline it became corny in the end.
Janette Forsyth, Scotland

I think the show was quite good and is at last bringing the far too extended story line to a climax. However, they now need to maintain it and give us a good ending and not wimp out. He needs to be punished and not allowed to just fade away, ie suicide. It would be good if he came back to attack Gail and the family and Audrey killed him.
Lisa Wild, England

It's tacky, violent filth that shouldn't been shown before the 9pm watershed. Seems like there is one rule for the soaps, and another for everything else.
Jeremy, England

The show is not specifically for the younger generation so why not give this storyline a later timeslot?
Neil Simkin, Wales
"While you decide whether to tell the police about the three murders, I'll put the kettle on" Brilliant irony from the scriptwriters - I hope! Having to show it ahead of the watershed made the job very difficult for the scriptwriters and it did end up becoming rather corny.

Such a shame as it could have been so much better. So many of the other soaps have had late night episodes. The show is not specifically for the younger generation so why not give this storyline a later timeslot? The murder of Maxine and the subsequent events could have been written and acted in a much more believable way.
Neil Simkin, Wales

As with all hyped-up soap story lines, this one failed to deliver yet again with an extremely bland climax.
Richard, UK

Andy, Leeds, UK

The most awful acting I have seen on the street in a long time. "Norman Bates with a briefcase". Ha.
Will Scott, UK

We have lived with this story for over a year and the climax was not disappointing
Philip Sowerbutts, England
This was drama of the highest calibre. The writing was excellent and the acting exquisite. Because this was a soap, the characters were highly developed and so the dramatic value was intensified. We have lived with this story for over a year and the climax was not disappointing!
Philip Sowerbutts, England

I thought it was brilliant, the best bit of drama for ages especially involving Gail. I always wondered about his motives for moving in with her.
Paul Emery, England

Corrie is the best soap on TV. This has been a very enjoyable story line which certainly lived up to the hype. Brian Capron is a marvellous actor and will be missed, although because of the storyline he sadly has to go. Trouble is what are the writers going to do now to keep the hype going?
Colleen, England

It was so funny me and boyfriend couldn't stop laughing at it. Norman Bates with a briefcase! Amazingly she rings her mother and not the police when he's left the house! Oh Gail! What a silly girl thou art!
Mogga, UK

It was naff. Gail didn't get upset until she realised he hadn't bought the bracelet then she had her coat on. What are you planning to follow this with? Let me guess, she gets back together with Martin - after all, he hasn't had a date since they broke up.
Diane, England

I wouldn¿t go as far as high drama... comedy is more like it. Some of Gail's comments were hysterical, as was Emily's rendition of For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. As entertainment, it did exactly as promised but I'm not convinced it was meant to be as funny as I found it!
Sam, Nuneaton, UK

I'm not big watcher of soaps, but this Coronation Street storyline has got me hooked
Andrew Lowe, UK
I thought the whole thing made great entertainment and my only disappointment is that he is leaving the street... could the producers get him to kill of boring Ken before he goes?
Mark, UK

I'm not big watcher of soaps, but this Coronation Street storyline has got me hooked. It's the second time I've ever had to plan my life around the television! Sad but true.
Andrew Lowe, UK

I thought the climax to this story was a real damp squib! After all that build up he just sung like a canary! Not very credible if you ask me.
Helena, Wales

The most distressing thing about last night's Corrie was Gail finally finding out she was married to a murderer - this is a story that could have run for much longer. As for the scenes themselves, I couldn't help but laugh at the scriptwriters sense of humour - Gail's line about being hit with a shovel was a classic.
Anna, London, UK

After all the build-up they received, I thought both episodes were dreadful. The script was limp in the extreme and the climax not worth the wait. With all the shouting, I'd have thought the neighbours would have been banging on the walls well before the end. The acting was also quite dire, so no change there.
Philip Baker, UK

It just wasn't long enough a few more murders would have been fun. He is a great villain
Rosemary Tether, UK

Congratulations to the actors... gripping stuff... but where do we, or they, go from here?
Len Williams, England

What a shame this storyline had to end - and so quickly! Why did Gail all of a sudden discover a sixth sense, articulacy, and pick up on rumours when for weeks she had studiously ignored them?
Rob, England

Coronation Street is definitely riding high at the moment - keep it up
Yvonne, England
Is Coronation Street STILL running? They ran out of new plots 30 years ago. Do they still serve Milk Stout in the Rovers Return?
Geoff Lane, UK

I thought the storyline was great. Much better than the rubbish EastEnders are churning out at the moment. It's such a shame that Richard has to leave, because he's a great actor and I can totally believe why Gail hasn't suspected him before. Coronation Street is definitely riding high at the moment. Keep it up.
Yvonne, England

It was a complete let-down. A wonderful build up over around a year was totally destroyed with a simple confession: "I won't lie to you, Gail". Of course he would have lied. He would have carried on lying until the bitter end. Crassly unbelievable scripting, lifted slightly by some decent acting.
Peter Schutterlin, UK

Coronation Street is able to strike an excellent balance between drama and humour. The climax of the storyline was well acted and carried a great many themes true to everyday life.

