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 Sunday, 5 January, 2003, 20:31 GMT
Star Trek: Nemesis: Your views
Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: Nemesis
Patrick Stewart stars in the fourth Next Generation film outing
There is speculation that the 10th Star Trek film, Star Trek: Nemesis, could be the last.

It is bound to attract long-standing Star Trek fans, of course, but is it now time for the series to end?

If it were to be the final film, wrote BBC News Online's Richard Allen Greene, it would be "a fitting send-off to probably the best of the five different Star Trek crews to have appeared on the small scene since Captain Kirk's premiere in 1966".

But what did you think? BBC News Online users had their say.

I had high hopes for this one, being even numbered and all. What a let down. The cast really looked tired. The whole B-4 sub-plot was trite. Yes, the effects were better but the space battle was stationery and unexciting. A story that failed to engage didn't help either, with a middle section where nothing happened and a "shock" ending that was anything but. I'd go so far as to say Insurrection was better than this. The film didn't even come close to Khan or First Contact. On the franchise as a whole and to quote Bones: "It's dead Jim."
Asif Zabbar, UK

This film was a lot more than I expected. After reading various reviews saying that the film was rubbish, I came out of the cinema disagreeing with many of the reviews. Although the film wasn't perfect, it wasn't bad or boring as others have said. In fact, I have to say that this is the most intelligent and entertaining Star Trek movie for well over a decade, its just a shame that this film didn't come out back in 1994 instead of Generations.
Matt B, Birmingham, UK

I was really sad when I saw this movie, I think this will be the last TNG film they ever make. First Contact was awesome, I loved it. Insurrection was still pretty decent. But this last film really was just horrible.

The TNG cast consists of some of the most talented actors ever to be assembled for a TV series, but the horrible dialogue and situations they were forced to act out just could not be saved.

I love Star Trek, both as entertainment, and as inspiration for what humanity could become. So I'm going to do myself a favor and pretend I didn't see this; for me, Star Trek ended with Insurrection.
Justin, USA

Had looked forward to seeing this for a while now and came out feeling entertained. There was enough tension/suspense in this movie to appreciate. Stuart Baird did a good job of directing for an outsider of the franchise. 4 out of 5
Barrie Andrew, Scotland

The film was...OK. Better than Insurrection, it had some lovely effects and acting but lacked the real impetus that we expect in this day and age of blockbusters. That much said I did myself no favours by watching the thrilling Two Towers an hour after Nemesis and was overwhelmed to the point that the Trek film became a rather hazy memory.
Jason Davies, UK

If you go to see this film you go because you are a Star Trek fan - if you aren't, simple, don't go. If you go as a Star Trek fan and don't like it, well you were never really a fan then, were you. Personally - I am a fan, enough said.
Sam Cullum, UK

As a two-part episode, this would have been brilliant. As a movie, it was disappointing at best. The script wasn't strong enough to make a good movie. I'd been looking forward to this movie for months - to me the Next Gen series was by far the best.

I'm pretty certain this will be the last TNG movie, but at the same time, I don't feel any of the other series are strong enough to stand out for a movie. Enterprise is too "young"... maybe after a couple more series.

A great shame. I really expected big things from this.
Jo Perrett, London, UK

This film doesn't do anything new for the TNG films and sadly I think this is mainly down to Patrick Stewart who must insist on being centre stage for the majority of the film. The TV show used to be much more an ensemble piece with some great storylines centring on the others. All four TNG movies have been Picard-centric and the lack of variety has diminished the enjoyment.
Tim Neal, Leeds, UK

Nemesis is much like Trek Movie 2 but with better special effects and way better ships. On the whole I loved it, had the perfect quantity of everything to please everyone. It is a must see.
Brandon Torrigino, Egypt

As far as this Star Trek follower is concerned the film has done its job. The generation cast have produce a good 10th start trek feature film and has left everyone wondering if there is to be another. If they make another they may begin to show their age like the original cast. Good luck to them anyway.
Ross , Sheffield, England

