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Zeta Jones wins Bafta
Catherine Zeta Jones
Zeta Jones was delighted at winning the award
Catherine Zeta Jones was centre-stage at the Bafta awards on Sunday evening when she won the Best Supporting Actress award for the musical film Chicago.

The award for the 33-year-old actress could be a pointer for the Oscars, which are set to take place in the US next month.

Zeta Jones was accompanied at the ceremony in London by her husband Michael Douglas - the pair have recently also been seen in the High Court, fighting a legal battle with Hello magazine.

The Welsh actress used a slogan well-known in Wales to salute her parents in Swansea during her acceptance speech.

The clearly-delighted Zeta Jones told the audience: "I am very hormonal so if I cry just please take me off the stage.

Number of Baftas
The Two Towers: 3
The Pianist: 2
The Hours: 2
Chicago: 2
Road to Perdition: 2
Talk to Her: 2
The Warrior: 2
Gangs of New York: 1
"I am so thrilled and so honoured that coming home I receive this award, I can tell you.

"Thank you so much, the British Academy.

"I was two years hoofing it just down the road in 42nd Street and I never thought I would be standing here with this.

Her thank you's included a message for her Welsh parents which echoed entertainer Max Boyce's famous chant.

"To my mam and dad in Swansea, south Wales: Oggy, oggy, oggy, oi, oi, oi."

She added: "To my wonderful husband and to my beautiful children, I love you and thank you so much."

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones
The Hollywood couple arriving at the Baftas
She also thanked her fellow Chicago actors, "partners in crime" Richard Gere and the "delicious" Renee Zellweger.

Zeta Jones played the role of Velma Kelly, a Chicago entertainer in the 1920s accused of murder.

Husband Michael Douglas appeared to be filling up with tears as his wife accepted her award.

Speaking after the ceremony, Zeta Jones said winning the award was something she had "dreamed about for a long time".

"Just to be part of the film is an award in itself, but to have this on my mantlepiece is great and I'm genuinely so thrilled."

She said she hoped her win would help cheer up the Welsh after the rugby team lost to England on Saturday.

The seven-month pregnant actress said she would have to wait to celebrate with a glass of champagne.

I'll have to postpone everything for an after party in two months time - I'll have to relive it as it were a dream."

Zeta Jones said the couple had already chosen a unisex name for their expected baby which they would use whatever the sex.

"My first was going to be called Dylan whether it was a boy or a girl and this one's the same, but we're keeping it a secret."

Martin Scorsese and Catherine Zeta Jones
Director Martin Scorsese presented Zeta Jones with the award
Michael Douglas said he was "elated" by his wife's win.

He described the months spent with Zeta Jones in Canada while she was making Chicago.

"I was 'Mr Mom' during the time in Toronto when Catherine was making Chicago, hanging with Dylan every day so I would see the work that she put into it.

""I would watch her come back black and blue and sore and I watched the effort that went into it and the end result is a spectacular movie and particularly great for Catherine."

He said he had visited the hotel where his wife used to stay while she was acting in the West End.

"To see where she stayed and did eight shows a week for two and a half years and then for her to come here and win Bafta - particularly with some of the peripheral things going on in the tabloids - was a really joy for her and I am really proud of her."

The couple have recently visited Zeta Jones' home city of Swansea to see her relatives in between an appearance in the High Court and the Baftas ceremony.

The couple are suing Hello magazine for printing pictures of their wedding after they had signed an exclusive deal with OK! magazine.

Zeta Jones made a brief reference to the case after the ceremony.

She said: "No one likes to be doing that sort of stuff but this is a different thing and it's really, really special."

Other winners at the Baftas included Nicole Kidman with Best Actress for the Hours, Daniel Day Lewis, Best Actor for Gangs of New York, with Roman Polanski's The Pianist getting the Best Film gong.



Renee Zellweger In Pictures
The stars and dresses at the 54th Bafta ceremony

Other winners

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