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Woman to play Dylan in biopic
Bob Dylan
The Dylan of 1965 will be played by a female actor
Music legend Bob Dylan is to be played by an actress in a film about the singer's life.

An unidentified woman will portray the singer-songwriter at the height of his popularity in the mid-1960s.

The unlikely role is one of seven stages of Dylan's five-decade career represented by different actors - who also reportedly include an 11-year-old black boy.

The film is being made director Todd Haynes, whose film Far From Heaven has won an Oscar nomination for actress Julianne Moore.

Haynes said he wanted to capture the many facets of Dylan's character.

He said: "Bob Dylan is somebody who has continued to reject all of the various personas that he has embodied over the years.

"(He) continues to move forward by discarding himself, so my idea is to put together a film of multiple characters and tell their stories simultaneously."

Haynes said although each of the actors would portray the singer, none would create "the definitive Dylan".

Bob Dylan
Dylan has had a colourful life
The woman actor would play him as he appeared in the era "when he was best-looking", said Haynes.

Dylan fans will be intrigued by the prospect of the first major Hollywood film project in recent years to chronicle his life and work.

Haynes has reportedly struck up a close friendship with the artist and gained unprecedented access to his catalogue of hundreds of songs.

Dylan's life story - also due to be told in a forthcoming autobiography - makes for a potentially colourful film.

Previous movies

It will follow his rise from the son of middle-class Jewish parents in a midwest US town to protest singer and rock legend whose writing has been likened the great poets.

Dylan himself has been involved in two previous movies about his career.

D A Pennebaker's documentary Don't Look Back recorded his 1965 tour of England playing one-man shows around the country.

A decade later the artist himself directed the four-hour epic Renaldo and Clara, which combined improvised acting with live performances of Dylan and his band.

He also stars in the forthcoming Masked and Anonymous as an ageing singer whose career is on the slide.

Haynes' previous work includes Velvet Goldmine, the story of glam rock in the UK during the 1970s.

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