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 Monday, 20 January, 2003, 17:03 GMT
Crossroads: Your views
Les Dennis
Les Dennis: Joining the cast for a few episodes
Crossroads makes a return to screens this week having undergone a face-lift in an attempt to boost ratings.

Many members of the old cast have been axed to make way for famous names including Jane Asher, Emma Noble and Les Dennis, who will appear in a few episodes as a psychiatrist.

The show returned to screens in 2001 after a 13-year hiatus but ratings did not live up to expectations.

But what did you think?

This debate is now closed. Please see below for a selection of your comments. Have your say

I was always a fan of Crossroads but there comes a time when the last guest should check out and it should be bulldozed!! And I also think the content for the time slot was very questionable. Get rid of it now.
DJ Brown, Great Britain

Credits were laughable - what have they done to the theme tune, and the hearts at the start was just awful. To be perfectly honest the same goes for the plot if you could call it one, since the murder was given such little air time, most of it revolved around sex, whilst the acting of Stuart Milligan (Max Samson) was laughably OTT at its very worst!
Tom Hughes, UK

It was somehow gleefully awful, wasn't it? Deliberately so. I doubt I'll tune in again but while this was on I had to know what would happen next. Jane Asher's got the tone right - a kind of shoulder-acting style - but some of the cast look at sea.
David Robbins, UK

My god, to think that ITV shunted the original and surreal Night and Day for this "glamorous" junk. I'll give it 6 months!! The music is terrible, as is the acting, and I certainly won't be watching again!!
Ryan Harper, UK

Well it LOOKS different to the last one but on the inside it's the same old Crossroads. It looks like it has got promise on paper but those hideous hearts on that introduction sequence make me sick.
Mr W, UK

I stuck with Crossroads during its last incarnation, so I was a bit wary of what would have happened to it during its four month hiatus. Sadly, I was not terribly impressed - it was great to welcome back the old faces, but few of the new characters seem very likeable. The script was shockingly cliche-ridden, and some of the acting plumbed new depths of hamminess. As for the theme tune and pink hearts - what's going on there?! I'll stick with Crossroads for now, but I just hope it improves.
Graham Soult, UK

I'm surprised by these negative responses. The revamped format was self-consciously camp and reminded me of another underrated soap Sunset Beach. Jane Asher held the show from start to finish in a gloriously OTT performance - one she played for laughs. For a first episode there were enough storylines to keep viewers' interest. All in all it's good to see a Dynasty-style soap opera rather than the terminally dull pseudo-realist EastEnders!
Antony, UK

ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Crossroads was so much better before this re-vamp.
Val, UK

What are people like Anne Charleston doing in an awful programme like Crossroads?

Yvon Grace has just got big names like Linda Robson in so more people will watch it, but it's not just about that. It's about good acting and good, solid storylines which Crossroads hasn't got! It has become so cheesy and tacky, I doubt it will survive!
Shaw, UK

Oh please can we leave the over the top, glamour soaps to the Americans!!!! At least they do it best! Crossroads please curl up and die fast!
Kevin.V.R, UK

In answer to your question - yes. This is flogging a dead horse. I used to watch Crossroads way back when...but was pleased when the show was pulled because it was beginning to lose its appeal. It has never regained it - it is too dated, and new stars reciting dated material will just not do!
Carol, Britain

It is escapist television and this is where it did excel. Are the public not sick of the grey, depressing Albert Square?? 15 million viewers would prove me wrong. I adored Sunset Beach, it was fun, trashy, did not take itself a bit seriously. If Crossroads keeps its tongue and cheek nature with more eccentric plots I will continue to watch it knowing it will be axed. The market it there but it is not mainstream enough as it was in the prime of trashy soaps - Dallas and Dynasty. Yet, even EastEnders and Coronation Street have adopted this OTT life style and plot lines. I wish the new Crossroads all the best.
Stephen, N.Ireland

I think the new look Crossroads is great, it might get better later on, I still thought the previous one before this one was good. The theme music reminds me of the Carribean. It would be a shame if it got the axe again.
Graham Carter, UK

When the original Crossroads Motel burnt down all those years ago, it should never have been resurrected! As we all know, it was rebuilt and the show limped on until the late eighties. I was extremely surprised when it returned in 2000 with its weak storylines and amazed that it survived for over a year. This latest incarnation has plunged to new depths and is more frothy than a container of washing-up liquid! As for the show being aimed at the gay community, I would like to credit that section of the population with more intelligence! The show's a complete waste of air time!
Nick, UK

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