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Wednesday, 19 February, 2003, 14:58 GMT
Your views: Joe Millionaire finale
Evan Marriott
Marriott had to choose from 20 women
America's latest reality TV sensation Joe Millionaire has reached its climax as the show's bachelor picked his perfect partner and revealed he was not sitting on a $50m (31m) fortune.

Evan Marriott, aka Joe Millionaire, posed as a millionaire to woo 20 female contestants, finally choosing 29-year-old Zora Andrich as his dream girlfriend.

Thank you for your views. You can read a selection of your correspondence below.

Any relationship based on a lie will never work. I did not watch the show, though I was mildly curious. To give someone lots of bucks for being a liar is a sham. Shame, shame, shame.
Kathleen, USA

There was nothing emotional, or of high quality, about this non-reality show. I bet they aren't even dating anymore. Get a life people. Watch the History Channel. Learn a little something.
Tim, USA

Shows like this make me puke. The whole concept is so irrational, fake, degrading and downright stupid that only Americans can find it entertaining. It was evident that the whole show was well planned and scripted, but the ladies failed miserably as actresses.
Justin Redrum

I loved the whole entire show. The last show I couldn't have waited for but it finally came and it was a surprise. I hope you guys plan on having another show just like this out soon or similar because it makes you think on what's going on and who is gonna win it. Zora - whoa... I thought you were gonna say no. I don't wanna have anything to do with you but you surprised a lot of people.
Jennifer, United States

Sounds better than our version (Mr Right) which I couldn't be bothered to watch.
Helen Marray Finlay, Scotland

I think that the world has been fooled once again by the big network "money machine". I think the deception is on the "watching audience". A little too perfect of an ending.
Shelly, United States

I thought the show was great. I didn't think I would enjoy it but I did and I'm sooo glad he picked Zora.
Kim Spagnuolo, USA

Absolutely loved the show. Totally romantic. Could not have ended better... even without the $1m it would have been fabulous.
Angela, Canada

Loved it. Nice twist and Evan chose the right girl. Better than watching a sitcom by far.
Michele, USA

I thought the show was great, up until the final 10 minutes. It turned into something really corny and lame.
Monica Ledbetter, USA

It was very refreshing to see two young people who still believe in goodness and romance be rewarded.
Deborah Cotton, USA

I hope that no other shows like this are ever aired again. It is wrong to lie, mislead. I will not tune to Fox again. I saw about 20mins of the last show, that was enough. I hope that the $1m will only be paid if they stay together
Steven Hackett, USA

I thought it was relatively flawless, as close as TV dating/matchmaking shows can get to genuine, which isnt all that much... The writers were brilliant in steering the audience into rooting for Zora... great job!
Tony Montana, Canada

Well. Now I can sleep better.
Andy, United States

I think it's great that Evan picked Zora she was the most real of all the girls and I really hope they stay together. What a story to tell their kids.
Brandy, Canada

This show is akin to the Osbournes. It is real bad, but something sits you down to watch it each week cause ya just gotta know what happens next.
Richard Cranium, Canada

I am still waiting for the silly sod to string together two coherent thoughts. The concept of the show was based upon lies and deceit - we have quite enough of that in politics already. Thanks, but I'd rather watch PBS, and did!
Clayton Bankston, USA

C'mon people, this is prime time TV. I think the show was superb and there was a message conveyed to all especially for the ladies - you should love a person for who and not what they are. I would like to see what the "Bachelorette" holds so guys be prepared.
Ayo, South Windsor, USA

Joe Millionaire served its purpose - it provided several weeks of delightfully twisted and horribly addictive entertainment. Like it or not, Americans watched as Evan slowly picked his way through 19 women to the one true beauty, Zora. And to those who criticize the show's basis as money and greed... exactly! But, in the end, even in materialistic America love conquered money. What more could a viewer have asked for?
Jami Ference, USA

Loved the show. Didn't need to be a 2-hour finale, but faithfully watched every week. I'm happy for Zora.
Sally Johnson, USA

The whole show like most "reality TV" is voyeuristic claptrap.
Nigel Pond, Brit living in the USA

Being a Brit new to the USA, I found the whole concept fascinating. We picked and liked Zora from the first episode. Most of girls however were just so greedy and full of themselves it was unreal. Paul Hogan was just superb as the butler. A good programme for a lazy Monday evening!
Sarah Saunders, USA

