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Thursday, 31 October, 2002, 15:57 GMT
Pop Idol creator turns back time
Tiffany: Ready for a second chance?
The man behind Pop Idol is planning a TV show which could see the careers of faded pop stars revived.

Pop svengali Simon Fuller, the creator of the Pop Idol talent show and the driving force behind the Spice Girls, plans to morph the format into an opportunity for past music stars to resurrect their careers - if the public agree.

Milli Vanilli
Milli Vanilli were stripped of their Brit award for not singing on their album
Fuller told Time magazine in the United States that the project, which goes under the working title of Second Chance Idol, could be on UK screens by February and summer in the US.

Names already bandied around for a potential comeback include 80s teen sensations Tiffany and Debbie Gibson and the surviving member of Milli Vanilli - the shamed duo who were exposed as miming on their records.

Click here to see your suggestions of stars who should be given a second chance

Fuller said: "It's where we go to people who have had a taste of fame, but sadly their candle has been snuffed."

Tiffany, best known for her hit I Think We're Alone Now, seems keen to reinvent herself, something she attempted to do by stripping off for Playboy magazine.

"People have a vision of me as a mall girl. It's time for me to reintroduce myself as an adult," she told the magazine.

In England, the bubble's already about to burst

Simon Fuller

The nature of reality television meant it had to evolve continually to keep viewers watching, said Fuller.

The second series of Popstars in the UK has not been performing as well as the original, which launched the (albeit) shortlived careers of Hear'Say.

But it has been beating the BBC's own talent hunt, Fame Academy, in viewing figures and newspaper column inches.

"In England, the bubble's already about to burst," Fuller said. "The clever thing is to take it and parody it."

Spice Girls
Perhaps Simon Fuller's protegées the Spice Girls could have a second chance

On his agenda in the US is a show provisionally titled Superstar Girl, which aims to reinvent the beauty pageant.

Contestants will have to possess the pre-requisite singing and dancing skills as well as intelligence and athleticism in order to be crowned Superstar.

But for now there is no let-up in the reality TV/talent show bandwagon as American Idol goes into its second series.

And the overnight stars of the small screen could soon find themselves idols of the big screen as American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson and runner-up Justin Guarini prepare to begin filming a romantic comedy.

The movie is written by Fuller's brother Kim, who wrote the Spice Girls movie Spice World.

Here are some of the pop stars you think deserve the chance of a career comeback, on the proposed reality TV show Second Chance Idol.

These shows are about Tv and not the music, they should try something with a different format which wont clog the charts up once the series is over.
Jane, Manchester, UK

Definitely A-ha - they are as great as they ever were - a fact borne out by the fact that they sold out Wembley Arena recently.
Jill, UK

Bobby Brown. He needs all the help he can get.
Greg Johnson, US

Nick Kershaw. What ever happened to him anyway?
Beck, UK

Boyzone (who needs Ronan Keating, who could easily be replaced with a new 5th member, or as a quartet). Other contenders: FiveStar, Loose Ends, Marie Osmond, dozens of others...
Bob, Vancouver, Canada

It's the most ridiculous thing ever. Aren't we plagued enough with non talented performers - don't bring back more failures.
charlene, england

I think they should just scrap the idea because the people who the are trying to "revive" probably disappeared because the public didn't like them, so why should it be different this time. It's just another excuse for people to make money.
Emma, UK

Who are Hear'Say and why is everyone going on about them?
Bob, UK

Why doesn't the music industry get up off its lazy behind and go and find new talent out in the real world. Instead, they want to re-cycle old artistes and expect hoards of wannabees to queue up so that they can sing old Righteous Brothers covers during their 15 minute career. It would appear that originality is dead.
John H, UK

Rick Astley. Please bring back the 80s - what an era for music. We need more power tunes guitar riff's and rock balled. We need Alison Moyet, Kajagoogoo, Kate Bush, Aztec Camera.
darren beesley, Manchester England

As the BBC learned with Fame Academy - rehashing the same idea over and over and over again becomes tiresome and unwanted by the public - the auditions become more cringe worthy and the charts are swamped with 'artists' without any true originality who will fade away within a year or two. Forget it Simon, please.
Tina, Hampshire

Shakin' Stevens, now there's a blast from the past. Snow is falling, all around you...etc!
Richard, UK

Everyone desrves a second chance but surely this is taking it too far although... I wouldn't mind seeing Jason Donovan resurrect his career
KM, Scotland

