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Friday, 14 February, 2003, 14:44 GMT
Your views: Tatu
Anti-paedophile campaigners have denounced the act
Russian duo Tatu have already scored a number one in the UK with All The Things She Said and have now released their debut album.

The pair have faced accusations of being a "paedophile pop" act by some quarters of the press, after their single's video showed them kissing each other while dressed in school uniform.

"Ignore all the headlines - this intriguing Russian act has the ability to hit all the right notes with their music alone, and have more than just one mammoth smash to offer", wrote BBC News Online's Michael Osborn.

Thankyou for your reviews, a selection of which are published below. Tatu are the freshest things to hit the pop scene in ages. Their entire album sticks in your head with it's rocking undertones and "teen-angst" lyrics. Quite simply, it's the best thing to hit the UK in years and I am sure that they are going to be around for a long time to come!
Kaycy, Uk

A tired amalgam of Euro-pop and tinned teen angst; comprised entirely of cynically conceived elements, the duo could have been spawned in any record company boardroom. It is only press frenzy over their supposed lesbianism that has elevated them to anything more than performing over the Eurotrash closing credits.
William Bruce, UK

A pathetically contrived Lolita fantasy for the twisted masses. Pity, too, because in truth the ladies have beautiful voices. Wasn't that enough?
Robert del Valle, USA

Away from all the hype, it's quite a catchy, harmless CD. In a music world dominated by the US and UK it's quite refreshing to see that Eastern European acts are coming to the fore. I must admit though that after a while their voices do become irritating if you play it a lot. I doubt they'll be here for long but good luck to them while they are.
Hughie, The Netherlands

They are definitely not gay. I can't believe so many have bought their music. It just shows how gullible the record buying public are!
Rick Shome, UK

From my point of view I love Tatu and they can do what ever they desire, because when Americans expresses their sexuality on television no one speaks about it. I believe if they love each other that is the way to go. I wish them good luck and hope that they will write more great songs.
Iryna, Ukraine

Music should be judged on its own merits...and I think this album will hold its own. I liked "All the things she said" before I saw the video (not having a TV), and I thought it was refreshing to hear something that wasn't Britpop. If you want to accuse someone of degrading music, the list runs as long as your arm...I for one am glad that Britpop is being eclipsed. Well, we can but hope!!
Andy, UK

I had the single two days ago and I played it over 100 times! It is excellent and I have not heard anybody say it is a bad song. I don't think the song is giving out the wrong message. Britain has the wrong attitude towards it!
John Elfed Hughes, UK, North Wales

I think what everyone seems to have forgotten is their ages, 17 and 18; are they not adults in the eyes of the law? The music is quite good and appeals to a wide range of people - they have been packaged to appeal to the greatest amount of people pigging back on the "lipstick lesbian cool". So what? Pop has been doing it for years (in various forms). I think people should just get off their high horses and stop reading into everything. Maybe if more people concentrated on what counts then maybe society would not be travelling 200 kw/h in the wrong lane in the first place.
Geoffry, United Kingdom

I don't really care about the imagery, the album consits of good music, and that's what counts. The singles aside, the rest of it is a quality well-balanced mixture of IDM, nicely layered pop, unusally good euro-house and some slinky production. The risque lyrics are always well delivered, the harmony parts are flawless and the album's cohesion holds its own. The highlights include the Prodigy-esque Not Gonna Get Us and the trip-hoppy How Soon is Now?. The album heaves its way through digiredoo samples, distorted bass, industrial beats, clever techno remixes and catchy vocals. It's perfect pop with a bite. Pink, Kelly and Avril, watch out, Tatu mean business.
Anton, UK

I bought this album well before the hype, and I have to say I'm puzzled at what all the fuss is about. Sure, they may be marketed strangely, but it's the music that matters. Isn't it?
Stephen Davidson, UK

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