Not the best Trek movie - that's First Contact - but one of the better ones, although with a fairly low 'omigod factor'. It benefited from being darker than normal (like Deep Space 9) and was truly poignant at the end. Last film? Don't make me laugh - as long as they make a reasonable profit, Paramount will want more. It's a franchise remember...and one to be milked till truly dry. As for the cast, expect either a TNG reunion for a special mission (like the later TOS movies) or a mixture of the TNG and Voyager crews, with perhaps the odd DS9-er thrown in (betting on the return of Chief O'Brien to the Enterprise anyone?). I'd give it 7/10 for trying hard and having a supreme baddy.
Alan Morrison, Scotland

It was awful! to me First Contact is the best in the entire franchise. To me, the story was so-so but the direction was awful. jonathan frakes, commander riker, should have directed it, as he directed First Contact.
Mark Rajan, Florida, USA

The film was a vast improvement as far as production, look, soundtrack, and visual effects are concerned. Certainly one of the better films.
Luke Bennett, UK

A potentially good film that was upset by pedestrian direction and a plot that despite a good opening seemed to go nowhere. About a third of the way in I felt this was becoming more of an ordeal than an enjoyable experience. The dialogue was tired and verbose unlike the comfort and wit that DS9 managed to cultivate.

That said the acting was first class (as ever), and there are some nice touches (and cameos). Should have been so much better though.
Ben Eaton, UK

The movie is well done, best one I think. But to be honest it should be the last as well, there's a big change in taste for genres. The recent Star Wars films have proven that science fiction in space is dying out. But though Star Wars and Trek have lived long, it's Star Trek that has prospered, leaving behind a great legacy.
Daniel Tormey, UK

I think this Trek film, although nothing compared to the rolling giant that has become the Lord of the Rings saga or the mass hyped Potter films, stood on its own. It was a good Trek film, the right amount for the die hard Trekkies and something for just ordinary cinema goers. Fact is people are going to want to hate it, because its an easy target.
Simon Curzon, UK

RUBBISH! The worst of all 10 of them, yes, even worse then 5. It feels like the middle part of the movie is missing. Really wretched.
Jana Palumbo, USA

Definitely the best Next Generation film to date, and I utterly reject any claims that this film has a weak script or plot. In fact, I would say that this movie compares favourably with "The Wrath of Khan" in that it's a darker and more character-driven than some of the previous films.
Chris Rankin, UK

4/5 I enjoyed the film for what it was, but I would have to say that it didn't live up to the hype that surrounded it. Is it the end? I hope not, there's so much to mine in this little universe of Star Trek and more to be said.
Dave Kanary, Canada

The movie is not bad, but then again it is certainly not good either. This is made worse by the fact that the movie is basically a remake of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. The fact is it was done so much better the first time around leaving this movie to look contrived and clichéd. The first season of Next Gen spent a lot of time re-hashing themes and stories from the Original Series, pity the movies have chosen to stick to this formula.
John Cooke, UK

As a Trek fan its hard to be unbiased as I give star trek a lot of slack when it comes to criticising it. However all I wanted was for it to be was to be better than Insurrection (trek IX) and it undoubtedly was. Modern Day issues and high concepts which are very trek were there in abundance along with an excellent Villian who invaded our screen. Old style trek lives on, its just a pity that its stateside performance will see the franchise take a beating but that's the fault of whoever decided to put it out one week before Lord of the Rings. Splitting fanbases never works, especially when so many belong to both teams.
John Fitzpatrick, UK

I should have stayed home and waited for it to come out on TV, to me it was just the same as watching one of the shows on every day.
justin mcdermott, alaska, usa

I give it a 4/5.

There are lots of great nods to the fans, and Tom Hardy does a fantastic job in being able to act opposite Patrick Stewart and not fade into the background. The plot is involving, the action sequences genuinely heart-pounding and the humour well-thought out and unintrusive.