It could be quite funny to bring back failed pop stars and watch them squirm as they fight with each other to revive their lost careers, but haven't we had enough "talent" shows for the moment. If we reach saturation point with shows like these the music industry could ultimately suffer as it becomes full of "manufactured" stars.
Stephanie Steward, UK

What an absolutely, excruciatingly, terrible, terrible, terrible idea.
Owen Jones, London, UK

I think the terms'flogging' and 'dead horse' come to mind.
Davina, england

Since her last big hit We Could Be together, Debbie Gibson has produced some stunning albums, most of which havent charted. She is still big in the States and should have the exposure here in the uk again.
adrian, uk

Let's not forget Bucks Fizz!!! Oh and what about Nena, 99 Red Balloons go by...
James, UK

Mr Blobby surely deserves another chance at fame and fortune....
Neil R, England

Jello Biafra from The Dead Kennedys deserves to be a household name for being one of the best lyricists ever to record on vinyl.
Biz, Scotland

Who'd be desperate enough to appear on a show like this. No one wants to admit they're washed up do they? It's just setting yourself up for national ridicule. Nonetheless, it would good to see Howard Jones or Tracie in action again.
Jon Peake, London

Timmy Mallett should be resuscitated. The man is a singing genius. Ah yeah!
Mark, United Kindom

Five Star - perhaps they could sprinkle some much needed magic like they did in the 80s.
Mark Crossen, Belfast

If it weren't such a cheesy concept, I'd genuinely suggest Nik Kershaw who is a very underrated singer/songwriter.

'The one and only' Chesney Hawkes
Craig, England

In the name of mercy, please no. There's a reason that these people's careers failed in the first place. Using marketing and hype to make people think bad music is good, and worth buying, is a crime. Using marketing and hype to make people think that music they've already decided is bad is good, and worth buying, is a heinous crime on a par with letting Gareth Gates murder Elvis tunes. Have these people no shame?
Jack Weatherall, UK

Angus Deaton and the Hee Bee Gee Bees. He needs a job at the moment...
Jo, UK

It has to be Betty Boop. Doin' the Do is an absolute classic!
Nick Ladner, England

Why are we being subjected to these talentless ideas of Simon Fuller? It's a shame that the music industry nowadays is only about making big money for people like him. Don't the public who watch his programmes and buy the music realise that he is taking them for a very expensive ride?
Matt, Whitley, Yorkshire

Tiffany, Debbie Gibson and remaining member of Milli Vanilli ...YAWN
Erica Peterson, Europe

How about Oasis?
William Goodden, UK

How about Jason Donovan? Kylie had her second chance after her career faltered and just look at her now. Jason had a great voice and good looks to match. I'd love to see the golden couple of the 80s sing Especially For You one more time!
Amanda, UK

Two groups ideal for this 'show' would surely be the Spice Girls and Hear'Say. Simon Fuller has completely manufactured them both once before and shouldn't find it too hard to re-use the formula yet again. He could even call it 'Idle Idol'.
Jim Woodford, England

I would like to see Tiffany sing that hit of hers again... be good to see Pete Waterman remix it as it was an excllent pop song for its time. And perhaps Jimi Somerville, excellent voice.
Neil Craighead, UK

Elvis Presley.
Alan, England

Simon, the public has already agreed. We stoped buying their records years ago.
Mark, England

The surviving member of Mel and Kim, she deserves it. She must have been through hell when her sister died.
Ricky Shome, UK

How about Brother Beyond?

I think they should leave it alone, The shows are rubbish, someone should be guiding viewing, not just pandering to what apparently the public want.
M Cartmall, UK

Five Star.
Jayne Foley, England

I can think of loads - Dollar, Toast, Ultravox, Duran Duran, Wham. Maybe Hear'Say might even be included.Then again, per'haps not!
Tony Martin, London, UK


In order to really subvert the format how about Hear'say???
Nai Stocks, UK

Sinitta! Actually, there is a reason these 'stars' have faded - it's probably because they were talentless to begin with. Will the Rolling Stones be appearing on this programme? I think not. I wonder what Joe Dolce is doing these days ...
Dan, England

How about Hear'say?

Adam Ant. The poor lad has been through a bit of a rough time lately - it would be nice to see him reinstated as Chief Dandy. May have to find a suitable hairpiece though.
Tom Chapman, London, UK

Normally I'd say John Otway, but it seems he's managed to do it without the help of Mr Fuller. Good for him.
Mick Allen, Italy

Who could forget the Pete Waterman PWL years of 1986-1989 and artists such as Bananarama, Sinitta, Mel & Kim, Rick Astley, Princess and Five Star - they all deserve a long-overdue comeback!
Garry Stevens, Exeter, UK

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