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Wednesday, 4 December, 2002, 11:40 GMT
Charmbracelet: Your views
Mariah Carey
Can Carey's latest offering recapture the middle ground of pop?
Mariah Carey's latest album - the first since her expensive EMI debacle - is out.

Entitled Charmbracelet, the album has a harder edge thanks to input from the likes of rap artists Jay-Z and Ice Cube.

"Though Charmbracelet is undeniably a well-produced, well-packaged product, it probably doesn't go far enough to win over those sick of the slick Mariah sound," says BBC News Online's Tim Levell.

This debate is now closed. You can read a selection of your views below.

I think Mariah's new CD is excellent! I bought it today! Really moving and funky all in one. I will certainly be buying it for friends as it will make a perfect xmas present.

Josephine, UK

It's a dreadful album. Her voice is much weaker than it was, and the strong melodies are all but gone. Very, very disappointing. Without a doubt her worst album to date.

John Wallace, Ireland

If the work was any sweeter it would be fatal to diabetics

Robert del Valle, USA

Mariah is not someone I admire at all. Any work of hers would never be of interest to me.

Rita, Canada

Harder edge? If the work was any sweeter it would be fatal to diabetics.

Robert del Valle, USA

Mariah's new CD is her best work yet. It shows how diverse a singer she can be. Her strong points as always are the ballads, but the hip-hop influenced songs are very good. A+ for Charmbracelet, I almost lost hope after Glitter.

Mike, USA

This album totally rocks!

Tiffany, USA

The songs are absolutely amazing!! They surpassed my wildest dreams. Her voice is strong and textured. The songs are beautiful and TRULY from the heart!! And the up-tempos get me on my feet for sure!! This should put her back on top. If it doesn't there is something wrong with the world!! Mariah is back!!!

Kyle, england

This album totally rocks! MC's done it again. This is actually my favourite album of hers, which basically means EVER! Go buy it!

Tiffany, USA

Wow, this album is so amazing. I love her voice and her music.

Jerry, Indonesia

Did Tim Levell listen to this album? Charmbracelet is the most exquisite collection of music from Mariah yet! This album exemplifies the true talent that IS Mariah and that is the music industry itself. The number 1 female recording artist has returned to strengthen her reign!!

Jane Wood, US

Hearing her sing still gives me goosebumps

Dan O, USA

From the 6 tracks I heard so far Mariah's album is a HOT one! I can't wait to buy it.

Sean John, USA

Love the new Mariah compilation. I have heard almost all of the tracks, and I can't wait to get my hands on the CD. I love Mariah singing whispery, or belting it out! Her voice control is amazing and she demonstrates her range, control and versatility throughout the new CD. What a prize! I love to hear the radio, or watch television and see/hear her; I stop whatever I am doing and listen. Brilliant Mariah! Hearing her sing still gives me goosebumps.

Dan O, USA

I think that Charmbracelet is going to be another hit for Mariah. Everyone needs to see her as an artist and stop digging into her personal life. Mariah is a great writer and singer. Give her credit. Today you have artists that really can't sing yet Mariah has the whole package! I hope that the release of Charmbracelet shows everyone who Mariah really is.

Francie Baiza, USA

I think her new CD is great! I have always been a Mariah Carey fan and have always liked her voice. My mum loves Mariah Carey too! I'm definitely buying her the new CD for Christmas!

Natalie, USA

This album is a great chapter in Mariah's life

Eric Serpico, USA

Mariah's new album, Charmbracelet, is an album packed with inspiration and creativity. I heard her album exclusively and the whole press crowd was going wild calling it incredible and amazing and remarkable. This album is a great chapter in Mariah's life!

Eric Serpico, USA

I'm a music lover that listens to everything from Hip Hop to Country and I think this is Mariah's best album yet! Your review didn't even say anything about "My Saving Grace" which is the best song on the album or "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy". You didn't give Mariah a fair review. I love the album and maybe if you really listened to the lyrics you would too!

Leroy, USA

Mariah's new CD, Charmbracelet, is the best album since Butterfly, in my opinion! I love it and it really deserves a lot of recognition! It's a really good blend of music from all genres. Mariah is an awesome artist and will never falter.

Markus DeBrow, USA

Sugar-coated, empty-headed, shallow, formulaic pop music. Sure to be a hit with many mindless U.S. consumers. Sad.

Steven, USA

Wouldn't buy it as all her songs have always sounded the same!

Natalie, Aus

The album has about as much creativity and vibrancy as a hibernating squirrel

Dan, Spain

I love Mariah Carey and her new album is the epitome of perfection. Her voice is beautiful and emotive and the album, Charmbracelet, is her best yet. Love you Mariah xxx

Jude, UK

Mmmm..... She can sing a bit, but the album has about as much creativity and vibrancy as a hibernating squirrel.

Dan, Spain

Warble warble warble... I thought I would be sick. Could she try to hit any more notes ? That is a serious question by the way.

