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Friday, 29 November, 2002, 14:59 GMT
Jeffrey Archer: The Truth: Your views
Roland Moxley - Nemesis (Ben Miller) and Jeffrey Archer (Damian Lewis)
The show is based on an imaginary Archer biography
Jeffrey Archer is never out of the headlines for long, but the latest fictional revelations in Sunday's BBC One comedy satire Jeffrey Archer: The Truth would shock even the most hardened political cynic.

The farcical drama contains one scene with Margaret Thatcher (Greta Scacchi) doing a striptease and also shows the Prime Minister and Archer (Damian Lewis) in a steamy sex clinch.

"It is a little long, yet the surprise is...that Damian Lewis is so good in such a ludicrous role," says BBC News Online's William Gallagher.

Does the farce go too far? Is Lewis convincing? Here is a selection of BBC News Online users' opinions.

I thoroughly enjoyed "Jeffrey Archer - The Truth" last night often surprising myself with bouts of genuine laughter. Excellent, excellent acting by a well supported Damian Lewis. One slight criticism though: the news break broke the flow of the "drama" and with the Di storyline the script seemed to overreach itself. But I loved it.

I particularly enjoyed the little touches:pigs flying by when Archer and Thatcher had a meeting during the hurricane, the chicken appearing every time Tony Blair was in sight, the story of Thatcher's demise...The bed scenes with Thatcher will have had many Daily Mail readers running to their typewriters to complain - half an hour into the show. Excellent. Well done. More!
Peter , UK

I must compliment the BBc on reaching the pits and gutter of its standards. It was in appalling taste to deride the living in such a way even though it showed Archer as the prat that he is in my opinion. Yours I.Bracken
Ian Bracken, UK

PLEASE..... a repeat over Christmas.. I can honestly think of nothing better to watch on Christmas day intead of the usual tripe. The best thing I have seen all year. TOTALLY hilarious (and well done on the BBC...) This is usually the turf of Ch4, I was sniggering in glee. Dare I say about time too!?
Mel , London

Grossly offensive, savage, irreverent, positively libellous, and not ashamed to kick a man when he's down.

Gloriously brilliant!

Gentle, subtle and polite are words which will never be associated with this production.

With the possible exception of 'League of Gentlemen' this is easily the best thing I have seen in a very long time, and deserves to be repeated many times. I do hope the commissioning editors don't fall into the trap of asking for the same again.

It reminds me of such classics as 'Comic Strip', 'The Ruttles' 'Spinal Tap' - except of course the characters and events surrounding the plot are all too real, and that what made it work.

Too far? - given Archers own construction of his background, not a bit of it, if anything, he got off lightly!

Was Lewis convincing - about as much as Archer was himself!

I hope the real Archer hated it, I also hope he sues, and loses!
Graeme Dobie, UK

I've no problem with people having a go at Archer, he's a fair target (although I suspect the continued attention does flatter him) and I thought Damian Lewis was very good indeed. Some parts were extremely funny (eg Tony Blair begging Archer to stand for Mayor of London).

That said I fail to see why fictional accounts of Margaret Thatcher's mental illness and death, libellous portrayals of Willie Whitelaw and Prince Philip and above all 'humour' made at the expense of people murdered in the IRA bombing of the Grand Hotel are good ways to spend my licence fee.
Sarkis Zeronian, United Kingdom

Great programme, but the video was only set up for part 1 !! When will it be repeated on digital TV or terrestrial?
Steve Mitchell, UK

Great piece of television. A little close to the bone at times but an absolute laugh fest!
Mark, UK

Brilliant!! Please repeat it soon - without the news break - so that I can video it on the tape that has the other Tory hoots like Portillo '97, Widdecombe "Something of the night", the Howard/Paxman interview and Jonathan Aitken's speech about the trusty sword of truth. Jeffrey Archer; The Truth is clearly destined to become a classic.
Ruth, England

A wonderfuly amusing production - one small point - why was the traditional fruit stall not trashed during the C5 chase? Was it a technical problem with such small vehicles?
Mr Peter Marchese, UK

What a marvellous programme! I couldn't stop laughing, excellent script and acting. What bravery to show this, I'm sure there will be much criticism from the Conservative corner.
Vincent, The Netherlands

Wonderful! I can't wait to see the Charlotte Church - Puff Daddy wedding !
David, Scotland

Jeffrey Archer: The Truth may upset some people but I thought it was brilliant. Please show it again in the near future.
Will, UK

Very funny. Very brave for the BBC to screen this. I'm sure it will annoy a lot of people - which I hope the BBC will never be afraid to do.More from Guy Jenkins and Damian Lewis. please
david Wilson, UK

Stirring stuff! Jeffrey for PM I say!!
boggis, UK

Absolutely excellent at times close to the bone but Oh so funny. I would love to watch it again so maybe there will be a repeat(?). Perhaps next time without the news interrupting. Good work BBC.
Jim Stowe, Ireland

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