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Last Updated:  Monday, 24 February, 2003, 13:21 GMT
Dirty Vegas make their mark at Grammys
Dirty Vegas receive their Grammy award
The trio go practically unrecognised in the UK
Grammy-winning UK dance act Dirty Vegas appear to have cracked the US - yet are relatively little known in their home country.

The south London trio won with the best dance recording Grammy at Sunday's ceremony in New York for their track Days Go By.

The club anthem became a big hit in the US last year after it was picked up by car maker Mitsubishi for use in a TV advert.

Suddenly the trio - Ben Harris, Paul Harris (no relation) and Steve Smith - found themselves catapulted from obscurity to major chart act.

At the time Smith said: "A few months ago we were sitting in a studio in South London, and then it exploded. It's a dream come true."

On the back of the single their self-titled debut album sold a million copies in the US and about 100,000 in the UK .

They toured with Moby and went on to remix Madonna's Bond theme and Justin Timberlake's new single.

Yet despite the success their UK profile remains fairly low-key.

Groove Armada
Groove Armada have toured with Dirty Vegas
After receiving the Grammy, Smith - the group's singer - said: "Back home they don't even recognise us.

"It's like, all these other bands and - by the way - some band called Dirty Vegas got nominated."

He added: "When we played a few gigs in Britain before Christmas people kept coming up to us and saying, 'I thought you were American'.

"Well we're not, we're English."

The trio were formed in 2001, brought together by a shared love of house music.

Paul Harris had been fairly successful as a DJ at major club nights, including Ministry and Cream.

Ben Harris was honing his production skills and, together with his brother, recorded a tune under the name of Bullitt which was put out by Virgin.

Dirty Vegas
They are poised to play live dates in the UK
Smith, who was at school with Oasis drummer Alan White, was playing live percussion in clubs and developing his songs written on acoustic guitar.

Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong was so fond of Days Go By that he played it for 12 weeks running.

The group were signed by Parlophone and their album followed shortly afterwards.

It combines club beats with ambient acoustics and vocals in an eclectic mix of styles inspired by acts as diverse as Santana, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd.

Dirty Vegas have reportedly received several lucrative offers from advertising agencies following the success of the Mitsubishi advert.

But Smith said they would only be interested in projects "with integrity".

"...We won't let our music be used for just anything," he has said.

The group have toured in the UK supporting Groove Armada, and are due to play some more live dates in Britain.

"We're delighted, it's fantastic for them," said a Parlophone spokeswoman. "They're hardly known in Britain outside the dance circuit."



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