Mel, London

Charmbracelet is without a doubt one of Mariah's best albums ever and I have to say I'm very disappointed with how Tim Levell reviewed it. There isn't one song on the album that I don't think is Super-Amazing! I think people still enjoy kicking Mariah while she is down and that's so wrong! I mean, what did Mariah do to deserve this? Work herself into the wall last year? Is that it? People are judging her for being human?

Let me tell you something, working 22 hour days for 4-5 months like Mariah did (before she checked herself into hospital last year) would put anybody in hospital. Mariah has an amazing new album out and people should just stop judging her because of what happened last year and start focusing on her music which only gets better and better with each passing year! Mariah is a legend - maybe the only true legend in the music biz!!!

MC fanatic, Israel

No talent there, that's the problem

Robert, Belgium

I must say I really didn't expect such a good album for Carey's comeback. It shows Mariah's versatility as a singer. I'm definitely going to buy it.

Pep, UK

I think it is a truly magnificent album, with a balanced combination of ballads and funky grooves. She should be back on the comeback trail.

Daniel, USA No talent there, that's the problem. She doesn't even sing live on world tours anymore! Get real!

Robert, Belgium

It is fantastic!! A welcome recovery to silence her critics over the whole "Glitter" album. Well done. This is a traditional Mariah album with up-beat songs as well as some beautiful ballards. So critics just remember one thing, this girl can sing unlike many other drones that grace the charts!!

Maria, UK

I have never been a massive fan of Ms. Carey but I had heard some cuts from the new album on radio and was pleasantly suprised at the quality. So I purchased the album yesterday and would recommend it to fans of pop, rnb and soul. I really enjoyed it.

Mariah has managed to balance the power ballads, which made her famous, with the more hip hop sounds that are popular in the charts today. Lyrically she is at her best in years. She has also explored jazz and gospel with this album with great success. There are many different styles of music and vocal on this album but she manages to do that without sounding like a compilation cd. I am sure this will make a nice stocking filler this Christmas. One to put on your Christmas wish list.

Laura, UK

Absolutely dreadful! It scared the life out of my cats.

Steve, UK

The first single shows she hasn't progressed from the stuff she released in the early 90s, but at least it has a bit more of a tune than the tosh she was releasing just before she went mad.

Spence, UK

Absolutely dreadful! It scared the life out of my cats.

Steve, UK

I do not like Mariah Carey at all, warbley warble warble, breathy sickly-sweet and supposedly "feel good" lyrics. YUCK! All her songs sound the same.

Hannah, UK

I happen to love Charmbracelet. All the songs are phenomenal! Through The Rain is one of her best ballads ever. And the other songs are pure Mariah genius!

Jessi, USA

She still has the knack

Carol J, USA

First of all, I really love the album! Second, all the haters can't expect her to just instantly go back to being the worldwide superstar that everyone loves. It takes time to bounce back after what happened last year. She has to slowly expand her fanbase (which is already huge) and regain loyalty from radio and other media and that might take a couple of albums. Give the woman a break!

Nanna, Denmark

Seriously, I must say that this album encompasses many musical genres. It reflects on Mariah's willingness to break new ground. If this was what made Madonna famous, why can't everyone accept Mariah for trying to create new music?

Roy, Singapore

It's a wonderful album,and Mariah's vocals and lyrics are truly amazing. She still has the knack.

Carol J USA

This album is brilliant!! It is standard for reviewers to criticise Mariah's work but I believe any member of the public would be thrilled if they gave this album a listen. Her lyrics just get stronger with every release. It is so emotional and moving - dealing with everything from her father's death to her breakdown to relationship break-ups!!

In comparison to her overblown reputation it's a work full of restrained vocal performances and stripped down, live arrangements which really allow the emotion of the words to come through! Maybe if people looked beyond public image they'd realise what a sensitive, subtle and emotive songwriter Mariah really is. From the gospel-tinged My Saving Grace to the Eminem-baiting hip-pop of Clown it's an album with something for everyone! An ideal Christmas present!

Victoria, England

I think the review was a little unfair as Mariah's voice is very textured on Charmbracelet. She offers incredible diversity on the album AGAIN, a skill so many artists cannot accomplish. This is by far Mariah's most mature album and reminds me of how much more grown up she sounded when she released Butterfly.

Carey is back in full force

Frank R Schoonover

There are so many tracks on this album that make you want to dance - more than on previous albums of hers. And the ballads are very sophisticated. My Saving Grace is my favourite song on the album. The rock ballad Bringin On The Heartbreak is covered amazingly by Mariah, she really makes it her own! NOBODY can question Mariah's status as the top female artist in the world after listening to Charmbracelet with an open mind.

Matte, England

This is one of Mariah Carey's finest moments. After her emotional breakdown last year, Carey is back in full force. Charmbracelet is proof that Mariah Carey has not lost it. It happens to be as sweet as any other offering from her. Every fan should have this in his/her CD library. It's terrific. It totally represents Mariah Carey in her fine artistic form.

Frank R Schoonover, U.S.A.

I think Mariah's new album truly shows just how talented she is and shows her ability to change her sound while keeping all her songs personal and from the heart. It's a different sound, but the same Queen! Mariah's back in a big way!