Can the BBC do the opposite Joe Down and Out?
Thelma, UK

I truly liked the ending and the chosen lady. I was hoping for more romance after Zora accepted Joe. I also believe he really liked Sarah according to the footage seem last light of their time together. Good choice Joe, way to go!
Bardenbry, USA

I was sooo happy he picked Zora. I said from the beginning he was going to choose her. The show lead us to believe that he was going to choose Sarah. When I heard the final answer I was soo happy. It was a great show!
Stephanie, US

Loved it. I have never watched any of the other "pick a girl" type shows but thought this sounded interesting to see the gold digger disappointed at the end. Instead I ended up getting drawn into pulling for Zora over the gold diggers and loved the ending. I hope they do have a truly happy ending.
Ann Knott, USA

Absolutely super. Great Ending. Yes, he DID pick the right gal. What a great choice.
Judy Alexander, USA

Wonderful fairytale with appropriate finale. If only life were so sweet!
Mike Hughes, USA

I thought it was heart-warming and pure magic! Watching Evan and Zora dance and kiss, I felt there was really something there between them. I do hope it blossoms into a true love for both. Wouldn't they have the most beautiful babies?
Carol P, USA

This show was a really sick idea. I only watched one episode (not the finale), but I was totally put off by Paul Hogan (who was really creepy) and most of the girls (except Zora) were really a bunch of money-hungry jerks. And Evan wasn't very nice, either.
Leanne Roberts, USA

Didn't watch the show at first, but got addicted with about four episodes to go. Thought the show was great light entertainment, which is all that it was meant to be. A bit hammed up at the end, but definitely enjoyed it.
Belinda Holdsworth, USA

I'm so happy for Evan and Zora. Good things do happen to good people. This is a perfect example as they are so deserving of the good fortune they have found - mostly in one another.
Denise G Hall, United States

I thought the whole show was a riot! It wasn't about dating or romance. It was about 20 gold diggers who were more focused on what they would gain, rather than learning who this man was... or even if they could find true love. They were there to find money. I could care less about the "fairy tale" of the show, it was the lying, back stabbing, and catty interaction between the women that kept me watching.
Natalie, Canada

You know, I actually liked it! I watched from the beginning and was entertained but thought the show was pretty silly. Last night, I found myself actually hoping those two had a chance to make it!
Susan Harvey, USA

Okay, we all knew that this was a reality show and that there would be hidden secrets and some sharp turns. I for one loved the show. I think every person, both male and female, dreams of a wonderful romance. Even though the chances of this happening is zilch, it took our minds off the war, racism, unemployment, and all the daily obstacles in life, and allowed us each week to dream!
Renee, USA

The concept of the show was what lured me in... the show itself was a bore. Did I continue to watch? Yes. Did it progressively get worse? Yes. Will Fox do it again? I hope not.
Deborah B., USA

This is just another pathetic TV program to show to the rest of the world what Americans are all about and what we watch. We have an important crisis of war coming to this country and our economy is failing but the only thing Americans want to know is who will Joe Millionaire pick. Frankly, I'm embarrassed. Our media likes to keep us all stupid and we all go along with it.
Erica, NY, USA

The whole reality TV thing is way out of hand and this show was the last straw. How dumb can people be? They showed me just how dumb with this show. Fox, please think before you do something this stupid again.
Pam Smith, USA

I found his comment interesting when he told Zora, "You're $500,000 richer..." Why not WE'RE a million richer?
Laurie, US

I thought the show was a good idea in theory - or at least as good as any other hit-reality TV show. However, I hated the way it was presented to us. The producers really took the viewers for granted and for fools with their constant summary of what had happened to date. It made the show very difficult to watch.
Lysanne B, Canada

Great show! what's wrong with a guy wanting find a woman who loves him for him? Nothing, that's what. Granted the show was a bit scandalous but people test potential partners all the time to see if they really are compatible. Good luck to all!
Tammy Walls, USA

See, good things come to those who are "good" and Zora is wonderful! She wasn't all over Evan, didn't have stuff falling out and she wasn't prissy! Zora deserves all she gets!
Lorraine Trento, USA

I think Fox was rather cheap in their money award. They should have given both Evan and Zora a million dollars EACH.
Cheryl, USA

For the romantic in me I was glad at the turn out. It was almost like a Cinderella story. Made me believe in humanity again.
Karen , USA

Weak. I'm sure the producers did not think so.... Will we be kept up to date on their future romance?
David Wolf, USA

It was awesome! We were all pulling that he would pick Zora, I just knew she felt the same way for him. It truly was a fairytale ending, brought tears to my eyes. I wish the two of them much luck.
J Chiasson, United States