The ending is moving and sufficiently ambiguous to leave hope for a sequel - but the unjustifiably poor box office return in the US has probably killed the franchise off. If it is the last they've gone out on a high note.
Paul Gitsham, England

I normally find these films lacking the extra thrust (no pun intended!) but not on this occasion. It is the best one to date.
J Hari, UK

I saw it last night and I thought it was poor. Data singing at Riker's and Troi's wedding was meant to be funny but wasn't. Characters like Dr Crusher, Worf and Geordi were woefully underused, there was a complete lack of drama or tension until later in the film when the Enterprise was under attack and the treatment of the "death" of one of the major characters by the remaining crew seemed rather low key. The ending, in fact, reminded me of Star Trek 2.

I think they now need to use people from Deep Space Nine and Voyager; something to revitalise the series and to make the movies more of a epic or event to make it worth worthwhile for people to part with their hard earned cash. Others may say that there is a lot of competition from other big movies such as the Two Towers and Harry Potter. This is true but it still doesn't excuse the weak and feeble script that was at the centre of this picture. However, I live in hope of the next GOOD Star Trek film!
George Apaya, UK

Big Star Trek fan here. I was really looking forward to this movie. When it was over and the lights came on, I was a little disappointed in the storyline. Overall it was a good movie, but it wasn't the "Wow, omigod, did you see" kinda film I was hoping for.
Bill Grigsby California, USA

Brilliant chance to have a good kip for an hour plus. Seats were comfy, heating was a bonus (freezing outside) and even got woken up at the end by the staff, insomniacs don't miss this one!
GB, London, UK

Awful film. What's the point of using characters who have had years of development through previous tv series and films only to have them all act completely out of character in this film, especially Picard who has now become an 'action hero' with no regard for Starfleet protocol, or his crew's welfare. I predict this (along with the woeful 'Enterprise') will spell the end for Star Trek as we know it.
Scott Livingstone, UK

My girlfriend said I fell asleep. However despite my brief visit to th eland of nod I thought it was a good film. Alas it had shallow echoes of many other Trek films and storylines. Shame if it's the last one and they can't go out in one last desperate battle with the Borg.
Tim K, UK

It's bad. A bad film. Really bad. I am still embarrassed that I sat through it all, still embarrassed for everyone that "acted" in it, and in particular, embarrassed for the families of those people that "acted" in it that have to look their loved ones in the eye. When the film started, the projector wasn't pointing at the screen, it was pointing at the ceiling. I went to ask a member of staff they would mind awfully pointing the film at the screen. I now regret that decision, as I feel that staring at a blank screen would have been a better way of spending 2 hours.
Chris Hill, Sheffield, UK

Lets be clear - I like Star Trek. I really do (although not Voyager so much). This was a bad film. It was badly paced and cut, had a bad soundtrack and was the most blatant rip off of another film I have ever seen. It is not a homage to STII it is an excuse for the writers, producers and director to take their cash and spend no time earning it. The battle was poor, the whole film lacked momentum and drama and they have managed to take a major cast death and actually ruin it. I am incensed. This is what these people (behind the camera I mean) do for a living they could at least try.
Phil Thompson, England

Still a lot better than that latest Bond film though.
Nigel Smith, UK

It has the feel of a low budget TV movie with a storyline to match. The actors are getting old and fat. It's just a mess.
Lloyd, England

I thought the film was great, if you are a Star Trek fan then you must see it. I left the cinema feeling entertained.
Sharon Davies, UK

Althought I found it a bit slow, the underlying story was very powerful. It wasn't the action packed drama that First Contact was, but it was good in it's own right. I can't even watch Insurrection all the way through because it's so awful, so Nemesis has done well to hold my attention as a non-Trekky! Another 4 out of 5.
Stephanie, England

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