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 Monday, 30 December, 2002, 22:39 GMT
Chicago: Your views
Richard Gere
Richard Gere stars in the film version of Chicago
With eight Golden Globe nominations and a string of critical plaudits under its belt, the film version of stage hit Chicago has already made an impressive impact, many hailing it as the best screen musical since Cabaret.

BBC News Online's Caroline Westbrook said: "It is a film which makes you question the whole notion of stardom, even as it exhilarates you with its boundless energy and brilliant acting."

But what did you think?

Have your say

I saw Chicago on the day of the London premiere and thought it was wonderful. I think the film has a really nice sense of theatricality and the way that singing and dancing is done fits into the film seamlessly. The three leads are also incredible and, in some cases, surprisingly good at the singing and dancing. This film is really fun and entertaining to watch and will do really well with cinema audiences.
Cara, London, UK

I just caught a showing of Chicago and am happy to report that the film does indeed live up to its massive hype in nearly every way. Oddly enough, the cynical angle of the show which basically revolves around instant fame and celebrity based on notoriety seems even more relevant today as we live in a world chock full of "celebrities" from Big Brother, Popstars, Fame Academy and a host of other reality shows.

The movie takes the musical baton from Moulin Rouge and runs with it. Catherine Zeta Jones as merry murderess Velma Kelly has never been better as she burns up the screen in what will surely become signature screen moments for her in numbers like All That Jazz and the brilliantly staged Cell Block Tango. Renee Zellweger as her nemesis Roxie Hart surprises yet again with a beautifully realised performance. Her rendition of Roxie is a highpoint of the film...yet there are so many highpoints! Its hard to know where to begin really, Richard Gere gives what has to be one of his best performances ever (people were cheering after one of his numbers)and Queen Latifah is a revelation. John C Reilly also turns in topnotch work as the schmuk husband Amos.

Major props have to go to The Director/Choreographer Rob Marshall for finally finding a way to make a sexy, exciting, funny, well-acted, well-sung and well danced movie musical. Chicago is a definite must see for anyone even remotely fond of musicals and if Oscar comes a-calling (and he really should) it will be very well deserved.
Rich Ascroft, the Netherlands

Yes, it's all about stardom. Chicago is a brilliant musical but why not use singers and dancers instead of "Hollywood stars" - Richard Gere was an embarrassment - with Renee and Catherine, we saw only flashing smiles/wild arms or legs - never a full length shot (which the likes of Fred Astaire always insisted upon - in fact he would not allow himself to be filmed cropped in any way - but he was a master dancer). The chorus line were absolutely brilliant - the choreography awe inspiring - the music and songs are the greatest - but no, give me the stage version any day - I want to see honest to goodness hoofers in the leading roles.
Valerie Berdan, USA

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24 Dec 02 | Entertainment
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