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 Friday, 8 November, 2002, 07:03 GMT
8 Mile: Your views
Eminem plays a rapper in Detroit
Eminem has stormed the charts and now he launches an assault on the box office.

He plays a Detroit rapper struggling to start his career in the film 8 Mile, which many have described as semi-autobiographical.

"He is neither brilliant nor bad as an actor," wrote BBC News Online reviewer Peter Bowes.

"The director's use of many native Detroit rappers goes a long way to give the film a strong feeling of authenticity," he added.

But what do you think?

Does Eminem give a credible performance? Does Curtis Hanson capture the essence of the rap world in Detroit?

Have your say

I watched 8 Mile and I thought it was great, it had everything in and was worth it, I'm a big Em fan, I loved the movie.
Emran, England

8 Mile provides a fascinating insight into the roots of rap culture and reveals to some extent what made Eminem such a driven and ambitious individual. It is intelligently directed, and touching but never mawkish. A triumph!
Amelia, UK

I saw 8 Mile a few weeks ago at a special screening shortly after it had opened in the US, and I have been keen to see it again ever since. I was not particularly an Eminem fan before the movie, but I sure am now - he can act and he is good in this film, though there is no way that he will get any Oscar nominations. Like all of Curtis Hanson's films it is beautifully made, Kim Basinger is very good - she has a better chance of a nomination than Eminem, I think. Great film, go see it and don't be put off by anyone who says it's just for fans.
Cara, UK

As Jimmy, Eminem is a credible and dare I say it, captivating lead

Myrddin Gwynedd, London
Would we be worshipping at the feet of a racist singer/actor, I think not? Yet many fall over themselves to applaud a homophobic misogynist. The film stinks.
Nick C, UK

The real Slim Shady gets ready for his close-up in this cinematic version of rap meets Rocky.

As Jimmy, Eminem is a credible and dare I say it, captivating lead. From the moment when we first bare witness to his borderline-genius knack at improvised rhyme, we're absolutely spellbound. This man really can rap. Furthermore, as we delve deeper into the often dark, murky and unforgiving world that Jimmy frequents, it's pretty hard not to empathise and respect this modern poet.

Kim Basinger's turn as Jimmy's downtrodden mother-from-hell is watchable, but she doesn't quite cut the mustard as a desperate woman on the poverty line. And with only a smattering of lines throughout the whole film, you're simply not encouraged to take her that seriously.

Plot-wise, there ain't much going on to tax the brain, but this is more than made up for by 8 Mile's unrelenting assault of the senses ¿ both visually and musically - that makes absolutely compelling viewing.
Myrddin Gwynedd, Twickenham, London

I think this film is excellent. I love Em's acent!! He's gorgeous as well!!
Sarah Angus, England

I saw it in the US and I thought it was brilliant

Chloe Bay, UK
Having seen the movie and actually really enjoyed it I can empathise with people who loathed it. I love rap and I enjoy Eminem and find him to be a talented musician. I thought his stab at acting was actually pretty good and well supported. However this uncritical adoration of musicians who act is pretty tough to swallow. Britney, Madonna, Eminem et al are NOT brilliant just because of who they are and their last album. I saw Up For Grabs in London and Madonna got a 5 min ovation at the start just for appearing on the stage. This is wrong. It should be for a performance of strong acting; which that night she incidentally gave. It should not be just becasue someone is seeing their idol. Let's get this into perspective please. We are talking about acting, not singing. In this case Eminem did both well.
Mel, London

I think that the film is very good. I feel it shows us what it was like in Detroit 1995, being a white rapper trying to succeed but with a lot of prejudice until he was heard.
Sean, UK

I saw it in the US and I thought it was brilliant. I thought Em was gonna be a rubbish actor but he wasn't, he had the facial expressions and everything going for him including his fine body. I don't know how people can say that the movie was rubbish. Don't worry Eminem, I love it!!!!!!
Chloe Bay (Eminem's biggest fan) UK

I saw the movie on its opening last night. Eminem does a fine job of portraying Rabbit, the hot-headed white youth from the auto factories of Detroit with a gift for rhyming that sets him apart in a world dominated by black rappers.

Eminem is certainly no pushover as an actor, although the script itself doesn't supply too many opportunities to test his acting range. The stand-out performances come from Eminem's "gang", especially Mekhi Phifer in the role of Future, Rabbit's best friend and biggest fan, and the MC of nightly rap "battles" on stage.

