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Wednesday, 12 February, 2003, 12:19 GMT
Celebdaq: Your views
Pass judgement on the shares website
Celebdaq is a BBCi website based around selling fictional shares in celebrities.

In a short space of time it has become one of the most talked about websites.

And its popularity is set to grow thanks to a tie-in programme on the new BBC Three digital television channel.

"The nature of the gameplay - share prices fluctuate continuously around the clock - makes it an ideal diversion for bored office workers to dip into briefly at regular intervals," wrote BBC News Online's James Bregman.

But what do you think?

Is the website an original idea? Does it reflect our growing obsession with celebrity trivia?

Have your say

I have been addicted to the Celebdaq site for the past two months and can't get enough. The thrills of watching the gossip columns and knowing that in some strange way the more publicity the celebs have the better it makes us feel. Best website for bored workers like myself!
Claire, England

I think it's a healthy sideways glance at the oversold idea of celebrity. I'll bet celebs sneak a peek at it. For my money, buy Eminem. Sell Zeta-Jones, Douglas and Jackson. One question... Do they have to be delisted when they're dead? Or is that when they're at their most valuable?
Robert , UK

The number of celebs should be increased - several of the ones I wanted were not listed.
Paul, UK

It's hardly an original idea, you've been able to trade stars on the Hollywood exchange for years. Even so Celebdaq is worth a flutter.
Graeme Mulvaney, UK

Could be fun I guess, for when there's not much work on! Pity it's not working. Every share, including the randomly picked ones, is sold out and you can't buy them.
Rebecca, Uk

I have bought my shares and have already lost loads! It's a fun website to play on without losing a penny.
Joanna, Uk

Found that I could only sell stock... When I went to buy or add stock, I was greeted with "Shares are over subscribed". This was the case for all of the celebs listed, rendering the website pointless. Oh well.
William Wonka, UK

Celebdaq is like drugs - totally addictive. I can't stop checking my current Total Worth, even though I know it probably hasn't changed since I last checked 5 mins ago.
Anthony Feeney, Ireland

I think that the site is a good idea. My only problem with it is that I have difficulty logging on to the site. Please can you fix the problem.
Lindsay Shearer, England

The idea has been around for ages. PopEx was the same idea but for pop bands, and it was much easier to generate accurate tables as it was based on actual standings in the charts, not on someone's interpretation. Spread betting sites have been doing the same thing with shares for years, its just people bet with real money.
Steve, UK

Celebdaq is cool, I'm hooked. When I see the stock price rise, I have to spend hours looking on the Interweb trying to figure what the star has or hasn't done. I haven't done any real work in days.
Jimboobla Aspect, UK

I got up to 30th on the leaderboard a couple of months ago but haven't been able to reach such dizzying heights again. It's driving me crazy...
Eoin, UK

Not a bad idea but I have played a very similar game at (Hollywood Stock Exchange). Its fun for a short while but I think you would have to be very obsessed with celebrities to keep playing. Can't imagine Douglas and Zeta Jones will be worth much at the moment thought!
Andy Slocombe, Hampshire, UK

Prices fall too slowly and there is too much of a time lag concerning when the dividends are paid out, enabling players to buy shares of those already in the news and benefit quickly. Tried for a few weeks and became bored. The idea is good, the execution flawed. It's hugely over-rated

It would be fantastic if the trading floor wasn't closed. What am I gonna do now..
Barry Roone, Ireland

Just another game like fantasy football or all the imaginary stock market games available to play online. I expect it will generate a huge amount of hype for a while, become really popular with millions of members and then introduce some sort of fee-paying membership at which point it will lose all it's 'free members' and sink without trace into weblore ala Napster.
Scott, UK

Luv it but more celebrities are needed as choice is limited also clearer guidelines on what makes the shares rise and fall. Makes a day enjoyable at the office
Clair, England

I think Celebdaq is brilliant! I arrived in this morning and found I was number 3 in the players chart, I really hope the two people in front of me are uncontactable. I am not obsessed with celebrities at all, in fact I really don't care I just think of them as stock!
BigRedRoo, UK

I played for a while, so from experience I can say that initially I think it's a good idea. It certainly sucks you in and got me reading parts of the papers I wouldn't normally be interested in. However, after I spent a while in the top ten my interest waned. The game carries on but doesn't change. once you have a winning tactic that does well it's always the same and always easy. The initial spark wears off, and although there are many thousands of registered players, you will find that many of them are inactive accounts.
Paul, UK

This is a brilliant combination, bringing together the total trivia of celebrity attention-grabbing lifestyles and the faddy recklessness of the stock market. It totally sums up modern life.
Dave, France

Celebdaq is nothing new - I lost my boyfriend to a site called Popex months ago.
Kate Noble, UK

I love Celebdaq! A friend turned me onto it, and I am totally addicted to checking out my celebrities, buying and selling and keeping up with the news. I was thrilled walking into the shop yesterday to see Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones on the front page of The Independent because you get more points for making the front page of the broadsheets! Well done that newspaper.
Cathy, UK

I started trading two days ago and soon became hooked! I'm checking my portfolio several times a day and so far I've turned 10,000 into 12,400. I can't wait for the dividend payments! Perhaps there should be a stock exchange for politicians? It probably would encourage people to get more involved in politics, and it would be great to see which party had the best average stock price! Fantastically addictive - now back to those rising stocks.
Greg Robson, UK

They need to change the rules to make it less predictable. There is only one tactic worth following and that is to ensure that you trade regularly between Friday and Tuesday lunchtime to ensure you always hold the fastest riser and then plump for the biggest name on Tuesday and hang on tight for the divis. Last week was Jackos week, this week it'll be CZJ. Making a million become and predictably regular occurrence and there is never any excuse to lose money.
Steve, UK

I think that the general idea of the gane is excellent. A real escape from a boring day at work. Not aure that I like the knee capping. I have not played with such enthusiasm since losing my millions.
Joanna , UK

I don't play celebdaq becase of a fondness for celebrities, or even the thrill of competing against a computer. I'm only interested in doing better than my work colleagues - we've all become extremely competitive in everything except our jobs. I'm winning of course.
Sarah M, UK

For those of you disappointed with Celebdaq because shares are not available then go to the Hollywood Stock Exchange. They give you $2 million and you can buy stars, films, music. Been playing for 5 years and it is brilliant. They also have options and futures and puts etc for the more serious traders.
Tracey Ruck, United Kingdom

Couldn't you have made it something better than the pathetic 'celeb-worship' that seems to rule our lives these days? Anything else would have worked, but celebs? Oh, please....
Paul C, England

A great concept that will soon turn into a boring chore. HSX came up with the idea years ago and NOW (Network Of The World) even made a TV show about it. It's still as dull today as it always was!
Jack, UK

Ive been playing for a few months now and love it - especially when you make your first million. I'd love to see more celebs on there as often the key person of the moment isnt there (ie no sign of Zoe Ball until about 2 weeks after she was all over the tabloids). Great site but can the BBC put the show onto BBC World so those of us overseas can catch it ?
Louise, Korea

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12 Feb 03 | Entertainment
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