The intensity did not require the terror or screaming that many newspapers suggested in their reviews. Those who believe it did miss the point of the story. It is about a man so desperate to be accepted and loved by his family that he would go to any lengths in order to do so. It was totally believable and has revitalised the programme.
Paul Schneider, London, England

Why, oh why, do people watch this rubbish?
Alan, UK

The last two Murder in Mind episodes on BBC1 were much better written and acted - episodes I'd love to see again and a series I now look forward to each week! Overall the double bill was something of a let down as there was very little in the way of last minute plot twists or surprises.
Richard, UK

It was just gr8. At last Gail figured it out. For a minute I thought she was going to keep Richard because he had "killed for her". Can't wait for the next instalment!
Andrew Muir, Northern Ireland

It's like something out of the school playground
Bob, UK
This whole story has been so stupid. I can't imagine a situation in reality where 2 people who accuse each other of murder or being mad (Richard and his wife's mother) sit on tables next to each other in the pub, each with their gangs of supporters, and swap insults. It's like something out of the school playground!
Bob, UK

It's a ratings chaser - I'm only tuning in to see what's going on with Richard Hillman and after it's over will only watch it when there's nothing else on.
Steve G, UK

I feel that when Richard admitted to Gail about the murders it was a bit of an anti-climax. I think Richard should kill once again, perhaps Gail and then go on the run.
Richard Attwood, England

Isn't there enough real killing and tragic murders already? I think that this is over the top for entertainment - this 'drama' does not entertain me at all - in fact it saddens me.
Neil, UK

Very Corny, but that's what Corrie is all about to me!
Richard Bannister, England

It doesn't matter how clever the storyline or how good the acting, the final moments of any Coronation Street episode just can't compete with the dramatic quality of EastEnders' "Dum-Dum"s.
Mike, UK

This should not have been shown at peak viewing time - there is far too much violence on television
Sheila Edan, England
Great viewing and a good talking point but still not as good as an EastEnders storyline because they are not spoiled by leaks before hand such as the who shot Phil Mitchell storyline.
Michael James Quinn, Ireland

This should not have been shown at peak viewing time. There is far too much violence on television.
Sheila Edan, England

Surly one of her FIRST questions would have been "Did you try to kill my mother?...not the sixth or was it the seventh...still the actor that played Richard was excellent
Eamonn Clifford, UK

Absolutely top notch drama. Of course some people will sneer, but this is what TV was made for. Think about the amount of low quality/low budget programs made these days and compare them to the quality of last night's Coronation Street. It was simply superb.
Jonathan Fox, UK

Coronation Street has just given the fans what they wanted. The viewing figures are a complete vindication for the Coro producers!
Leon Moorcroft, UK

I'd be hard put to differentiate between this and an episode of the Woodentops, except you can't see the strings in the Woodentops
Hazel Lawson, Norwich, England
Awful. "I've just found out you're a serial killer, but I'll stand here calmly and impassively for ten minutes and not say a SINGLE WORD while you come out with this beautifully crafted monologue. Tell me when you've finished." Unbelievably bad. Corrie just can't do two-handers like EastEnders can.
David , UK

I'd be hard put to differentiate between this and an episode of the Woodentops, except you can't see the strings in the Woodentops.
Hazel Lawson, Norwich, England

Richard should not have admitted it. The storyline could have gone on for years. Kill of every character at the end of their contract and then disappear into the shadows! Why do soaps feel that storylines have to be ended "cleanly"? Life isn't.
Dave Jennings, England

This did not need 2 episodes. We already know what he had done, so to take an hour showing us Gail finding out was too long - especially as the storyline has been widely published. And why did Gail phone Audrey at the end?
Keith L, UK

Excellent - very well handled. The directors could have chosen to be more brutal but the way it was handled was much more realistics. Richard's weaknesses against Gail's strengths were a true turning of the tables. Well done
Sarah, N Ireland

There has been a panto element to parts of this storyline, but I found the two-hander episode gripping and really well done. What Corrie does so well at times of high drama is to make everything that little bit different, which adds to the general mood of tension. New views of familiar rooms and houses, weird camera angles, odd lighting. It could have been hokey, but it wasn't and it worked.
Andrew, UK

Excellent twist in last night's story. The acting was unusually good for a soap drama. Brian Capron should be considered for higher profile roles in the future.
Neil Small, Scotland

Last night's episodes had more corn than Kansas in springtime! It is meant to be a soap, not a panto.
Gillian, UK

Coronation Street is meant to be corny, and thank goodness it still is
Androo, England
I thought it was very over hyped and did not live up to expectations. I actually started laughing at what was supposed to be a serious scene!
Lynn Dawson, England

"You're sick. You're Norman Bates with a briefcase." Gail has never had a better line. Fantastic stuff. I loved every minute. It was exactly what it was supposed to be. Coronation Street is meant to be corny, and thank goodness it still is.
Androo, England

I couldn't stop laughing. The corny dialogue about marriages like scissors and breaking off from the menacing performance to offer to put the kettle on were too much for me. What a hoot! They should give these writers a few ITV comedy scripts and ask them to sort it out.
Martin, UK

It dragged a bit and lacked the excitement that EastEnders has. The first episode was alright, but the second was too long and dragged out.
Balvinder Khatkar, England

Street sparks power surge
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