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 Wednesday, 18 December, 2002, 09:27 GMT
Hurley refuses Bing's child payments
Actress Liz Hurley
Hurley said she does not want Bing's financial help
Actress Liz Hurley has refused an offer of 100,000 a year from her former partner Steve Bing to look after their son.

Following a High Court settlement, Bing agreed to pay a total of 1.8m spread over the first 18 years of the child's life.

Mr Bing is delighted that... he is able to honour his pledge to make generous provision for his son

Steve Bing statement
The settlement comes six months after a DNA test confirmed that Bing was the father of Damian, who is now eight months old.

But Hurley said the money was "not wanted or welcome".

Film producer Bing, 37, had cast doubt on the child's parentage, saying his 18-month relationship with the actress had not been "exclusive".

But when the financial plan was announced on Tuesday, and speaking before Hurley refused the offer, he said he was delighted to make "generous provision" for his son.

"A court order was made by consent in the family division today, December 17, concluding proceedings brought by Stephen Bing in respect of the child, Damian Charles Hurley," a statement said.

Elizabeth Hurley
The money is not wanted or welcome - Damian and I are managing very well by ourselves

Liz Hurley statement
"The applicant (Mr Bing) will make financial provision for the benefit of Damian from January 1, 2003 of 100,000 per annum until Damian is 18 or a further order is made."

But in response, Hurley said in a statement: "I have always made it perfectly clear to Stephen Bing, the father of my son Damian, that I don't want any financial help from him whatsoever.

"However, following legal proceedings instigated by himself and opposed by me, it appears one cannot stop trying to give you money.

"Fortunately, one can refuse to accept it. This is what I have done."

She also denied the financial award was "by consent", saying she opposed it in court.

Hurley added that 100,000 a year was "an enormous sum of money to Mr Bing" - who is the heir to a property fortune reported to be valued at 275m - "and I fully appreciate his generosity towards his son".

Trust fund

"My position remains the same," her statement concluded.

A spokeswoman for Bing said the money would be paid into a trust fund for Damian.

"It's not the mother's right to turn away support for the child," she added.

Steve Bing is a producer of films including a remake of Get Carter, which starred Sylvester Stallone and flopped at the box office.

He is currently working on a new film called Why Men Shouldn't Marry, which he will write, produce and direct.

'Deeply distraught'

When the pregnancy was revealed, Bing said it was "her choice to be a single mother".

Hurley, 37, said at the time that she was "deeply distraught" at the implication she had other lovers.

After Bing made the comments, some UK tabloid newspapers attacked him as a "love rat" and dubbed him "Bing Laden".

A spokeswoman for Hurley said: "All I can say is that I have never seen her happier since she had Damian.

"He's the light of her life and she's hoping that all this unpleasantness is behind her."

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