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Titian exhibition: Your views
Titian's The Flight into Egypt
Works from all periods of the artist's life are included
A major exhibition by the celebrated renaissance artist Titian has opened at the National Gallery in London.

It reunites many of the artist's masterpieces for the first time in hundreds of years, gathering paintings from throughout his life.

"The beauty of Titian is that he constantly reinvented himself throughout his life without ever losing his touch," wrote BBC News's Philip Gordos.

"That makes for a wonderful array of images, set in an environment which only enhances your experience."

But what do you think? Does the exhibition live up to your expectations?

Have your say

It was amazing to see such a powerful and historic collection of work from this master. The tone and brushwork of his work is still overawing after all of these years. You find yourself engaging with every piece as you get a sense for mythological and cultural beliefs of the time and as well as his own personality.

It was an honour to witness such a rare composition of historical work. It was very busy at the exhibition. People obviously know this is a once in a life time opportunity.
Andy Stokes, UK

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