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Monday, 25 January, 1999, 18:05 GMT
Linda's last song 'banned'
LInda and hou
Sir Paul is asking the nation's parents to decide about Linda's song
Sir Paul McCartney has started a campaign promoting his late wife's last single - which he says has been banned by radio and TV ations because it contains a swearword.

The Light Comes From Within is taken from Linda McCartney's posthumous solo album Wide Prairie. Sir Paul has taken out an advertisement in a number of national newspapers to complain about the censorship.

The advertisement asks parents exercise their "good sense"
The adverts ask the nation's parents to give their "guidance" on whether children will be "morally corrupted" by the controversial song lyrics.

The offending lines go:
You say I'm simple, you say I'm a hick,
You're f****** no-one, you stupid d***

The record mocks critics who in the past have ridiculed Linda McCartney for being untalented as well as for her beliefs in vegetarianism and animal rights.

Former Beatle Sir Paul said the record has been "universally banned". He says that Top of the Pops, Live and Kicking as well as BBC radio have refused to add the single to their playlist.

"In what age are we living? Is this the nineties or is it the twenties?" he said, adding that the the offending words are often used on the TV and radio.

The BBC says there is no blanket ban on the song and both TV and radio would consider playing it. "However, bearing audience sensitivities in mind there might be some editing," said a spokesman.

BBC Radio 1's afternoon DJ Chris Moyles was more outspoken. He told listeners: "It's a poor lyric.

"I can't remember the last time we played a Linda McCartney record, or Paul McCartney come to think of it. If it's not good enough to get on the Radio 1 play list, end of story, forget who it is.

"I feel sorry for Paul, and I was upset when Linda died, but these are stupid lyrics and we can't play it for that reason alone."

The contentious song comes from the album Wide Prairie
Sir Paul's newspaper advertisement to parents reads: "Should you decide that your children must not hear this record we would be grateful for your wisdom and good sense and will put our fingers in our ears whenever we hear it played.

"If, on the other hand, you feel that no harm will come to your children by being exposed to this song, give the guidance so sorely needed and tell them it's OK to do so."

Sir Paul shows that he is still concerned about being in touch with the youth of today by adding: "PS By the way, young people, we know you don't listen to them anyway."

A spokesman for Sir Paul said: "This apparently seditious little word has been used in popular culture since the 16th century. Writers from James Joyce and DH Lawrence up to Nick Hornby have employed it and, miraculously, that has not resulted in Armageddon."

But a spokeswoman for BBC Radio 2 denied that a blanket ban existed. "We haven't banned the song, but we don't consider it suitable because of the swearing. We judge each record on its individual merits and we are playing the B-side Seaside Woman, because that is more suitable."

The whole album was composed over thirty years with the final tracks recorded only a few weeks before Linda McCartney's death.

The contentious single features Lady McCartney on vocals, with her husband on bass and her son James on lead guitar. It goes on sale on Monday with a parental guidance sticker detailing that it contains explicit lyrics.

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