Mitchell, USA

The ONLY reason people don't like Mariah is clearly because they are nothing but jealous of her. She's bright, beautiful and artistic. For the past year people have bashed her endlessly about rumours. The truth is: she writes her own lyrics and music, produces them, remixes them and sings the hell out of them. No other artist can come close to Mariah and the records she sets. No other artist will ever be at the same level as Miss Mariah Carey! Go out and buy Charmbracelet!

Mike, USA

My friends and I are all deeply hurt by you bashing Mariah and her astonishing new album! I love all her beautiful ballads and funky dance tunes, and her emotional lyrics really help me get through tough times. I wish you guys had the heart to give her the good reviews she deserves. MC has been my favourite singer ever since she first came out, and always will be!

Charlotte, Canada

Charmbracelet is Mariah's finest hour. Each and every one of these songs is as great as every other Mariah Carey song. The album is definitely a sweet treat. Each and every song, including Though The Rain is pure Mariah - plain and simple. So fans - buy it!

Frank, USA

It is to Ms Carey's credit that she has followed up such an unfortunate year with a smashing compilation of great new songs

Jonathan Molina, USA

This album is of a very high standard. While I don't think that it is her best it is still a cut above most of the acts in the world and ALL British acts. Her voice, while not at her strongest constantly, still has the ability to inspire and deliver a song like no other. People slated her singing style of 'belting' in the past, and when she adds more, texture, and new, softer tones, they say she should belt more! Her songwriting skills remain excellent and this album showcases how other artists should be- mixing all styles of music and all types of songs , not just sticking to one genre or one style. She is amazing - as is this album.

George, UK

It is to Ms Carey's credit that she has followed up such an unfortunate year with a smashing compilation of great new songs. After listening to these songs you come off with a sense that the old Mariah never went anywhere, she just became stronger. Her attributing her renaissance to faith in God, and learning from her mistake has made an impact not only on her music but on everyone who listens to it.

Jonathan Molina, USA

This is the best album of 2002. It is amazing. It will do well despite shops not stocking many copies and the lack of support Mariah gets from the UK media.

Bob Taylor, United Kingdom

It's amazing. She's back on top!

Sarah, UK

Pure Brilliant!

Ally Black, Glasgow, UK

Mariah's voice floors me, no matter what she's singing. No other artist today has the same effect on me as she does. True, some of her recent endeavours have been less than stellar, but the new album sees a welcome return to form for one of contemporary music's finest talents. Certainly much better than the insipid pop that's been floating around. Charmbracelet is set to blow the competition out the water!

Clown, UK

I'd like to ask all of you that have such bad opinions about MC - are you even reviewing the album itself!? All you're doing is dissing her style and, if it's so bad, then I don't think you've bought the album, which in turn gives you no right to be giving such a bad rep to this album!

Charmbracelet is an amazing CD and brings back the Mariah we knew that brought pop perfection such as Daydream. Great songs here include My Saving Grace, Sunflowers... and Yours. Mariah is definitely back! And for all of you haters, get off the stubbornness and realise that Miss Carey IS an artist and NOT a "warbler!"

Chad, USA

Charmbracelet is one of Mariah Carey's best albums. I bought it today, and it is terrific! Every song is worth listening too. No-one can deny that. This album shows her strong vocal abilites, and has some awesome up-tempo beats. This album is definitely going to be a hit, and anyone and everyone will enjoy this CD. Go out and buy it!

Melissa, U.S.A

I love the Mariah Carey CD. Everyone needs a personal album. Janet had The Velvet Rope and other big artists have done the same. I hope she does well!

Carlos Sutton, USA

How can you not admire a woman who created her own musical empire?

Nathan, USA

Dan from Spain, Rita from Canada, Mel from England, Natalie from Australia, Steven and Robert from USA, and John Wallace from Ireland: I'm just curious as to what you think good music is. It's sad that many great artists aren't given the respect and admiration they deserve until after they die. Well I'm not going to let that happen with MC. She's the best thing to happen to the music business in the last 30 years.

How can you not admire a woman who created her own musical empire? Someone who writes, arranges, produces not only 99.9% of all her own material, but also has done so for many other artists as well. She stands out among all the throw-away celebrities like Britney and J. Lo because she is 100% genuine and bends over backwards for the industry that would just as soon see her disappear. You're dumb if you believe all the stuff the media made up about her. People like you who are so unbelievably bitter and disrespectful of others for no reason make me sick!

Nathan, USA

Mariah Carey is the best selling female recording artist of all-time because she is the most talented. Sure, Madonna might have debuted in 1983, but Mariah has out sold her worldwide. The new cd Charmbracelet is one of the best albums since her debut and Butterfly. Tim Levell obviously is a Mariah hater and ignored the music. Hello? Through The Rain, My Saving Grace, Sunflowers for Alfred Roy, these are very personal, mature songs, not pop fluff. It's time Mariah reigned supreme.

Marquis, US

Why is the BBC is publishing bad reviews by some people who apparently haven't even heard Mariah's album? Charmbracelet is perfect, Mariah is perfect! It is the best album of the year!
Patrick, UK

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