Another highlight of the movie is the city of Detroit itself. Although shorn of drugs and guns in this movie, the decaying inner cities have a gloomy life of their own - all litter and graffiti, wet streets and ruined storefronts. Rarely has the dreadful fate of industrial cities been captured on camera so vividly.
Zubaer, Bangladesh

I am not am Eminem fan but This movie made me sad, made me cry inspired me. Brilliant and excellent, a true Oscar-level movie.
Nitin, US

It sucks. Eminem is a horrible, intolerant actor with horrible songs and lack of moral fibre. I give this movie an F!
Paul Rosenberg, United States

I think that Eminem, Britney Spears and all of other teenage somethings that have graced our movie screens is an embarrassment to the Music Industry. What happened to real musicians who play their own music and real actors who are not fluffy and perfect-looking?
R, United States

There are lines stretching out to the street in front of movie theatres right now. Hanson did not denigrate/idealise either Detroit or the rap world, but presented both with the honest integrity of an artist. What might have been an ego trip on celluloid for Eminem turned out to be the portrait of a generation. Bravo!
Robert del Valle, Detroit USA

Perhaps he should stick to dissing his Mom.
James Appleby, UK

I loved seeing Eminem on film. I think he's a great performer both on stage and on screen. Anyone who thinks he sucks are jealous of his talent because they can't rap or act.
Darlene, USA

A really good performance from Eminem, in this very well done film. South of 8 mile Detroit is represented accurately. I actually enjoyed the rapping!
Michael Gover, Detroit, USA

I in no way, shape, or form consider myself an Eminem fan despite some of his catchy tunes. I reluctantly saw 8 Mile last night with my husband and thought that Eminem was excellent. In the past I thought that Eminem was a disgrace to women. Regardless of my judgements, the guy has got talent.
Michelle, Florida, USA

I love movies and I have seen some great actors and acresses. Em does a great job, it is his first movie. I hope to see him expand his genre. Kim Basinger was great. She perfected her role. I loved this movie and I want to see it again!!
Leanne, United States

8 Mile ruled. I think that it will be made best movie of the year. It was sad, cruel, serious, and funny all at the same time. I loved the story and I LOVE EMINEM!! I THINK EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THIS MOVE!!!!
Samantha, USA

In terms of music performers turned acting, Eminem has done an incredibly good job. The fact of the movie is, if you don't like rap, then you'll probably not like the movie either, because the movie is based on how a rap star first started out.
Sandip Patel, Boston USA

I saw 8 Mile at the London Film Festival and loved it. I knew very little about rapping or Eminem before I saw the movie but was converted to both on seeing the film. Eminem turned in a fine performance as "Rabbit" and I'm sure he will acquire many more fans as a result of this movie, especially female ones! The "poetry" of rapping really came alive and the rap contests were totally involving. This is a "must see" film.
Sue, UK

8 Mile was awesome!! It built suspense, made you laugh, and at the same time it presents to you with what the whole hip hop world is like. It's not sugarcoated at's reality. I loved the movie and I love Eminem! He's very talented and really cool.
Lauren, USA

8 Mile is great. I didn't hope for much, but Eminem was charismatic and believable. The plot is fairly lightweight, yet entertaining and thoroughy enjoyable. Like a rap version of Karate Kid, 8 Mile should be seen by everyone, Eminem fan or not.
Matt Forde, UK

I really don¿t know how anyone can diss this movie, great story and performances, you may not like what he says in his songs, but again it's all an act. Some people just don't get that. Go see it you will want to applaud at the end sequence.
Mickyc, UK

The film wos good if not a touch boring, this coming from one of Em's longest and most dedicated fans. "Future" put in a great performance but if you wanna experience the true genius of Em, go buy The Eminem Show, an amazing commentary of today's society.
Callum, England

Get a life Nick C. Do you think Elton John would have performed with Eminem if he was truly homophobic and would Dido have described him as sweet if he was truly a misogynist? Have you actually seen the film? Have you ever listened to and understood any of his lyrics? Obviously not. You've missed the point completely. You've fallen into the trap.
Ruth, UK

Definitely one for the fans only. Calling the plot thin would be an overstatement. Poor ol' white boy trash. Sure he can act OK but give us the grit man - or was the film just cleaned up to satisfy the yanks need for sanitation?
The anti-Em, UK

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