The sad part is he picked a girl who didn't care if he had any money, I really wanted to see him keep Heidi then see how angry she'd be when she found out he had nothing, that would have made my day.
Lisa, Canada

Where was Evan when I was looking for a man? The show was great! My husband and I watched it together and sparked some good conversation between us.
Josie Winkels, USA

I loved the whole show. It was the most perfect production of its type I have ever seen or could imagine. I actually broke down crying on this last episode... it was just so emotional. It's something I very rarely do. Paul Hogan did perfect. I have no suggestions whatsoever of any way I think you could have improved the show. The last "bit of magic" made this one complete.
Steve Adamson, USA

Just another show for horny, greedy, dumb females who are more attracted to money and sex than to anything else.
Luis Brau, USA

I thought the whole concept of the show was really stupid. Desperate people ready for a thrill. Hated the show.
Betty Metten , United States

The show was enthralling. I hope that Fox continues to keep us in suspense with more reality tv. The concept was great 'no money'! That serves the money hungry grubby women right. Now turn it around and make it a millionaire woman with money and 20 men.......that will get my attention!
Ann S, USA

The editing was brilliant, especially when portraying each of the girls' trademark move. The MoJo move was particularly hysterical. I love that sarah felt giving Joe a B.J. wasn't as degrading as Mojo's puzzle. Priceless.
lili evans, usa

My wife was supprised that I got into the show as much as I did. Normally I would have said some nasty things about such programming. We watched it together however and found it entertaining on so many different levels. I guess I'd have to agree with the majority of female responses here. Great show. Hope the couple make a go of it. PS: posts like Justin's - calling certain nationalities derogitory names has no place here. Not cool!
J Perkins, USA

We watched the show over the past few weeks, had some friends over on holiday and we saw the finale. Mixed opinions, but good fun to watch though. It was good to see some of the rejected girls have their say and show their true colours proving that didn't have what it took to win. The winner was the right choice!
Mel and Jim Leeson, Brits residing in USA

I thought the show was dumb, but now as dumb as Evan. Was he for real? Where did you find him? I could handle a poor man, but a stupid man? No thanks. What a dork he is!!!!
Denise, United States

I thought it was fantastic it actually made me cry,I think Evan and Zora make a really cute couple so I hope it last for them.
Kathy Babel, USA

Bravo to FOX! For once, the good girl wins. Even if the ballroom scene was rehearsed, Evan and Zora did a splenidid job of making it look real. It was refreshing.
Melissa Burk, USA

I knew that Zora would be picked she was the only natural one. She was obviously not just there for the money and had the most class. I had predicted 3 weeks before the finale that Zora would be picked and that they would be given 1 million dollars. You better get up earlier if you are going to surprise me.
scott harper, usa

This has been the most enjoyable programme on US television - except for CSI.
Nathan Sharp, USA

Chalk one up for the good girls!!! However I think the network was a little "cheap". Zora and Joe should have received 1 million each. I'm sure the show generated enough money for that.
Leah Free, USA

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!! I was so happy for Zora, whether or not their relationship works out. She deserves it, not for what she is on the show, but for what she is in "real life."
Maria, USA

Typical brainless "reality TV" fare, but entertaining and a good escape from the madness of true reality. Also less cruel and senseless than the repeated beatings over our head with the lynch mob specials on Michael Jackson.
Curt Monsson, USA

I can truthfully say that this show was done with good taste. Although, bathing suits of Melissa and Sarah were a BIT TOO MUCH for family tv viewing. They both were upfront gold diggers and put themselves at a superior level. THANK GOD Evan chose down to earth Zora. She was just herself all through this show, from begining to end, and I'm sure that's most of the reason why Evan was attracted to her... GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!! HOPE THEIR RELATIONSHIP ADVANCES.. What a great couple.. Anxious to hear some ongoing follow-up after next Monday. Job well done to all.. Zora and Evan were definitely worth a MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!
Marianne, usa

I really felt Zora would stick around she had already caught on to the fact he worked construction. And she hinted all the time. They left alot out though. It was a good show and I can bet all that money she got went twords her cherity work and she stayed the same old Zora. Evan though I don't give much credit too. He is going to go and blow that money. Because he was sleezy enough to mess with Sara I don't think he really cares about Zora except for that fact he new she would be the only one that did run off. We'll see when Millions of viewers tune in Next Monday. Jennifer
Jennifer, United States, California, Sacramento

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